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PositivelyPittsburghLive, Who Handles Your Telecommunication?



Americom, Inc. is a complete communications service organization.  Americom has been in the communications business for almost 50 years.  Beginning in 1968 with the electrical contracting business and adding the communications division in 1970, we have been providing local individuals and businesses with telecommunication equipment and service for almost half of a century.   

Designing systems and services for individuals and businesses with their needs and desires in mind is the driving force behind our business.  Americom keeps you where your market is going, not just where it has been and we provide you with the capabilities that are needed in today and tomorrow’s environment.  Americom, Inc. is here to meet your needs and help you grow as technology continues to advance.

We pride ourselves on the following points and much more:

·         Our electrical engineering division designs and installs electrical systems and we provide expert assistance to perform any necessary electrical work at the same time as installation insuring work being easily completed on time and within budget.

·         Commitment for four-hour emergency service – we guarantee our services – and nearly all calls are handled within 24 hours!

·         Our telecommunications engineering staff custom designs, troubleshoots, and provides real-time engineering services and solutions to handle any situation almost immediately.

·         Our technicians are fully certified by the manufacturers of all equipment we sell – this formal factory training assures you the highest level of installation and service.

Make Americom, Inc. your choice if you want a complete communications organization that assures its customers dedication, commitment, reliability and stability for your needs now and in the future.

Why should you choose Americom, Inc.?

Here’s why.


When you need the finest quality and state of the art communication product and services from the world’s top manufacturers – we provide it.  Our products carry an exclusive quality satisfaction guarantee.  We are serious about quality, with home brands and industry standards like ESI and DSC – just to name a few.


In every line of merchandise we carry, we carefully work with you to understand your individual or business sense of style.  Then we select the most beneficial items in a broad range of solutions to suit your needs.  Whether you are shopping for a business telephone system, voice/data processing, security systems, cabling, VoIP, etc. – whatever your communication needs are – we are here to help.


At Americom, our commitment is to give you the greatest value for your investment.  We do this by selling top quality merchandise at affordable prices.  When manufacturers lower their prices, we lower our price to you.


Above all, Americom’s VIP Service has earned us many valued and satisfied customers – people like you with an eye for the right products and services at the right price.  Our commitment to service has made us one of the area’s leading communications specialists.  We sincerely appreciate your business and want you to feel important whenever you call upon us. 

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact

us at 412-831-3131.  We would be happy to hear from you

and look forward to serving you soon. 

 James E. Seibel

Americom, Inc.
P.O. Box 186
South Park, PA 15129
412-831-3131 Ext. 101
412-831-8168 Fax

Please visit our web site at www.americominc.net

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PositivelyPittsburgh, Da Burgh Good News for July 20, 2016

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A Message from the TechnoGranny Host and Publisher of PositivelyPittsburghLive

Techno Granny, self employed

For morHey for those of you who don't know I and my partner in JJMedia Group, Jill Kummer are home based travel agents through Paycation and we are bringing in a representative from New Jersey from CIE Tours International, Ireland and Britain to talk about a British Isle Castle Tour that we are planning.

The event is free and you will receive a travel voucher of your choice, just for attending.

No obligations and there will be music and Irish food also. Encore Events in the West End of Pittsburgh, five minutes from downtown and Greentree and Station Square with easy access to the Parkway. Bring a friend, it's free and they will get a travel voucher of their choice also.

Additional Info and Registration Here

Here's a two minute video to give you an idea of what it is like to visit Ireland and the British Isles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZrTET2K-yMIe

Irish Tour Video Iconinfo please email nawbopittsburgh@gmail.com


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Highlights: PositivelyPittsburgh Live! Preview 18th Entrepreneurs Growth & Networking, Body Beautiful: Your Inner Glow Is Much Healthier Than UV Rays, Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Announces 6th Annual Pittsburgh Jazzlive International Festival, Dear Boy Kicks-Off Musical Theater Artists Of Pittsburgh's Hot Metal Musical Incubator In June, Passion Defeat Detroit 63-8 To Clinch The NFC Colonial Division Title 


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New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews!


Roving Pittsburgher Report, "39 Steps" is Non-Stop Hilarity! 

If you want side splitting laugh a minute entertainment then see Tony Award Winning Hit Comedy thriller, "39 Steps" at the Cabaret Theater.  What an uproarious experience in minimalistic stage effects with maximum hilarity. Four players take you through the twists and turns of a comedic plot using 1940's or Mel Brooks type music spots to hi-light the intense "drama."  Sorry, no drama just madcap hysteria. 

Read Full Review Here

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Did you ever check out the Directory page on PPL Mag? There you will find business categories pointing you to PPL channel members! Click here to try
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Positively Pittsburgh Live! Burgh Independence Week & Da Burgh Good News

PPL Co-Host: Jo Ann Forrester, co-founder Celebrate and Share to speak about 8th Annual Breakfast Celebrating the Passing of the 19th Amendment| WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY? Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo at PSO| Six Penn Late Night| POSITIVELY PITTSBURGH SPONSORED EVENTS: Eventsburgh Travel & Cruise Party Hear about Cunard Queen Mary, July 21 and Ireland Tour, Get travel voucher for a one night hotel stay just for attending| CULTURAL CLUES: Gallery Crawl in the Cultural District| CrawlAfterDark| Art of Origami| WOMEN AND GIRLS ADVANCEMENT : Women in Business at Bella Serra| Sip and Sample| PITTSBURGH HISTORICAL STUFF: Famous Pittsburghers and the Homewood Cemetery| Family History Research Workshop| NEIGHBORHOOD NUGGETS SPONSORED BY DARLENE KRUTH, NORTHWOOD REALTY, UPPER ST. CLAIR: Homewood Small Business Expo | Saturday Silver Screen: Star Wars: The Force Awakens| Inde-pet-dence Adoption Weekend| Community Fitness Walks| Schuler Family Vendor and Craft Benefit| POSITIVE PITTSBURGHERS SPONSORED BY POSITIVE PITTSBURGHERS.COM: Locally based, internationally known artist Ali Momeni | ROVING PITTSBURGHER REPORT: Pat Benatar and Neil Giroldo at PSO| Six on Penn| Furries Invade Pittsburgh

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The Marketeer, JQS will work with you to develop plans to increase your visibility using synergistic promotion of your strong points and upgrade of others. When you become the definitive resource for your product or service, then your gross margin and your bottom line will thrive.

Encore Event Design, Stacey Barlow-Hill

Encore Event Tour and Interview West End

Encore defintion (en?core)
A demand by an audience for an additional performance, usually expressed by applause.
This definition is what we strive for in every design.an event that will leave your guest raving and wanting more! We want you, the client, to have an unforgettable celebration that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come. We take great pride in our designs and go through every detail, no matter how small it may be. Delivering outstanding customer service is our top priority and we will not rest until you are completely satisfied! Every event should be fabulous in our opinion, so let Encore Event Design help bring your dream to event reality!
Pittsburgh Laser Medi Beauty Spas, Mark Fleis

The Picosure Focus Lens Array by CynoSure

PicoSure Focus Lens Array treatment the provides the ultimate skin rejuvenation treatment

Pittsburgh Laser Medi Beauty Spas, Mark Fleis

Discover the PicoSure by CynoSure
The newest revolutionary laser PicoSure can eliminate unwanted tattoos.

Pittsburgh Laser Medi Beauty Spas, Mark Fleis

Get to know Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa

We specialize in cosmetic and anti-aging procedures. At Body Beautiful Laser Medi Spa we strive to bring you the best care through superior technologies and expertise.

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