Sunday, July 26, 2015

Each One Teach One Conference Radio and Music Conference, Techno Granny to Speak

Positively Pittsburgh Live Sponsored Event, 

Each One Teach One Conference Radio and Music Conference

Host and Publisher Joanne Quinn-Smith aka TechnoGranny to Speak

On Internet Resources for Radio Hosts to Extend Broadcast Life

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Award winning internet radio broadcaster, blogger, author and internet radio and TV network editor and publisher.  Joanne is the owner and CEO, Creative Energy Officer, of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, a successful Pittsburgh-based marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™  She is a great grandmother, an unlikely trendsetter for online journalism and  broadcasting. Joanne is internationally known as the “Get Your Google On” Gal.  But better known as TechnoGranny™ to over one million accumulated online listeners worldwide. JQS is the online publisher of  PPL Mag is Pittsburgh’s First Internet radio and TV network with syndicated channels and online radio and TV capabilities. PPL Mag garnered 2.65 million visitors in 2014.

Joanne has used her PositivelyPittsburghLive™ Talk Radio broadcasts to focus largely on small business topics in the Greater Pittsburgh and Tri-State area.  She also hosts the Techno Granny Show™, where her expert guests advise listeners on navigating the new world of Technology.  Between these two shows she has interviewed over 2000 guests, mostly small business owners.  Not satisfied with just interviewing she has turned her talents to offering 15 minute marketing webinars every Monday on MondayMorningMarketeer™.  She has turned one of these webinar series into “Folly of Marketing Plan in Your Head, 101 Compelling Reasons to Write One” available on Amazon at:

Monday, July 13, 2015

Positively Pittsburgh, Jeff LeBlanc to Support Parachute Aug 2 @ Rex in Southside

Jeff LeBlanc to Support Parachute Aug 2 @ Rex in Southside

A native New Yorker, 29 year-old Jeff LeBlanc’s new album, Vision, looks to distinguish him from a crowded field of singer/songwriters.  Somewhat R&B and somewhat soulful, the record elevates his signature blend of smooth pop to a higher level – all the while tackling sounds and topics he has yet to explore in his previous efforts.  “I really challenged myself on this record” LeBlanc says.  “I went into the studio each and every day, focused to create something deeper than I ever had before”.  

The core of the record was tracked in Nashville’s legendary Sound Emporium studios and the results are evident.  There is a distinct energy to Vision – with its timeless warmth and unique clarity that is instantly refreshing.  

Listening to this album feels like catching up with an old friend over a cup of coffee.  In the track “Stumbled”, Jeff shares the blunders of re-entering the dating scene and the heartbreak of falling for someone too fast – all set to a lighthearted infectious groove. “Say Anything You Want”, is a response to all those in your life who criticize or doubt you, with a boastful almost arrogant tone, the song drives home the message that no one has the right to put you down.  “Why Do I Worry” is one of LeBlanc’s most lyrically personal songs to date.  “Sometimes I waste my days just thinking” he says.  “We all worry about the things that we can’t control”. 


Vision is the work of an artist who, through self-evaluation, has given us a snapshot into his soul.  The songs have a mature perspective on many issues that young adults face, as well as those who have a few more years in their pocket.  “I hope that the listeners can see themselves in my experiences”LeBlanc says, “yet find their own interpretation on how the words relate to them”. 

Jeff LeBlanc’s trajectory will only continue to rise.  He’s the kind of guy you root for.  His natural musical skills coupled with his genuine likability makes him a success in the eyes of his fans and those that get to meet him.  

Jeff LeBlanc graduated from Sacred Heart University, earned a history degree and imagined his destiny would likely be as a middle-school teacher.  However, LeBlanc’s discovery of songwriting led him down a different path.  Since releasing his first EP "Signals” in 2009, he has epitomized success as an independent artist – netting two top ten albums on the iTunes Singer/Songwriter chart (2011’s Worth Holding On To & 2013’s My Own Way There), scoring dozens of television placements, achieving both satellite and commercial radio play, selling-out headline shows and touring the country with a wide range of acts such as Gavin DeGraw, Colbie Caillat, Brett Dennen, Ingrid Michaelson, Parachute, Fifth Harmony, Chris Isaak, Joan Osborne and many more. 

Emily Ginsberg
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Eliot Lipp * Front Country * Hot Buttered Rum * Jeff LeBlanc * John Craigie * Kosha Dillz * Late Night Radio * SunSquabi * The Ballroom Thieves * The Brothers Comatose * The DuPont Brothers * Trout Steak Revival

Emily Ginsberg
EmmyG Productions

Slinging PR For...
Eliot Lipp * Front Country * Hot Buttered Rum * Jeff LeBlanc * John Craigie * Kosha Dillz * Late Night Radio * SunSquabi * The Ballroom Thieves * The Brothers Comatose * The DuPont Brothers * Trout Steak Revival

Positively Pittsburgh, Help a Neighborhood Business Win Wells Fargo Works Grant.

Subject: Help StrongCard with an opportunity to grow.

Dear Friend, Neighbor, Colleague and Customer,

StrongCard International LLC is a reward card service company offering societies a community way of achieving sustainable job creation and improve the vitality of small businesses, neighborhoods and Cities’ livability. 
The Company’s StrongCard System is a 21st Century Economic Model providing solutions today for societies’
social issues. 
StrongCard is applying for an opportunity to receive a $25,000 grant from Wells Fargo Works Project. This grant would help offset the cost of marketing of their latest application- the Small Business Saving Card (SBSC).  

The company plans to offer the first qualifying 300 small businesses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania a free one year trial test of their latest application.   The Small Business Saving Card (SBSC) offers communities a way for small businesses to sustain growth and expand by providing a solution for  the #1 issue for small businesses – money.   The SBSC accomplishes this by offsetting small businesses’ costs by receiving money upfront on future sales of goods and services.

To obtain the $25,000 grant, it only takes a minute.   Visit Wells Fargo’s direct link to the Company’s entry at to cast a vote for our business. 

Only you can make a difference for the economic future of societies and the SBSC.   Please vote by Jul 19, so now is the time to cast your vote and spread the word about this opportunity to your friends and family. Your vote counts!

Thank you for your continued support.
Eric C. Strong                                   
Founder & CEM