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Small Biz Saturday Showcase 06-14-14, Health, Beauty, Dentistry, Marketing

Positively Pittsburgh Live
Small Biz Saturday Showcase 06-14-14
Beauty, Fitness, Wellness, Dentistry and Marketing
Hosted By Joanne Quinn-Smith
Listen to the show online HERE

Today's Guests:
Darah Richardson
Omni Health and Wellness LLC
Julie Arnheim
Independent Health & Wellness Consultant, Arbonne International
Becky Auer
Up A Notch Licensing LLC and Founder of No BS Marketing Meeting-Pittsburgh
Carl Medgaus DMD
Cosmetic Dental Implant Dentist, Medgaus Dental Care

Darah Richardson
Founder, Omni Health and Wellness LLC
Darah Richardson earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Movement Science with a specialization in Wellness and Health Promotion from the University of Pittsburgh in 2004. She has over 10 years of experience in the fitness, health and wellness industry. Darah has worked in a wide variety of settings as an adaptive physical education teacher, exercise physiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation unit, fitness trainer, group exercise instructor and health club manager.

Darah  became a certified peer support specialist (CPS) and advocate for self-injury awareness in the mental health community. She has presented at the National Association of Peer Support Specialist Annual Conference and sponsors annual Self Injury Awareness Day events.

Darah’s passion for fitness and education resulted in founding Omni Health and Wellness, LLC, a company that inspires people to live a full life through wellness.  Services Omni offers: In home personal training, group exercise, corporate wellness, special  populations  services (Physical, mental, intellectual ,  disabilities, cancer, diabetes, chronic illness)

Talking Points:
  • Wellness is the key - 8 key interaction areas of your life:
  1. Emotional—Coping effectively with life and creating satisfying relationships
  2. Environmental—Good health by occupying pleasant, stimulating environments that support well-being
  3. Financial–Satisfaction with current and future financial situations
  4. Intellectual—Recognizing creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills
  5. Occupational—Personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work
  6. Physical—Recognizing the need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep
  7. Social—Developing a sense of connection, belonging, and a well-developed support system
  8. Spiritual—Expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life
  • Coming to Pittsburgh Kellman Beat Cancer Boot Camp
  • Cancer patient who exercise and participate in wellness actives have better outcomes. 
  • Turtle Team- Free walking program for adults with mental illness or addiction 
  • People  with serious mental illness die 25 year earlier then the general population 
  • Corporate Wellness programs including lunch and learn, on site healthily cooking demo, group exercise classes and  onsite personal training 
  • In home personal training/ one-on-one small groups and backyard group fitness classes 
  • Wellness coaching
Entrepreneur Tip:  Go all in!!

Consumer Tip:  
EVERYONE can be fit.  Everyone can do something for their health. Wellness is looking at how everything in your body interacts.

Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
10% off any 6 weeks corporate group exercise class or wellness program
Offer expires Dec 31, 2014  |  Code: PPL14

Omni Health and Wellness LLC
322 Mall Blvd Suite 242 Monroeville PA 15146
(412) 849-6813  |
Twitter: @omnihw  |  Facebook: Omni Health and Wellness  |  YouTube: OmniHW

Julie Arnheim
Independent Health & Wellness Consultant, Arbonne International
Earning two master’s degrees (Leadership Transformation and Business Administration) are just cobblestones on Julie Arnheim’s path. The first born of her entire generation in her family, Julie always had to figure out navigational and observational skills of being between the ‘oldest of the kids’ or the ‘youngest of the adults’ and her emotional intelligence grew from these lessons. Often times she finds herself in the servant leadership role of any organization she belongs to, and presently she is active with Rotary International’s Downtown Pittsburgh club and BNI’s Three Rivers chapter. Julie also enjoys just being a good citizen by calling in the numerous potholes on her drives around town. Julie cares deeply about the aging populations and caregiver issues chooses to volunteer with AgeWell Rides as well as donating time for makeovers and pampering sessions in nursing homes and retirement communities.

“Sales and customer service is in my blood” Admits Ms. Arnheim.  Her ancestry (on mom’s side) was the Kaufmann’s (of the department store) as well as a Miami based department store. Her maternal grandfather had the stores Risenstein and A Shop Called East (which were stores in Monroeville Mall many years ago). On her father’s side, both great grandfathers were traveling salesmen, and her grandfather, Stanley Arnheim, founded Arnheim & Neely real estate, where her parents both worked until it was sold 18 years ago.

The idea to provide skin care products unparalleled in quality and effectiveness developed in Switzerland in 1975, when one man, Petter Mørck, together with a group of leading bio-chemists, biologists and herbalists, fulfilled his vision and founded Arbonne.

Arbonne's skin care products, based on botanical principles, became a reality in the United States in 1980 and are now shared throughout the world through Arbonne's network of Independent Consultants. Building on these same founding principles, Arbonne's product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results!

The wonderful thing about Arbonne is that it's not just about great products, it's also about great people. The Arbonne family is made up of thousands of individuals working to make their dreams come true. Through sales incentives and rewards, travel opportunities, a generous SuccessPlan and great products, Arbonne offers a unique opportunity that can help make anyone's vision for the future a reality.

Talking Points:
  • I want to make a difference in people’s lives. This comes in many forms, because the most important thing is to meet a client or prospect where they are and learn what they need:
  1. It could be the feeling you get with a new ‘look’ with cosmetics 
  2. Seeing a difference in how you look & feel using good skincare,
  3. Helping someone make lifestyle changes with nutritional products that are supportive to the functioning of the digestive system (plant-based diets are better for your health, and Arbonne’s contain no GMO ingredients, no soy and no whey),  
  4. Helping a parent opt to be at home with their children by creating their own business and residual income
  5. Seeing the joy and freedom which happens when a person is able to paying off debt
        • Botanical-based, Vegan skincare is probably one of the most important choices you can make for yourself and your family. Once you understand what animal rendering is and the prevalence of it in the health, beauty and cosmetic industry really is, it will help you make an educated choice on how you spend your hard earned money. To me, this is also a level of respect I choose to give to the largest organ on my body. What goes on your skin is absorbed in 26 seconds – then into your blood stream and into your vital organs. I am not here to tell you what to do, just educate you and help you with alternatives to the drugstore, department store and specialty store brands you presently use.
        • Things I do for clients:
        • Educate
        1. I help people redirect their spending on items they are likely already using (Shampoo, Protein shakes, moisturizers, cosmetics, sunscreen, baby care products, etc)
        2. Health issues related to toxins in skincare and cosmetics can create: skin allergies, cancer, infertility, birth defects, reproductive problems, learning disabilities
        3. Adults absorb 60% of what is put onto their bodies in 26 seconds. Children’s bodies absorb 40-50% more than adults do, which puts them at higher risks for diseases as they age based exposure to toxins. (see great infograph here with a list of the top 12 toxins to avoid in consumer goods: )
        4. Animal by products are used more than most people are aware of. PETA has a good link to learn about it:
        • Host Parties: 
        1. Foot spas & Mini facial events
        2. Nutritional education
        3. Makeovers
        4. The great part about hosting parties is I coach you through the process of asking people to attend; loan you a big basket of items to sample and enjoy for a week before your event, and you get up to 80% off products as a host – plus a free gift or two from me.
        • One-on-one meetings:  I often find that people like to talk to me in ways they may to a doctor or therapist. When you have troubled skin or struggle with needing nutritional changes, it can cause impacts on self-esteem and self-image. So often I have appointments with people individually, allowing them space to talk privately about what are the personal skin and nutritional goals.
        • Corporate/Holiday Gift Giving:  I love helping people with their holiday shopping needs or thank you presents to clients. You might be amazed at how grateful someone is for a hand cream that really works!
        • Save money:  Yes, the thing I love doing the most is helping people to save and not pay retail! Arbonne offers such amazing savings plans and there is no reason you could not save 20% to 48% off (or more) on every purchase you make. Sure, I like a nice sized paycheck, everyone does, however I would rather have a long time client that saves monthly or quarterly versus one-time sales.
        Entrepreneur Tip:
        There is a saying that “God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason, you have to listen twice as much as you talk.” When working with prospects and clients, listening is a skill that is truly underrated and often under-developed. (Note this also applies to interactions with friends and family too)

        Consumer Tip:
        Sy Symm’s said it best: “An educated consumer is my best customer!” And I feel the same way. If you understand what is in what you are paying for, then it is your choice to buy knowing you are making an investment in your long-term health.

        Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
        Schedule a one-to-one appointment or Book a party and you will receive a free gift when we meet in person
        Note: for those who live beyond a 3 hour drive of Pittsburgh, phone or skype meetings are possible!

        Julie Arnheim - Independent Health & Wellness Consultant for Arbonne International
        (917) 861-0989  |
        YouTube: Arbonne Fun  |  Arbonne Opportunity Video

        Becky Auer
        Owner, Up A Notch Licensing LLC
        Becky Auer is a three time successful business owner, advisor, coach, consultant, speaker and women’s advocate. Affectionately penned “The $6.5M Woman” by her marketing students because of her successful restaurant, Nakama Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar that she grew to over $6.5M a year in under two years, she is also recognized as an expert in the field of emotional direct response marketing.

        Becky’s incredible knowledge of marketing and creating multiple streams of income gave birth to The Profit Catapult Business School --- her company specializing in the licensing, training and development of small business owners, sales professionals and entrepreneurs.

        Becky’s goal is to help you achieve your goals faster and easier than you ever imagined. Becky shows ordinary businesses owners and professionals in any industry how to become extraordinary; teaching you how to think like an entrepreneur and help you capitalize on your target market as well as prepare you with the tools and mindset to dominate your market.

        Talking Points:
        • Since 2006!  But I’ve studied marketing for since my college days since 1985!  It’s been quite a ride!  I put together all the marketing for two construction businesses that I was an owner of and then for my restaurant, Nakama.  The marketing is what MAKES the business.  It lets  you work ON the business, not just IN the business.
        • What is emotional direct response marketing and why does it work? It’s marketing that is measurable and trackable so you know your marketing dollars either are or are not working for you!  By teaching this small business owners can now KNOW which marketing dollars are working FOR them.
        • I have our No BS Marketing Meeting that meets once a month and teaches direct emotional response marketing techniques.  All my small business owners wanted more access to me though so I put together an online business school at that anyone wanting to start a business or get help with their business can visit!  It is a step-by-step business building program I call the The Profit Catapult Business School. This elearning program gives business owners unrestricted access to the tools, resources, and done for you marketing programs needed to build whatever size business you desire...get you out of any financial distress you're presently experiencing… help you get laser-focused on your highest income-producing activities… and help you develop and then apply the fundamentals that build multimillion dollar businesses. Its an A-Z on where to start and what to do to run a successful small business!
        Entrepreneur Tip:
        Join a Mastermind Program!   A Mastermind Program is like having a mentor at your fingertips and someone you can bounce ideas off of.  I run a MM group and have always belonged to one.  It’s the best tip I can give to entreprenuers!

        Consumer Tip:
        Go after your dream.  And don’t be afraid to fail!  You won’t know how good it feels to succeed if you haven’t failed a bit on the journey!

        Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
        If you are a small business owner or a small business owner just starting out and want some marketing help, attend one of our meetings! Check out our website at: for times and dates.  Just fill in under ‘who referred you’ as PPL and you will get in for FREE!

        Just so happens, this Tuesday, June 17th we have Clint Arthur as a guest speaker who will be talking on how to get yourself booked on ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox TV shows to position yourself and your business as an expert in your field!  Seats are limited so you just need to go to that same site and reserve your seat.


        No BS Marketing
        412-369-9994  |
        Facebook: NoBSMarketingMeeting

        Carl Medgaus DMD
        Cosmetic Dental Implant Dentist, Medgaus Dental Care
        Since 1973, Dr. Carl Medgaus has been committed 100% to his patients and their results. To give his patients exceptional, honestly, second-to none great dentistry, Dr. Medgaus has invested 318% more of his time to his education than 98.7% of all other dentists.

        He has invested more than $350,000 in direct out-of-pocket costs attending continuing education seminars all over the country.  All this attention to education guarantees you will receive only the best methods and technologies available. Dentistry is quickly evolving and Dr. Medgaus has remained ahead of the curve to pioneer a better dental experience for you.

        Dr. Medgaus has treated more than 300,000 patients since 1973. He has also successfully placed over 2,564 dental implants (and counting!) - with a 99.3% success rate!

        Dr. Medgaus’ continues to hone his skills by personally attending ongoing educational seminars. This keeps him, as you would imagine, at the cutting-edge of the most modern dental implant dentistry.

        At Medgaus Dental Care we believe in going above and beyond the standard, surpassing our patients’ expectations during each and every visit. Whether you come to the office for a routine cleaning or are undergoing a total smile makeover, you can expect outstanding experience every time.

        At Medgaus Dental Care, we have a single, yet essential goal: to help our patients become more at ease with their dental care and treatments by extending a comfortable and virtually pain-free experience.

        The office specializes in General Dentistry and Prosthodontics. Embarrassed of unsightly crooked or missing teeth? We offer cutting edge technology and service that will transform your smile into what you’ve always wanted. Other services available at our office include Veneers, Dental Implants, Teeth Whitening, and more.

        Talking Points:
        • As a dentist I often get patients who desire to chew more comfortably AND knock 10 years off your appearance.  I have a solution for them.
        • There is a solution…and that solution can literally give you teeth which are 90% the strength of your original teeth and have you smiling with confidence again. That solution is the invention of Dental Implants!
        • I also get patients who have missing or failing teeth or ill fitting dentures that just don’t work.  I let them know that this can all be fixed with Dental Implants.  Implants today are a common procedure and used to replace one or more missing teeth, to support non-removable permanent bridges for multiple teeth or to better support a full or partial denture with clasps or retention bars.  Because Dental Implants can also help maintain bone, they can prevent additional tooth loss and a sunken facial appearance.
        • My patients who need extensive work done always ask:  How do I find out if I am a candidate for Dental Implants? Every month we hold a FREE educational seminar explaining why dental implants may be a good choice for you.  Our next dates for the seminar to be held are Tuesday, July 8 and Thursday, July 10 but if you are listening to this program after July, check out and you can register there. The educational seminars last about an hour but you will know all your options before you leave.  OR, you can call our office and make a consultation appointment at 412-638-6386.
        Consumer Tip:
        Remember, our goal is to take very good care of our patients. The reason I attend so many seminars and have successfully placed over 2,564 dental implants (and counting!) - with a 99.3% success rate is because I want to know the latest technology out there---and this goes back to the patients in the BEST way…

        Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
        Call and Mention this Positively Pittsburgh Small Business Saturday Show to receive the ‘Sharing Smiles Patient Coupon Card’ for a personal consultation, free exam, routine x rays, regular cleaning and teeth whitening FOR LIFE for ONLY $99  -  Expiration:  Feb 28, 2015

        Medgaus Dental Care
        Monroeville: (412) 373-0310  |  2550 Mosside Blvd, Suite 317, Monroeville PA 15146
        Mt. Lebanon:  (412) 563-6333  |  250 Mt Lebanon Blvd, Suite 205  Pittsburgh PA 15234
        Facebook: MedgausDentalCare  |  Twitter: @MedgausDental
        social media addresses  |  social media addresses

        Hosted By:
        Joanne Quinn-Smith
        Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™. Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans. Joanne’s expertise is in creating online platforms that create perpetual buzz. 

        Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster with over 800 shows. She has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. Her flagship website, garners 220,000 hits per month, 62,000 unique page views per week and in 1 year had 2.25 million visitors. 

        Joanne Quinn-Smith has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media. Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.  

        Listen to the show HERE

        Thank you for your viewing and listening support. If you would like your business featured on the Small Biz Saturday Showcase please contact us HERE.

        Posted By: Stephanie Curtice
        This was reported as a reproduction of PositivelyPittsburghLive news done by Joanne Quinn-Smith.
        (c) Joanne Quinn-Smith and PositivelyPittsburghLive(TM) 2014 All rights reserved.

        Saturday, July 19, 2014

        Positively Pittsburgh Postscript 7-18-14, Downtown Partnership Celebrates 20 Years and Pittsburgh Blues Festival

        Positively Pittsburgh

        Downtown Pittsburgh Partners and Burgh Blues Festival

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        Did you ever check out the Directory page on PPL Mag? There you will find business categories pointing you to PPL channel members! Click here to try!
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        New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews!
        Pittsburgh's debut of Footloose brings to stage  idyllic, youthful and perpetually  poignant  teenage strife with a musical score that is toe tapping and finger snapping.  So long as there are teenagers, there will be rebellion, a question of  authority and a free- spiritedness that teeters between innocence and blind stupidity for years at a time.
        Review by JoAnn Forrester
        Good theater, a play well acted, leaves an impression with the audience for a couple of hours, or maybe  a day or two.   A great play well acted,  stays on one's mind for days and often leaves haunting lingering questions.   Such as it is with the PICT and their presentation of Waiting for Godot.
        The Baker Street Solution, Matthew Tomsho
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        Michael is a seasoned tax professional, expert with Drake Accounting Software, the Number One Software Used by Tax Professionals Current with Affordable Care Act Calculations.  Experienced in Schedule C Preparation Small Business Tax Preparation and ...

        John Pournaras Agency, John Pournaras

        Accounting Roughriders Work for Your Tax Benefits and Rights All Year Round

        Your IRS Responsibilities and Rights Don't Go Away Just Because April 15th Does. Get John Pournaras Agency on Your Side All Year, Not Just During Tax Season. Services Provided:  Filing Taxes with a Legitimate Extension Missed Filings Monthly Bookkeeping and ... 

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        Friday, July 18, 2014

        Positively Pittsburgh Live! News 07-09-14

        Positively Pittsburgh Live! News 07-09-14
        July Cultural, Business, Fun Events and News
        Listen to the show online HERE

        In her back yard celebrating the Fourth of July

        POSITIVELY PITTSBURGHER SPONSORED EVENTS:  6th Annual Celebrate and Share Breakfast 

        CULTURAL CLUES:  Gallery Crawl

        This Week in Market Square  |  MLK Essay Contest Winners

        STAND UP for STANDING FIRM Awards Luncheon  |  DAY OF THE GIRL SUMMIT  |  Women in Leadership

        Saving "Green," Improving the Environment  |  1st Author Awards Ceremony  |  Jessica Lee & Friends Jazz Happy Hour  |  Business Opportunity: PLS Limousines Service  |  Celebrate Caregivers  |  5 Completely Selfish (But Still Good) Reasons to Buy Local

        The History Center and Sports Museum Catch World Cup Fever   |  Frick Park Opens  |  Look Up & See The Buhl Asteroid

        A Night at the Races  |  Happy Hour Fundraiser for the Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health

        Music in Market Square  |  Wine Festival in Clinton  |  The New Black Film Screening


        STEELTOWN HERO:  Leaders in Learning from CORO Pittsburgh


        6th Annual Celebrate and Share Breakfast 
        Tuesday, August 26, 2014  |  7:45 - 9:30 AM  |  Rivers Club, Oxford Centre Downtown
        Celebrate the 94th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment with a special presentation by PA Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane.

        Since its inception in 2002, Celebrate & Share has worked to raise funds for organizations that focus on the needs of women and children, and to highlight the achievements of women in the Greater Pittsburgh area and the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to this effort, we have created a 501C 3, The Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

        We would like you to join us in honoring one of the greatest achievements of women: The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of gender. Please join us on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, as we Celebrate the passage of the 19th  Amendment with our special guest, Pennsylvania’s FIRST woman Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, and Share in the founding of the Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

        Proceeds to Benefit the Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

        Donation $45 - Honorary Sponsors $94
        Table of 10 $450 - Founding Sponsors $1,000
        Hosted by: Celebrate & Share, Bonnie DiCarlo & JoAnn R. Forrester

        Bonnie DiCarlo:   412.480.5247
        JoAnn Forrester: 412.440.6969


        Gallery Crawl
        Friday, July 11, 2014  |  5:30 - 10  PM

        Art. Theatre. Dance. Film. Music. You. Me. We… Free!

        The Gallery Crawl is a quarterly showcase of what’s new in Pittsburgh’s art scene. With over 30 Crawl Stops, you will find something to grab your attention. The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust is celebrating 10 years of Gallery Crawls in the Cultural District throughout 2014.

        Admission is FREE to all locations on the Gallery Crawl.

        Additional Post Gallery Crawl Events:
        crawlafterdark  |  8pm-?
        In the last 10 years, the Cultural District has exploded with new restaurants, theatre, dance, comedy and other art happenings. Stay Late. Don't Go... Keep Crawling. Cover charge varies per location.

        CONSOL Energy's Cosmopolitan Pittsburgh  |  August Wilson Center, 980 Liberty Avenue
        7pm VIP, 9pm General, Tickets: $25-$125
        Show your Crawl map for a $5 discount at the door.  Enjoy music, open bar, comedy, art, activities, noshes and more!

        A Decade of Gallery Crawls
        Instagram your favorite Gallery Crawl memory using #CrawlPGH by July 18, 2014.
        Your photo could be used to promote the September 26th Gallery Crawl.

        For more information, visit:


        This Week in Market Square
        From our Friends at Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership
        Market Square is hopping once again this week! Read on to check out all of the happenings...

        KidsPlay on Tuesday, from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. in Market Square, welcomes Santa to the Square! Kids will have an opportunity to check-in with Santa (who is vacationing in Pittsburgh this week) about how their summer has been going and get an early start on sharing their Christmas list!

        After KidsPlay, check out the Reading Room, brought to you by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Downtown and Business, from 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

        MLK Essay Contest Winners
        From our Friends at the Girls Coalition
        This year, our MLK Essay Contest, sponsored by UPMC, was presented in conjunction with Women's History Month. Young people were asked to choose a female activist or inspirational person, past or present, who exhibits Martin Luther King, Jr.'s love, unselfishness, and passion for justice. Each of the girls were also recognized at our Be Inspired event at the end of May.

        Congratulations to all of our winners - your essays were truly inspiring!

        6-8th grade:
        1st - Elizabeth Zwikl, Age 11
        2nd - Yamna Boukaabar

        9-12th grade:
        1st - Qui Ante Anderson, Age 15
        2nd - Nicolette Kier, Age 16
        3rd - Caroline Combemale, Age 15
        3rd - Jasmine Johnson, Age 18


        STAND UP for STANDING FIRM Awards Luncheon
        Tuesday, October 14, 2014  |  11:30 AM - 1:30 PM  |  Rivers Club, Oxford Center
        Join us at our inaugural STAND UP for STANDING FIRM Awards Luncheon at the Rivers Club, Tuesday, October 14, 2014. Our guest speaker, New York Times bestselling author, Leslie Morgan Steiner, will share her story of surviving domestic violence, and how her employer and coworkers gave her the clarity and strength she needed to leave her abusive marriage. That  marriage to an abuser is the subject of her book, Crazy Love.

        Get out your Google calendar, sync it to iCal or use an old-fashioned Post-It. Save the date. STANDING FIRM is having an event!

        We will honor Familylinks with the STANDING FIRM Employer Award and Lynette Lederman with the STANDING FIRM Champion Award.

        DAY OF THE GIRL SUMMIT - Call for Submissions!
        Calling all girls! We want you to help celebrate the International Day of the Girl by sharing YOUR story. Reflect on a time in your life when you thought to yourself, "THIS is what it means to be a girl!" This moment could have been a brave act, a moment of connection, a time when you overcame an obstacle, a life turning decision, an adventure with a friend, or a silly celebration. Several of these original stories, poems, artwork, videos, songs, or declarations about what it means to be a girl will be selected to be performed LIVE during at the Annual Girls Speak Out event at the United Nations on Friday, October 10, 2014! 
        Submit your entries to with your name, age, country, and contact information by Friday, August 1, 2014. 
        For more information, click HERE.
        Tweet About It!
        CALLING ALL GIRLS! @IDG2014 wants to hear YOUR stories about what it means to be a girl to you. Submit your entries by 8/1. #IDG2014

        Women in Leadership Host Project Opening to Collect Innovative Voices and Experiences
        All Coro participants engage in some form of project-based learning.  The Women in Leadership XVII cohort is learning by engaging in a group project to create an innovative account of the voices and experiences of women in Southwest PA.  On June 5, 2014, the cohort hosted a “Project Opening” at Rodef Shalom in Shadyside. A  Project Opening is a Coro learning tool designed to generate lots of feedback on an early-stage project idea and build collaboration to support it. Over 100 people attended the event.

        Women in Leadership describe the purpose of their project in this way:
        The purpose of the project is to create a new source of history in southwestern Pennsylvania –an oral history—a history that records the voices and the experiences of women in our region.
        The cohort pre-selected themes that bring focus to the project and raise awareness of the experiences of women in the region.  These themes include:

        • Race, Ethnicity, & Nationality
        • (Dis)Ability
        • Class or Socioeconomic Status
        • Electoral and Governmental Politics
        • Anti-violence
        • Gender at work and home
        • Gender, Sex & Sexuality
        • Youth Empowerment

        Through a collection voices of women from varying backgrounds the Women in Leadership cohort will create an informative tool that is transferrable to education institutions all throughout the Southwest PA region to raise awareness to improve the status of women.

        The Women in Leadership cohort expect to debut their collection of voices in late Fall.  For more information, e-mail a Women in Leadership participant via the contact information on the flyer below.

        For more information, click HERE.


        Controller Wagner Announces Success in Saving "Green," Improving the Environment
        Chelsea Wagner
        When Wagner was elected as Controller, she promised to increase efficiency and transparency in County government while saving money and increasing revenue. She recently announced that she's made strides toward those goals while also being environmentally responsible. By recycling scrap metal and paper, and by initiating paperless invoicing processes as mentioned above, the Controller's Office has increased scrap metal recycling revenue by 220%, saved more than 4,000 pounds of paper and is anticipated to save the County more than $15,000 in paper, postage and ink. Additionally, her efforts have also helped save the environment by preventing the use of 35 trees, 259 gallons of oil, 7 cubic yards of landfill, 8,214 kilowatts of energy and 14,375 gallons of water.

        "I'm very proud of our hard work and successful efforts to turn trash into cash and help County government operate more efficiently and ecologically. There is more work to be done, but we are on the right track toward protecting Allegheny County's taxpayers and bringing County government up to date with modern technology and make it more transparent and service-oriented," Wagner said.

        The Authors Zone's 1st Author Awards Ceremony
        October 16, 2014
        The Authors’ Zone (TAZ) will provide awards in seven categories: Fiction, General Nonfiction, Biography/Autobiography, Poetry, Business, Children’s books and an award for ebooks. The board divides itself into committees for each category, which are responsible for nominating books to be considered in each category.

        Books should be published in English (including translations) in the United States and contain an ISBN number. Authors from Southwestern PA and books written about that area will be considered. It is essential that TAZ receive the books as early in the year as possible to allow time to consider all titles. The deadline for submissions is August 18, 2014.

        Publishers are welcome to bring books to TAZ’s attention. The book and media awards will be presented on October 16, 2014 at the 1st Annual TAZ Awards Ceremony.

        The following are eligible:

        • Full-length books of fiction and nonfiction
        • Collections of short stories and collections of essays by one author
        • Biographies/Autobiographies
        • Collected and selected poems by one author
        • Children’s books
        • Self-published books
        • Business Books
        • Ebooks

        Publishers must complete the online entry form and submit payment by June 9, 2014.Please send books as early as possible. Judges are not obligated to consider books that arrive after August 18, 2014.

        • There is a $89 entry fee for each title submitted. This fee will also include a ticket to the Awards Ceremony. Discount for multiple books.
        • Accepted forms of payment include PayPal and credit card.  Due when the book is submitted.
        • Publishers whose submitted books are deemed ineligible by TAZ will still be subject to the stated entry fee of $89 per title.
        For more information visit

        Jessica Lee & Friends Jazz Happy Hour
        July 10, 2014  |  5:30 PM - 8:00 PM  |  CJ's in the Strip

        No Cover Charge  |  Free Parking  |    CJ'S in the Strip - 2901-2911 Penn Ave.  

        Business Opportunity: PLS Limousines Service 
        Start your own business today,. this is a good time to be your own boss and be in charge of your destiny!! Buy 7 vehicles including the licensing to start up immediately. I will show you the tricks of the trade and refer business to you and get you started today!!!! Good business and great opportunity to network with BIG BUSINESS!!!! The possibilities are endless. "LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT"

        1 Cadillac DTS 2006  |  1 Cadillac DTS 2007  |  1 Lincoln 10 pass Limousine black

        BONUS: Book of Business including new retail call will be referred.

        For more information, call (800)292-2525 or visit

        Celebrate Caregivers
        Thursday July 10th 2014  |  4 - 7 PM  |  Senior Life Greensburg - 123 Triangle Drive
        Entertainment: Collin Stover, Mentalist and Magician "Pittsurgh's Hottest Young Entertainer"
        Targeted Market: Staff, Families of Residents

        Seven More Events Coming Soon!
        Call Now for Special Discounts and more information
        Put Your Business in Front of Hundreds of Potential Clients!

        For more information, visit or call 724-212-5015.

        5 Completely Selfish (But Still Good) Reasons to Buy Local
        From: The Business Journals  Retweeted by:  Joanne Quinn-Smith
        Written By: James Ritchie  |  July 07, 2014
        Photo Courtesy: Getty Images (altrendo images)
        You know that shopping locally is good for your community: It keeps dollars in the area economy and contributes to a vibrant business scene.

        But you don’t have to be an altruist to see the value in spending close to home. For small-business owners, there are also plenty of selfish reasons to do business with people you know — or can get to know.

        “If you are spreading your money around with local B2B suppliers, especially in the weak economy we are experiencing, your vendors have a vested interest in the prosperity of your business,” said Joanne Quinn Smith, owner of Pittsburgh-based Dreamweaver Marketing Associates.

        Of course, a thriving small-business sector ultimately helps everyone. Such organizations make up nearly 98 percent of all U.S. employers and they account for more than 49 percent of private-sector employment, according to the federal Small Business Administration.

        But as an entrepreneur, you’re more interested in your own bottom line than in national statistics. Advantages of dealing with vendors in your own backyard include:

        1. People talk

        Word of mouth is huge, and small-business owners meet lots of people. They’re in a great position to recommend you if they know what you’re all about.

        “If you’re printing brochures or fliers, the printer now knows about a special event or sale you have coming up,” said Judy Crockett, who operates Manistee, Mich.-based Interactive Marketing & Communication. “They will share that information with people they know.”

        And the owner of that business also might become a customer.

        Read the entire article HERE.


        The History Center and Sports Museum Catch World Cup Fever
        Artifacts from the 1950 World Cup are now on display.

        The last time Brazil hosted the World Cup, in 1950, a Western Pennsylvania native was one of the stars for Team USA.

        Nicholas DiOrio grew up in Morgan, Pa., a coal mining town near Bridgeville in southern Allegheny County. For 22 years, he devoted his spare time to soccer and he played for the 1939 Avella Juniors that won the national junior championship. In the late 1940s, he played in the short-lived North American Professional Soccer League. As member of the U.S. soccer team, he competed in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil. The U.S. team beat England in an early round, one of the biggest upsets in international soccer.

        DiOrio's USA jacket, soccer cleats, and an American Airlines travel bag he used on his flight to Brazil are on display at the Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum and the History Center's Special Collections gallery.

        For more information visit

        Frick Park Opens
        From:  Heinz History Center  |  June 25, 1927

        In 1919, Henry Clay Frick left the city 151 acres south of his Point Breeze mansion, and in 1925, the city acquired an additional 190 acres. Frick Park officially opened in 1927.

        Today, Frick Park attracts many visitors to its bike and walking trails, red clay tennis courts, the Frick Environmental Center, public lawn bowling green, and playgrounds for kids.

        For more information visit

        Look Up & See The Buhl Asteroid
        From Our Friends at Pittsburgh Applause
        One of the billions of entities in the sky now has a Pittsburgh twist, the Carnegie Science Center announced last month.

        The International Astronomical Union (IAU) has named an aster-oid formerly designated as 1900 AA after Henry Buhl Jr. The IAU was founded in 1919 and is the internationally recognized author-ity for assigning designations to celestial bodies. These include stars and planets as well as aster-oids.

        Henry Buhl Jr. (1848-1927) was a successful retailer and generous philanthropist who established the Buhl Foundation in his will “to create community legacies by leveraging its resources to encour-age people and organizations to dream, to innovate and to take action.” The foundation’s most famous bequest was the Buhl
        Planetarium on the city’s North Side.

        “It’s fitting that something of the magnitude and permanence of an asteroid would honor Henry
        Buhl’s legacy,” said Ann Metzger, co-director of the Carne-gie Science Center in a press re-lease.
        In other CSC news, public rela-tions professional Trip Oliver has joined the center’s board. He is currently the manager of govern-ment and public affairs for the local office of the Chevron Cor-poration multinational energy firm.

        A Night at the Races – a fund raiser benefit event for the Holzer Family
        August 8, 2014  |  Doors open at 6:30 and Races begin at 7:30

        In 2011, Denise Holzer was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her family needs your help with expenses as she continues this fight. Our deepest thanks for your support.   This event features high quality catering by Heavenly Cuisine Custom Catering will make your taste buds dance!  Admission also includes an “open tap” for beer.  Then there’s the horse races!  For the first 10 races, tickets may be purchased for each of the 10 horses in the race for $2.  Half of the money collected for each race will be paid off to holders of tickets for the winning horse.  The other half will be donated to the Holzer family.

        An eleventh Premier race will be run for which prior to the race, 10 horses will be auctioned off.  Tickers for this race is $5 per horse.

        Become a Race Horse Owner  -  Ever want to own a race horse?  Now’s your chance!  All 10 horses for the first 10 races are available for purchase.  Price is $50 each.  You name your horse (family friendly names only) and if your horse wins, you receive a share of the race winnings!

        Cost:  $20 per person – includes custom catered food and beer (21 and older only for the beer).

        For more information about A Night at the Races, visit

        Happy Hour Fundraiser for the Midwife Center for Birth and Women's Health
        Wednesday, July 30, 2014  |  5:30 - 7:30  PM  |  Franctuary in Lawrenceville - 3810 Butler St
        Join The Midwife Center for delicious food and drink specials at Franktuary in Lawrenceville. Franktuary will offer special menu items and drinks just for Midwife Center supporters. $1.00 from each special menu item or drink purchased will go directly to support Midwife Center programs and services. There is also a suggested $5.00 donation at the door - no one will be turned away, but you are also welcome to make a larger donation if desired.

        For more information, click HERE.


        Music in Market Square
        From Our Friends at Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership

        Jeff Miller will be featured at the Mellow Mondays concert series this week, from noon - 1:00 p.m.

        Maddie Georgi will be performing from noon - 1:00 p.m. at the Mid-Week Music concert series.

        We have a very special entertainer joining us at the Market Square Farmers Market this week! Norm Nardini will be performing from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. There will also members of the Pittsburgh Blues Festival on hand to discuss their upcoming festival scheduled for July 25-27 at Hartwood Acres!

        As always, be sure to stop by Market Square from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. to get your weekly shopping done from all of your favorite Farmers Market vendors!

        Yoga in the Square is back this Sunday with instructor, Sally Sherman of Amazing Yoga, from 10:00 - 11:30 a.m. Be sure to stick around after Yoga to try a popsicle from The Pop Stop and a fresh juice from GOODLife Juices. Yoga in the Square is brought to you by the PDP and lululemon.

        For more information click HERE

        Wine Festival in Clinton
        Saturday, July 19 2014  |  3 - 8 PM  |  Janoski Farm in Clinton 

        FREE Wine Tastings! Unlimited Farm Fresh Food Buffet! Live Music!

        Under the tents and pavilions ~ By the Lake.
        Bring family and/or friends for a great afternoon!
        the wine festival! It is a wonderful community event, with more than 700 folks enjoying a wide variety of wine tastings, farm fresh food prepared by Janoski's Farm restaurant, a live band, and beautiful scenery around a lake. We arrange for tents, and the farm has large pavilions, lots of picnic benches and seating, and, the sunset is just breathtaking!

        The New Black Film Screening
        Tuesday, July 22 2014  |  6 - 8 PM  |  Judah Fellowship Church, 120 Parkhurst St.
        Join members of the Judah Fellowship Church, New Voices Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh community for a free screening of The New Black. Previously screened in partnership with WQED as the last film of this year's Community Cinema series, The New Black centers on the historic fight to win marriage equality in Maryland, and takes viewers into the pews, the streets, and kitchen tables as it looks at how the African American community grapples with the divisive gay rights issue. Part of the Women and Girls Lead campaign.

        For more information about this event, call 412-552-3032.


        Sci-Fi Valley Con
        This is the third year for the Sci-Fi Valley Con in Altoona and I have been wanting to go to show my support for local conventions but other events scheduled of past years have interfered with my plans. Not this year, though. I threw on my vest and goggles, waxed my mustache and headed out.
        Altoona is a little less than two hours from Pittsburgh and pretty much a straight shot out Route 22. This year’s venue, the Jaffa Shrine Center, is a big 1930s block of a Masonic building and the large Stargate out front made it clear that one had arrived at a con. There was also a large inflatable Laser Tag arena on the lawn.
        Inside and first thing through the door was the replica Jurassic Park jeepthat con organizers had built specifically for their con. The jeep was joined by Christine, the 1966 Batmobile, Ecto-1 and, a staple at Pittsburgh comic conventions, the “Back to the Future” Delorian time machine.

        Read the entire post HERE.

        If you would like to share your review and pictures of an event,
        please email


        Leaders in Learning from CORO Pittsburgh
        It takes all of us to build communities in which every child succeeds. What is your role?
        Applications and nominations are now being accepted for Leaders in Learning 2014! Cohort which begins Wednesday, August 6.  Nominate a candidate, apply to the program, or become a mentor and/or subject matter expert (SME) in Leaders in Learning.
        What Participants Gain from Leaders in Learning - Over 90% of alumni say that Leaders in Learning significantly broadened their social network while strengthening their ability to:

        • learn from different perspectives in order to solve a complex problem
        • develop and utilize different people’s strengths to turn ideas into action
        • motivate others by clarifying values and articulating a vision
        • read and recognize the impact of their personal biases, feelings, and hungers

        And 91% say they would likely take on a new leadership role in public education after participating in Leaders in Learning.

        About Leaders in Learning
        Although nearly 60 years have passed since Brown v. Board of Education overturned the legal doctrine of segregation in schools, a racial achievement gap in American education persists.  In Pittsburgh Public Schools there was a 30 percentage point gap between black and white students’ achievement in reading and math for the year 2012. Too many children in our region, especially children of color, are growing up without the academic foundation to succeed in life.  Our collective future rests on our ability to educate the next generation.  The stakes are high.

        Ensuring that all children receive an education that will prepare them for life requires engagement from the whole community, including teachers, administrators, and policymakers, but also family members, community-based organizations, and business leaders.  The Coro approach to change assumes that each person holds a unique perspective and a particular set of gifts that positions them to make interventions at various leverage points within the community system in which schools are embedded.

        Leaders in Learning is a part-time, year-long leadership enhancement and civic engagement program that seeks to nurture a next generation of leaders who are committed to strengthening achievement of students in southwestern Pennsylvania’s primary and secondary schools.  The program is designed for emerging leaders–people who have begun their careers, show strong potential for growth, but are not yet existing leaders in the education sector.  Participants explore root sources of academic achievement and they implement collaborative innovations designed to close the achievement gap. Alumni pursue careers in teaching, school administration, research, consulting, policymaking, advocacy, community organizing, social services, and youth programs.

        Who Are Leaders in Learning?

        • 26% identify as male
        • 74% as female
        • 35% identify as black or African American
        • 58% as white
        • 20% report working in the public (government) sector
        • 10% in the private (for-profit business) sector
        • 59% in the nonprofit sector

        For more information click HERE

        If you would like to nominate someone as a Steel Town Hero,
        please send us your stories of ordinary greater Pittsburgh area residents
        doing good things that are Good News.

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