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Free 90 Minute Marketing Seminar

FREE 90-Minute Seminar, Mention PositivelyPittsburghLiveBlog for Your Free Ticket

The James Austin Company and Up A Notch Marketing LLC presents
Jim Connelly’s
"Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway”
From the streets of Turtle Creek, PA to Beverly Hills, from “street tough” to “suave manager” of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and Wall Street Executive – meet JIM CONNELLY!

“I grew up in the projects of Turtle Creek and learned on the mean streets that with every adversity carries with it the seed of an equivalent benefit.”

Jim Connelly’s amazing journey from Turtle Creek to the boardroom of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in just 6 short years is nothing short of astonishing. With no college degree, no money and no connections, Connelly did what everyone who knew him thought would be impossible.

“Anyone in today’s economy with the right work ethic, the right attitude, and the right mentor can still create a successful life for themselves.
As Jim explored other business opportunities, he was invited by the chairman of Shearson Lehman to join the Wall Street Investment Banking firm. He became the first non-college graduate accepted into the firm's management program and graduated from the New York Institute of Finance in the top ten percent of his class.
At the request of the President, Connelly facilitated Leadership Goal Setting for the California Governor's Conference and the President's Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities held at Stanford University.
Jim has established many successful businesses and is a consummate entrepreneur - having lived his entire life "outside the box".
Even with all his success, the accomplishment he is most proud of is the 25 year journey to assist a young woman, who after a serious accident came back from the brink of death to live independently today. (see the remarkable story at www.onemoresunset.com).
"The Donna Jones story is very heart warming and I was amazed at Jim's dedication to her recovery." --Don Green, Executive Director, Napoleon Hill Foundation
"Hope our paths cross in the not too distant future." -- Peter Ueberroth, Chairman of the 1984 US Olympics and Time "Man of the Year"
In his first public appearance in Pittsburgh, Connelly is going to share stories of:

 The big lesson he learned from Frank Sinatra and why Frank asked Connelly to throw his 50th birthday party.

 How he learned to ask 2 simple questions that almost guaranteed success and how it still works as magically today as it did 35 years ago ---- and they’re never taught in college.

 Why Elvis Presley’s weekend request of Connelly should be a case study in how to be flexible in the business world.

 The 3 books that changed his life.

"I value our 30 year friendship." -- Kirk Kerkorian, Chairman, MGM
"When my bank asks about my assets, I start with Jim and Kate Connelly." -- Lou Holtz, legendary Football Coach and Analyst for ESPN
Today Connelly is:
• Trustee of the Lou Holtz Hall of Fame
• Chairman of the Board and co-founder with his son Jeff of Integrated Communications Services, an international communications and information systems services provider.
• The Director of the Napoleon Hill Speaker's Bureau.
• Serves as an advisor to some of America's most successful leaders and entrepreneurs sharing his extensive business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit to help their companies grow and thrive during his Inner Circle weekends.
• Sought out by top executives and entrepreneurs to become their personal master mentor through one-on-one private coaching.

Now you can attend a special Seminar hearing Jim talk about his best strategies and life lessons – FREE! The Seminar no cost, no strings attached. You just exchange 90 minutes of your time for a quick look at how to overcome fear---no matter what your background or education is, no matter what position you are in, no matter what your circumstances are. Come just thinking that “maybe” there’ll be one good idea or two that you can use.

Register immediately and attend this Free Seminar. You’ll be glad you did.
"Jim is a trusted friend who knows how to throw a party. Truly a stand-up guy." -- Frank Sinatra
"A wonderful friend and a beautiful outlook on life." -- "Rudy" Ruettiger
"Thanks for your good wishes. Hope to see you at Notre Dame or on the book tour. You guys are always good to me." -- Jack Welch
DATE: Tuesday, March 31
TIME: 4-6:30pm
TO REGISTER: Kathy@upanotchmarketing.com or 412-369-9994

Also, be among the first 35 to register and get a copy of Jim’s book “One More Sunset”. Jim's passion for helping people is exemplified by his dedication to Donna Jones's recovery and quality of Life.

Seating is limited due to room size so call 412-369-9994 to reserve seats or with any questions.

The Meeting will be held from 4-6:30 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center (http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/pitdt-pittsburgh-marriott-city-center/)
at 112 Washington Place, Pittsburgh PA 15219 on Tuesday, March 31, 2009! Can’t wait to see you there!

Don't forget to mention PositivelyPittsburghLiveBlog for your free ticket!

Pittsburgh Restaurants, Volume 1

This show was originally aired at www.talkshoe.com on December 1, 2009 and can be heard archived at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/18520
Or on the Positively Pittsburgh Live Radio Channel at www.positivelypittsburghlivemagazine.com

Pittsburgh Restaurants, Volume 1

STORMS Restaurant & Lounge opened September 4, 2007. We primarily serve Italian-American cuisine but have a little bit of everything. My husband Rob and I are the owners. Rob is the chef and I handle front of the house and all of the office work. Rob has been a chef in Pittsburgh for the past 10 years. He is originally from Highland Falls NY. He came to Pittsburgh and trained at Scoglio Restaurant where he was mentored by Gary Komoroski.
He was a partner at Jamie’s on the Square and Jamie’s in Dormont and helped open Piccolina’s Restaurant. We are located in the Law & Finance Building on 429 4th Avenue in downtown Pittsburgh. We are open Monday through Friday, 11 AM to 7 PM. Lunch is our busiest time, serving 11 AM to 4 PM and dinner 4 PM to 7 PM. Happy Hour is 5 to 7 PM with drink specials and a free buffet on Thursdays.
We do corporate and personal catering and are closed on the weekends except for private parties and catering. We have many events throughout the year, including charity events. We are having a shopping party on Monday, December 8th from 5 to 9 PM with a variety of vendors available for holiday shopping. There is a $5 donation at the door to benefit The Make-A-Wish foundation as well as basked raffles benefitting charities.
Rob & Jennifer Storms
Storms Restaurant & Catering
429 4th Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Long Putters Pub, Harmony Ridge Golf Club

I am Chef Dan Colaizzi form Harmony Ridge Golf Club, formerly the Ambridge Country Club

I graudeted from Pennsylvania Culinary in 2004 after 30 years in manufacturing in the Pittsburgh area. I haved worked at several clubs in the area. Harmony Ridge is offering lunch and dinner Wednesday thru Sunday and breakfast Saturday and Sunday. We are a full event center with banquet facuiltys up to 225 people seating.

Open for Lunch and Dinner with specialty sandwiches, lunch and dinner specials, friday is prime rib night Wednesday Ladies night with bar bocce, thursday family pasta night, saturday Martinis with michelle.

The Venue

Banquet Faciulty

225 seating capacity, live entertaimment, new sound system, stage and stage lighting, complete banquet menu.

Dutch Pivilion

Out door seating for 200 great for wedding, showers golf outting. First pig roast this year.

Old Ambridge Country club, three partners, Greg Paul. Ed Rae, John Mazza (Golf Pro)

Pool and Golf season passes
Greg Paul
Harmony Ridge Golf Club
1280 Breitenstein Rd
Ambridge, PA 15003

Folino's Ristorante and Tom's Diner

The Story of Folino's Catering and Tom’s Diner “A Folino Family Restaurant”

The Folino’s own and operate Tom’s Diner in Dormont and South Side and know the importance of a family run operation. Penny Folino, along with her father, mother, and brother opened Tom’s Diner in Dormont in 1981, which has been a huge success in Pittsburgh. Now Penny, along with her husband, Tony, would like the opportunity to serve you once again.

Our story at Folino’s is to know this as a “New Twist on an Old Establishment” with breakfast, Sunday Brunch, Bloody Mary Bar on Sundays, Hearty Steaks, Italian Pasta Creations, Ice Cold Beer, Margaritas and Specialty Martinis, along with a Lively, Fun, Yet Relaxing atmosphere. Serving the City of Pittsburgh 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
In the News...
• City Police Team With Restaurant To Feed Needy On Thanksgiving
Munch goes to Folino's Ristorante
• Diner Ladies

Penny Folino
Folino's Ristorante
1719 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


I took on a second job during my son Michael's college years at Penn State University, and he went on to earn a Masters Degree. While still at school, he started a company and made me an offer to go into business with him. That was 23 years ago, and now the company, American Made, LLC, is a $25 million corporation known worldwide. My current position there is Chief Operating Officer of their industrial liner division, American Made Liner Systems. When I began in 1983, I was dead broke ... and several years ago, I reached the millionaire status. Guess it is never too late to gain success and wealth.

My daughter Deborah Ann and I also started another business. She showed a flair for design and creative works of art, as well as the ability to organize and manage large projects of an industrial nature. So we formed Classic & Chic Gift Boutique ... bringing new and enticing innovative products to the consumer industry. She does most of the designing of the ideas we both have for new products; and my part is mostly providing the financial requirements. Deborah also can boast of her two handsome and talented sons, and

… and even though these are designer bibs for women, they do use them under suits and coats since they are so very lovely and attractive. And some of the women are even purchasing the plain darker colored ones in the neck loop style for their male relatives. We are also introducing a line of Bridal Bibs … some of which are one of a kind and can be purchased on site, while others will be custom made to match or coordinate with the wedding gown.

Caroline La Rocco
Classic Chic
Cafe Boutique
Diner's Elegant Bib

Sunday, March 15, 2009

PositivelyPittsburghLive, Pittsburgh Economy, Economic Weaknesses Become Our Strengths

This show was originally recorded on 10/13/08 on Columbus Day as a prelude to a series on the strength of the Pittsburgh Economy. Hear Techno Granny’s opinion on just why this article by Bill Sapporito from Time Magazine exemplifies how Pittsburgh is not “just another sad face” in this current economic downturn.

Title: Positively Pittsburgh Live! Pittsburh Economic Weaknesses Become Strengths
Time: 10/13/2008 07:00 PM EDT
Episode Notes: Columbus Day prelude to series on Economic Strength of Pittsburgh. Positive News for Pittsburgh's economic viability in tough times
This episode can be hear archived at: http://www.talkshoe.com/talkshoe/web/tscmd/tc/18520
Or on Positively Pittsburgh Live unique radio channel at: www.positivelypittsburghlivemagazine.com

Thursday, Oct. 09, 2008
Time Magazine

One Bright Spot on Main Street
By Bill Saporito/Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh knows all about recessions. This city was left for dead when steel and heavy manufacturing were smothered by globalization that started some 20 years ago. Pittsburgh never had a housing boom. How could it, when a quarter of the population evaporated when the jobs did? Pittsburgh's finances were so awful that it became a virtual ward of the state in 2003. Is your burg afraid of losing airline service? USAir's business crashed here in 2002. The spacious airport is half empty on a Sunday.
How bad will it get? The answer depends in large part on how local economies like Pittsburgh's adapt. And here's a surprise: for a metropolis synonymous with America's declining industrial might, the no-longer Steel City seems in a better position to withstand a downturn than many other places.
Why? Practice, for one. "We never had a housing crisis," says Pittsburgh's controller, Michael Lamb. "We already weathered that storm." Foreclosures declined 20% for two months compared with a year ago. Home prices are relatively steady. When the economy began to pick up steam again after 2003, Pittsburgh was a city with affordable housing, great parks and recreation, rich cultural and sports scenes, and surviving industry clusters that were globally competitive--a helpful thing when recession returns. "We've done a really good job at coming to terms with how to manage. Our weaknesses 25 years ago led to strength. We're much stronger as a result of our struggles," says Mike Anselmo, regional manager of PNC Financial, a dominant bank in the area. Anselmo's firm is a case in point. Unlike so many larger banks that got tangled in the subprime scam, PNC Financial avoided exposure to derivatives or combustible mortgages. Now PNC is building the first office tower to go up in downtown Pittsburgh in 20 years. There's also a new hockey arena being built, as well as a casino and even some downtown condos, which will keep the construction trades busy while they get crushed elsewhere.