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Positively Pittsburgh Live! 7-18-11
Private Schools

Private School Education, Online Learning, alternatives to Public School Education. Get some upfront source information from the Falk School, Oakland Catholic and VLN Partners who proviide web-based multimedia lessons presented in many Pittsburgh area district's classrooms.

Today’s Guest
Dr. Wendell McConnaha, Falk School
Maureen Marsteller Oakland Catholic principal
Dr. David Bowlin, VLN Partners

Wendell McConnaha, Falk School
Dr. Wendell McConnaha, Falk School
·         Currently serving as Director of the Falk School and Associate Professor in the School of Education.
·         Served as an Associate Professor in the College of Education on the Abu Dhabi campus of Zayed University in the United Arab Emirates.
·         Worked at the at several universities.
·          Served as a consultant in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China, Chile, England, Indonesia, Romania, Spain, Canada and Nigeria.
·         Worked in program development and evaluation for ECIS, North Central Association, Milken Institute, Black Sea University Network, National Association of Laboratory Schools, USAID, Teacher Training Agency, the National Institute of Health, the United States Department of Energy, and the Public Broadcasting System.
·         Has experience as a primary and secondary classroom teacher, primary and secondary school counselor, school principal and superintendent. 
·         Has a Ph.D. Degree in Educational Leadership from Purdue University; an Ed. Sp. Degree in Educational Administration and Supervision from the University of Nebraska; an M.A. Endorsement in Educational Administration from the University of Nebraska; an M.S. Degree in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the University of Nebraska; and a B.A. Degree in Education from Wayne State College. 
·         Served as a consultant for an STTA project in Indonesia addressing issues related to establishing and maintaining University Based Laboratory Schools (UBLS) in Indonesia. 
Falk Laboratory School:

  • Private, Tuition based, K-8 school that is part of the School of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Founded in 1931 under a charter agreement between the University of Pittsburgh and benefactors Leon Falk Jr. and his sister, Marjorie Falk Levy.
  • Assists the University in preparing teachers, conducting research, developing curriculum and demonstrating best practice.
  • There are approximately 350 students.
  • Most of our students are from the Squirrel Hill, Oakland and Shady Side areas; however, students commute from as far away as Wexford and Sewickley.  We are 36% children of color.  Nearly 1/3 of our students receive tuition support because of economic need.
  • All our teachers are faculty members of the School of Education and hold a Masters Degree or a PhD.
  • Named the "Best Green School Makeover" by Pittsburgh Magazine, and the outstanding school design in the mid-Atlantic region by the McGraw-Hill Corporation.

Dr. David Bowlin, VLN Partners
  • Director of Online Learning
  • Accomplished, resourceful and experienced doctoral-level educational leader with over 16 years in public education and an outstanding track record in the leadership of a 21st century learning environment.
  • Educational Leadership                                                          
    School Law
  • Distance Education
  • Blended Learning Theory
VLN Partners
  • Our developers build engaging web-based multimedia lessons that match the scope and sequence of instruction presented in your district’s classrooms.
  • A Turnkey Cyber School Solution.
  • Professional Development for Your Teachers.
  • Our Programs pay for themselves on an ongoing basis after district’s pay a nominal annual fee.  We actually guarantee a return on investment.
  • Marketing Support Services.
Dr. David Bowlin, VLN Partners, 412-381-0183

Maureen Marsteller, Oakland Catholic
  • Principal of Oakland Catholic High School since July 2002. 
  • Native of McKeesport
  • Has a B.S. in Music Education from Duquesne University, a master’s degree in secondary education and a doctorate in educational administration from the University of Pittsburgh.
  • Was the Assistant Principal at St. Louise deMarillac Elementary School in Upper St. Clair. 
  • 2011 high school principal recipient of the Diocese of Pittsburgh's Golden Apple award. The award is given to principals who have devoted their lives to Catholic school education.
Oakland Catholic High School
  • Educating young women from the city, suburbs, and beyond since its establishment by Bishop Donald Wuerl in 1989.
  • Over 600 students from 45 school districts, 89 Catholic parishes.
  • Graduates receive thousands of dollars annually in academic scholarships to a variety of university programs including upper-echelon schools and the Ivy League. 
  • Christ-centered, college preparatory school for young women of diverse backgrounds.
  • An environment that promotes spiritual formation, excellence in education, a wide range of activities and athletics, service to others.
  • Formed under the patronage of St. Joan of Arc, dedicated to teaching young women to lead lives of faith, courage, and commitment as they lay the foundation for their future as responsible and respectable global leaders.
Dr. Maureen Marsteller,, Phone: 412-682-6633

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Positively Pittsburgh News 8-27-11

Positively Pittsburgh Live News from 8-15-11 & 8-22-11

CMU International Justice Mission and Zonta Three Rivers Pittsburgh North announce this free viewing.“Sex and Money” is a documentary about the sex trafficking of minors within the United States and the modern-day abolitionist movement fighting to stop it.A brief panel discussion comprised of subject matter experts will follow the 90 minute screening.Human Trafficking is a $9 billion industry worldwide, second only to drug smuggling. DISCLAIMER: The documentary film “Sex and Money” is not yet rated.  It reports on a sensitive topic and contains adult subject matter that viewers may find upsetting. Neither Zonta nor International Justice Mission are responsible for the content of the film. For more information on the film, or to view the film trailer, visit For more information on Zonta Three Rivers North, visit / For more information on International Justice Mission, visit


Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and those even thinking about starting a  business are all welcome! If you're interested in bettering your business or are looking for information,this event is for you! Trade Show Tables Available, $250 /table-includes admission for 2 people and program book ad. Purchase trade tables, sponsorships are also available!Please call 412.854.4827 for details. 

Walnut Street in Shadyside, a popular downtown shopping district of Pittsburgh, will transform into a living, breathing art gallery with 150 exhibitors from around the nation for the 14th Annual Shadyside…The Art Festival On Walnut Street gives you the unique opportunity to meet the creators of the art on display; commission a specific piece; ask questions about techniques; learn the sources of their inspirations; and purchase fine works of art at affordable prices.

Two lawyers – one black, one white – must decide whether they should represent a white man accused of raping a young black woman in David Mamet’s latest Broadway hit, Race.
Race may be the central theme, but the issues are more than skin deep as the debate delves into questions of sex, gender, and class. Call ProArtsTickets at 412.394.3353 or visit, Fri. and Sat. nights: $50; Seniors $48, Tues., Wed., Thurs. nights, and Sat. & Sun. matinees: $46, Seniors $44, Preview Thurs. and Fri.: $40 for all seats, $20 tickets available for youth under 25, with valid ID.
click above link for more information.

Woodville Plantation will present a special 18th century music concert featuring George Balderose and Richard Hughes.  Beginning at 7 pm, guests are invited to enjoy an evening of authentic 18th century Scots-Irish music in the historic surroundings of the parlor at Woodville Plantation.  George Balderose and Richard Hughes, nationally renowned musicians and experts in Scottish, Irish and Appalachian music, will perform.  Both musicians are members of the group Road to the Isles.  A wine and cheese reception will follow the concert. 
To order tickets, please call Jim Galbraith at 412-257-3353. Go to title link for additional info.

Meet President Lincoln, hear Civil War Era Music, see reenactments, crafts for children. Donations are accepted for future programming and maintenance of Carpenter Log House, Pierson Run Road. Go to  for more information.


Pittsburgh Irish Classical Theatre - Importance of Being Earnest  Review   

food and decorations at Villa Southside
Villa Southside - Customer Appreciation Luau and Pig Roast, complete with two roasted pigs, great accoutrements, Hawaiian decorations, two floor and patio activity, disc jockey and fire show on the street.

Comedy Club Political Candidate Fundraiser—
Candidates Comedy Night 2011 at Pittsburgh Improv, Thursday, Aug 18, 2011
Allegheny County Music Festival Fund which has provided more than 2,000 at risk children with services and opportunities not provided by government funding.
This night was for a “live-In’  summer camp for at risk young persons for healthy activities outside of their neighborhoods.
My favorites, Allegheny County Contriller, Rep. Chelsa Wagner
Raja—who knew also that either were so funny.
Anne Covey  who is running for Commonwealth Court Judge just mighthave a second profession, no notes, perfect timing and extremely funny. 
Gene Collier, the only “professional” comic in the crowd was the only one whose language kept the entire evening from being totally family friendly entertainment.  Thank Goodness none of the political figures who did stand up thought they had to rever to working blue.  And once again it proves that politics can be funny.

India Garden in Oakland, Atwood St.
50% off from 9 PM to 11 PM
Chicken briani and spinach with Indian cheese which I will not attempt to pronounce

Debbie Slocum Recognized as Dignity and Respect Champion for Embracing the Philosophy of the D&R Campaign
Personnel Analyst at Allegheny County Department of Human Services Advances Inclusion in Her Daily Work and Life.
Debbie Slocum spends a lot of quality time with people who work at the Department of Human Services. With each encounter, she is consistent in doing the little things to show them respect.

“We do not make a big noise [about our Dignity & Respect Campaign], and maybe that’s a good thing. It is one person at a time. One more person saying thank you today than yesterday,” Debbie said.

Delana Flowers is a multi-talented creative. She is a Positively Pittsburgh Live reporter, a dynamic vocalist, an amazing Actress, and an independent writer. Delana is owner of Ingenuity by Delana Flowers ©, writing effective copy so you don’t have to. Services include copywriting for newsletters, blogs, ad copy, marketing pieces, articles, reviews, invitations, postcards, flyers and more.

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Review of Importance of Being Earnest, Pittsburgh Irish Classical Theatre

The Pittsburgh Irish Classical Theater consistently produces fine plays, whether it is “hold your breath heart stopping drama” or “over the top satiric comedy.”  Their latest production of the "Importance of being Earnest" by Oscar Wilde with an all male cast and a brief prologue and briefer epilogue is another example of excellence.
Oscar Wilde’s play "The Importance of Being Earnest" is a satiric comedy on Victorian Life in England.  It is fascinating to watch the length the main characters go to hide the lives they have constructed to relieve boredom yet still being seen as socially acceptable. 

The "love bug" has bitten both of the characters and their efforts to obtain what they want and still keep their lives intact are interesting and amusing to watch.
Both young men, Jack "Earnest" Worthing  and  his friend Algernon have constructed a series of fabrications about  the name  "Earnest" and do a number of "quick thinking"  maneuvers to try to maintain  the facade they have woven.  Each maneuver creates another problem and the complications are hilarious and rueful to watch.  

While most people find the play funny and delightful (which I do) I feel a touch of sadness and irony about the play and the various scenarios we produce in our lives to maintain "respectability" and relieve boredom.  

The Importance of Being Earnest, produced by PICT, and adapted by director Conall Morrison is a wonderful end of summer treat...go...laugh and enjoy... and maybe afterward look at the lessons hidden in the hilarity of the comedy.
Joann R. Forrester
"The Empress of Biz"

Wikipedia Synopsis of Play
Ernest Worthing. Ernest has come from the country to propose to Algernon's cousin, Gwendolen. Algernon, however, refuses his consent until Ernest explains why his cigarette case bears the inscription, "From little Cecily, with her fondest love to her dear Uncle Jack." "Ernest" is forced to admit to living a double life. In the country, he assumes a serious attitude for the benefit of his young ward, Cecily, and goes by the name of John (or Jack), while pretending that he must worry about a wastrel younger brother named Ernest in London. In the city, meanwhile, he assumes the identity of the libertine Ernest. Algernon confesses a similar deception: he pretends to have an invalid friend named Bunbury in the country, whom he can "visit" whenever he wishes to avoid an unwelcome social obligation. Jack, however, refuses to tell Algernon the location of his country estate. Gwendolen and her formidable mother Lady Bracknell then call on Algernon. As he distracts Lady Bracknell in another room, Jack proposes to Gwendolen. She accepts, but seems to love him very largely for his professed name of Ernest; Jack resolves to himself to be rechristened "Ernest". Lady Bracknell discovers them and interrogates Jack as a prospective suitor. Horrified that he was adopted after being discovered as a baby in a handbag at Victoria Station, she refuses him and forbids further contact. Gwendolen, however, manages covertly to swear her undying love. As Jack gives her his address in the country, Algernon surreptitiously notes it on the cuff of his sleeve; Jack's revelation of his pretty young ward has motivated Algernon to meet her.

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