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Positively Pittsburgh Small Biz Saturday Showcase 4-26-14 Communications Businesses

Positively Pittsburgh Small Biz

Saturday Showcase 4-26-14

Communications Businesses

Linda Richardson
Expert Translations and Interpreting Executive All Clear
 is committed to helping businesses expand their markets globally and grow sales. Translations of marketing materials, websites, software and more. Video sub-titling in many languages, Video voice-overs in many languages. Telephone Interpreting in over 180 languages! We have the experts to help you deliver a fast, cost efficient, localized message. Magnify your company’s potential globally with All Clear Translations.

Working with my clients to build their sales through translations and interpreting. We offer telephone interpreting and translations in over 180 languages. 

Unique process that can include Plain English translation helping increase understanding and comprehension in English while reducing translation and production costs. 

Goal: to help companies realize great growth through global sales. To educate through speaking engagements the value of international communication for manufacturers in the US and abroad.

Specialties:telephone interpreting, video translation, voice-overs and subtitling in many languages, marketing translations, website localization, software localization, technical translations, Plain English resource for technical and safety writers, using our process can save money for English manuals and translated materials. Speaker for educational seminars on Global Commerce and Marketing.Presented at LISA, SBDC workshops...

Points of discussion.
  • Linda started All Clear Translations at the end of 2010. Her passion is helping companies take their brand globally. Helping them through translation, connections, education is exciting. Watching them grow and prosper is so rewarding.
  • Last year she was accepted into the eCenter Technology Incubator in Hermitage. She opened that office in April.
  • Since starting as a language translations company All Clear Translations has added telephone interpreting, transcription and video closed captioning to answer the needs of our clients. For example, local companies selling globally now need help fielding calls from people everywhere. One of my clients, LockHouse has added Hindi sub-titling to their informational video and presented at an International Conference in India. The video has created much talk and interest in their cutting edge technology.
  • Next month, Linda will be on a panel discussion with the WIB (Women in Biology) discussing how social media can help you brand and build your business. She will also be speaking at an eCommerce event in Erie with the Ben Franklin Technology Partners. Linda will be discussing adding languages to your website and the impact on eCommerce for our U.S. companies looking to grow internationally.
  • She was accepted into the SBA Emerging Leaders Initiative in Youngstown, OH. She is honored to participate and wants to thank the SBA for creating this program for Small Business. This is offered in only 27 cities across the country.

Translation Services  
Legal Documents

Over the Phone
180 Languages
Expertise in medical
HIPAA Certified
Audio voice-over

TIP for Listeners: Highest converting websites have multiple languages and video on their landing page. By 2016 Global Video Traffic will be 55% of all internet traffic. Link the video it to YouTube, add closed caption it and your sales will grow!
Any company who sends All Clear Translations a new project will receive the book “Kiss, Bow or Shake Hands” a guide for international business etiquette.

Linda Richardson | President
Direct: 412.496.5105  |   866.489.9109begin_of_the_skype_highlightingend_of_the_skype_highlighting
3580 Innovation Way  Suite 108
Hermitage, PA 16148

Kelli (Morgavo) Robbins


President of Contact One Communications, a firm that specializes in 24/7 Call Center and Telephone Answering Services

Kelli is an author, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur and former president of the Pittsburgh Business Development Alliance. She leads a firm that delivers information and business results through better communication. For over 25 years, Kelli has worked across the country and, over her career, has set up thousands of clients that range from political leaders, to CEOs, to small business.

Kelli’s work has helped thousands of business leaders develop strong communications management strategies. She works with clients on every aspect of communication from the development of vision and strategy, to the preparation and delivery of marketing plans, web presence and communications management.

Programming Chairperson, Membership Chairperson       

Pittsburgh Rotary Club
2012 – Present (2 years)Downtown Pittsburgh, Omni William Penn Hotel

Business Development Administrator

Advertisers Associates Inc
January 2009 – Present (5 years 4 months)
Advertisers Associates is a 60 year old firm that specializes in marketing, printing, direct mail, fulfillment, graphic design and warehousing. Our ten story building is bursting with energy and new marketing ideas and materials each and every day!

Kelli Robbins is the owner and President of Contact One Communications. Founded in 1985, Contact One specializes in telephone answering service and custom call center applications for commercial, medical, e-commerce and web applications for companies in the Pittsburgh region and all across North America. Her firm’s clients are top leaders in business, from Fortune 500 to small and midsize companies and professional services firms.

In addition, Kelli works in the arena of marketing, advertising and branding with entrepreneurs of all sizes. Her special emphasis is on creating and printing collateral materials; direct and electronic mailings; web design and product fulfillment. Kelli’s firm provides top corporate clients - and budding entrepreneurs alike - with a total communications solutions package for rapid business growth and development.

Kelli at Rotary Gala
Kelli holds board and leadership positions in many organizations. Nationally, she serves as the Membership Chairperson for the Association of Teleservices International; the Government Relations Committee (including a recent trip to Capitol Hill to promote legislation for the Private Sector Critical Response Centers (PSCRC); and the ATSI Marketing Committee. She is also a member and frequent speaker for GLTSA (Great Lakes TeleServices Association). In addition, she had previously held the position of Convention Chairperson for a National Call Center Equipment Association, NAEO. Kelli also is a regular featured Customer Service writer and track master for the National Call Center Publication “Answer OnLine”.
A native Pittsburgher, Kelli is the Programming Chairperson and Membership Co-Chair for The Downtown Pittsburgh Rotary Club; The Secretary of the Board for the Golden Triangle Executives Club; serves on the Community Development Board for Animal Friends; Pittsburgh Coalition for Homeland Security; a member of the Pittsburgh Rivers Club; and a singer for the Mother of Sorrows Church Choir.

Kelli was also honored to be appointed Membership Chairperson under incoming District Governor Herb Diekman ("Dike-man") beginning June 30, 2013.

The Downtown Pittsburgh Rotary Club is one of the oldest in   the world. It is the 20th chartered Rotary Club globally, and has spawned 52 clubs in the Pittsburgh region, making up our Rotary District 7300. We have over 1500 members in the region!

Fun Fact: Did you know that there are 35,000 Rotary Clubs      WORLDWIDE, and that Rotary is the second largest service      organization in the world: Second only to the CATHOLIC      CHURCH!!! 

 Kelli founded First Contact with the mission to get my      Contact One Client's telephones to ring even more with new business opportunities!

     3  company mottos: 
  •      "A missed call is a missed opportunity! "
  •      "Opportunity Doesn't Knock.... It Rings!" 
  •      "Your Business Image Is On the Line"

Kelli started my traditional telephone answering      service business around my family dining room table at 21      years old, and how we survived and morphed into who we are today.... CELEBRATING 30 years in business!

Try Contact One Answering Service for one month free service as PositivelyPittsburghLive Listener

Hank Walshak is Founder and President of Walshak Communications, Inc., a company he launched in 1984.

He is known as The Communications Expert for Experts. As the name suggests, he works with business and professional experts to develop and communicate their marketing vision and content.

His ultimate role with the people and companies he works with is to enable them to stand apart from their competitors in highly distinctive ways as they communicate with their audiences through traditional and social media.

Hank has written three books and coauthored two. His most recent
book—Driven: A How-to Strategy for Unlocking Your Greatest Potential, a
work of creative nonfiction, was written with Razi Imam and published by
John Wiley & Sons.

He also writes on business and healthcare for national media under his byline and the bylines of clients.
Hank Walshak Talking Points

·       Many of my clients have difficulty integrating public relations, social media, and content marketing.
·       I make them aware of what I call “The werewolf marketing myth”: trying to do all their communications through a single channel.
·       Integrating marketing communications is like taking care of toddlers. You have to adapt yourself to the personalities of multiple communications vehicles—public relations, social media, content marketing, presentations, and the like.
·       The dinosaurs aren’t dead yet. Traditional publicity still works. You have to master the art of the query or the pitch.
·       News releases are practical if used for real news and selectively.
·       And let’s not forget what I call the PR aftermarket.
·       Facebook is good for things like conversation starters, items related to a company’s blog posts.
·       Linkedin is great for business development, linking in real life with prospects.
·       Twitter is wonderful for short messages, newsy items, and the like.
·       If you’re marketing content, you’re in the publishing business. Publishing rides on content. Keep to an editorial schedule. Make it frequent, consistent, and regular. Publish opinions on news, trends, and business developments.
·       Master the art of the short.
·       The big question nobody asks: Where do your clients and prospect go for their information?
·       Ya gotta have a written communications strategy. Target audiences. Communications objectives. Media program. Budget and resources, Analyze and assess results.
·       Remember: Your website and your blog form your communications hubs.
·       If listeners want to reach out to me:   412-831-3023

Hank’s final tip for prospective customers:
Write your communications plan first. Then follow your plan. The end game: Be read. Be heard. Be seen. Be known.

Hank’s special offer for PositivelyPittsburghLive listeners and blog readers:
For the first five listeners or readers who send an email with the subject line, “Lend a Hand,”Hank will provide an hour of coaching free on integrating their PR, social media, and content media.

Hank Walshak
The Communications Expert for Experts
Founder and President of Walshak Communications, Inc.

Sunita Pandit, Mrs. Cardiology

Sunita started her website two years ago
Sunita and husband Dr. Santosh Pandit
with a passion to dissipate information to patients that were and are today seeking information they cannot get from their
own doctor due to reasons including time limitations and just not knowing what to ask.

The site now is evolving to include her Mrs.Cardiology podcasts from TalkShoe where she covers topics on nutrition and healthy living and my take on how you can make your doctor successful with your care.
Recent topics:
·       Role of Protein in Weight Management
·       Reasons You Don't Lose Weight
·       Antioxidants--

Sunita starts with a baseline on your health with a scan of your hand with the Pharmanex BioPhotonic Scanner which gives me your anti-oxidant score.  This tells us how much nutrition your cells have absorbed over the last 6 to 8 weeks. My goal is to have you take supplements but hey if you increase your intake of fruits and vegetables... you Doc will be very happy! 

She is also passionate about the use of essential oils from Doterra International because of the improvement in the quality of life of those I take care of at home. My mom at 83 and multiple health issues is in great condition!

With the lines of products she promotes, she also works with people wanting to earn a living in selling. Her background is in Computer Science so my view is more analytical and so ... She is a storehouse of information!  Her goal is to make it easier for those that she brings on to her team as she prefers easy and fun to hard and fuddy duddy!

Mrs. Cardiology Tip to the audience is that You are the best

advocate for your health... So take the time and effort to understand exactly what is happening to you. Never settle for the information handed to you by your health care provider.  If you are not sure or need more information - ASK.  If you do not want to be seen by a PA or NP, you have to ask for the doctor.

     Her special offer is to come in and get scanned.  Her regular price is $25 but as listeners of Joanne's show, you get the patient price - $20. Kids are $10.  Come help   her meet her goal of scanning 1000 people in Western Pennsylvania this year!

(412) 367-9104

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Talkcast, 2014, all rights reserved

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