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PositivelyPittsburghLive, 2011 Pittsburgh Economic Outlook, 1-24-11

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 1-24-11
Pittsburgh Economic Outlook 2011

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Today’s Guests

J. Andre Weisbrod, President and CEO of STAAR Financial advisors and founder of the STAAR investment Trust
Keith Morehouse, registered investment advisor for 11 years, focus on stock equity research
Bill Flanagan, Host of Our Regions Business, Executive Vice President of Allegheny Conference on Community Development

J. André Weisbrod, ChFC

Mutual Fund Manager, Investment Advisor, Financial Planner, Author, Lecturer

J. André Weisbrod is President of Weisbrod Financial Services, Inc. and STAAR Financial Advisors, Inc. a Registered Investment Advisor and advisor to the STAAR Investment Trust family of mutual funds. He is a Pittsburgh-based financial advisor providing individuals, businesses and organizations with comprehensive investment services. He has been in the financial services business since 1981 and has managed the highly rated STAAR AltCat Fund since 1996.
An accomplished speaker and writer, Mr. Weisbrod is the author of The Creative Personal Finance Workbook (PP&C, 1984, 1986), Becoming One Financially (Journey Books, 1989), The STAAR SYSTEM Investment Management Manual (1991) and How to Invest Wisely (1994). He has had articles published in a variety of newspapers, magazines and newsletters, has been interviewed by publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily and Mutual Funds Magazine, quoted by commentators such as Paul Harvey and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows, including on KDKA,, Reuters TV and Business News Network

Keep looking forward no matter how difficult things may seem, evaluate the negative while looking for the positive and you have a real good chance of coming out positively on the other side.”
·         Global recovery will be incremental but relatively solid.
·         The things that we do and have make a difference. We affect people with the decisions we make in our individual households.
·         Many small business owners look at national, state and local government and feel that the government doesn’t understand what the small business owners go through. A lot of things are geared toward larger companies. The government did some good things at the beginning of the crisis but then some things fell off. They should be focused on structure as opposed to nonsensical rules.
·         Big businesses get a bail out but small businesses do not.
·         Pittsburgh is one of the more stable regions in the country.
·         Real estate Job numbers not as bad as many in the country.
·         I respect a lot of the business people in the region because when things look bad they don’t just pack up and move to California.
Contact Information: 412-367-9076.

Keith Morehouse
Keith got into the financial services industry in 1985 after playing and teaching drums. He still can be seen playing around Pittsburgh with Jazz vocalist Etta Cox and Jessica Lee and once in awhile with his own group MoorHouse Jazz, in which he features many of Pittsburgh's top soloists.

Keith has been a Registered Investment Advisor for the past eleven years and his focus has been on stock equity research for individual clients, other advisors and private equity deals.
He is a fundamental analyst by trade.  

“Pittsburgh has come a long way. There are plenty of opportunities here, especially with smaller companies.”
·         Pittsburgh stocks that I really like are PNC, PPG, and ALCOA.
·         PNC’s debt to income ratio is leveling out and they are getting healthier.
·         ALCOA is an excellent is gauge on the world economy, more aluminum is being sold globally
·         When looking at a company I look for fundamentals, then listen to some earnings calls. I’m looking for good and honest management. I look at products, competition, past versus what they say they will do in the future. I really get to know the company.
Contact Information: 412-257-2390

Bill Flanagan

Bill Flanagan is Executive Vice President—Corporate Relations for the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and its affiliated regional development organizations: The Pennsylvania Economy League of Southwestern Pennsylvania LLC, the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance and the Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce.
Bill supervises Investor Relations activities for the Conference and Affiliates, including fundraising, membership services and educational programming. He oversees organizational communications. In this role, Bill also hosts “Our Region’s Business” on WPXI-TV, WJAC-TV, WTOV-TV and the Pittsburgh Cable News Channel (PCNC), a program the Conference produces in partnership with WPXI-TV.
“Visit if looking for work because there are opportunities out there. The number of jobs continues to grow.”

  • ·         The number one sector in Pittsburgh is financial and business services.
  • ·         BNY Mellon has more employees here than in Manhattan. They created several jobs and still hiring several hundreds more.
  • ·         Pittsburgh ranks in the top ten of corporate headquarters city

  • ·         More than 100 companies in the region that are billion dollar or more global companies.
  • ·         Marcellus shale, a deep deposit of natural gas, is believed to be 2nd largest deposit of natural gas in the world and Pittsburgh is right smack in the center of it. This has and will create jobs and bring money into the region.
  • ·         The energy story is bigger than just this. There are several energy related industries here in Pittsburgh- Coal, nuclear, parts for solar power plants and windmills, Smart Grid management, transmission and distribution.
  • ·         There are more than 700 companies playing in the global energy space
  • ·         Employment has out performed the national average for 4 years in a row.
  • ·         PPG was the first to figure out how to mass produce flat glass, major research facilities here in Pittsburgh.
  • ·         ALCOA was the first to master aluminum, major tech center in west Moreland County.
  • ·         Both companies have innovation that comes from Pittsburgh.
  • ·         Westinghouse Electric added several thousand jobs and is expanding globally because of the demand for nuclear power.
  • ·         Pittsburgh invented the industry with the World’s first nuclear power plant.
  • ·         The world leaders in nuclear engineering are Paris, France and Pittsburgh.
  • ·         Microsoft, Disney, Google, apple, and Intel all have a presence here because of the innovation that is coming out of the universities.

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PositivelyPittsburghLive News 1-24-2011

PositivelyPittsburghLiveNews  1-24-2011

Listen to Original Broadcast First Fifteen Minutes of News:  

Live Rhythm, Jazz, & Blues
"Entrepreneurial Thursdays"
With Vocalist Jessica Lee & Friends
Musical Networking Happy Hour EVERY THURSDAY 5:30 PM - 8:00 PM
at Little E's Jazz & Blues

949 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222
2nd Floor above Mahoney's Restaurant
Cover Charge: Only $5.00!

Pre-show networking session at 5:00 PM January 27, 2011
Informal matchmaking for job seekers, employers & new entrepreneurs!

Live music starts at 6:00 PM.
This week: "Food & Restaurant Entrepreneurs"
Featuring Interviews with:

The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Announces Schedule for
The Late Night Cabaret Series
Thursdays - Saturdays January – March at Theater Square
655 Penn Avenue

Read entire press release at:

Pittsburgh Dance Council presents Tango Fire from Buenos Aires, Argentina
in the Pittsburgh premiere of Tango Inferno
Saturday, February 12, 2011, at 8:00 p.m. at Byham Theater, 101 Sixth Street

Considered Argentina's gift to the world, tango is one of the most alluring and exciting dance forms, evoking sensuality and intrigue, lust, raw energy and knife-edge precision.

Read entire press release at:

An exhibition
White Light – Black Light
January 28 – April 3, 2011 at Wood Street Galleries, 601 Wood Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Opening reception during Gallery Crawl 5:30-9 p.m.

Mesmerizing, contemplative, hypnotic and dramatic are ways to describe the Icelandic landscape. The latest exhibition at The Pittsburgh Cultural Trust’s Wood Street Galleries evokes this imagery through the works featured in White Light-Black Light.

Read entire press release at:

RIC & Waynesburg University Internship & Job Fair 
March 2, 2011 10 am - 2 pm at Waynesburg University, Rudy Marisa Fieldhouse (Gymnasium) 
51 W College Street, Waynesburg, PA 15370
Cost: $3. We are recruiting employers.

Shrek the musical
March 15-20th at the Benedum
Pittsburgh is getting a Make-Ogre!

Based on the Oscar®-winning DreamWorks film that started it all, this musical brings the hilarious story of everyone’s favorite ogre to life on the stage.

Use promotional code FIONA to order your tickets to SHREK THE MUSICAL before they go on sale to the public Friday, January 28!

Sunday, February 6, 4-6 PM
at Homewood AME Zion Church
724 North Homewood Ave., Homewood

~ Featuring Pittsburgh Gospel Choir and Mt. Ararat Baptist Church Mass Choir! ~

Steelers Win AFC Championship to go to Super Bowl
Steelers beat the Jets and head to Super Bowl 45. The Pittsburgh Steelers scored 24 point in the first half, but had to hang on against the hard knocked New York Jets. The Jets scored 16 points in the second half. Rex Ryan, the Jets head coach said he was proud of his team and they will be back next year and win it all. Pittsburgh has played in 15 AFC Championship games in it's history. Final score 24-19 Steelers.

Pittsburgh Shakespeare in the Parks is proud to announce
the start of its 7th season providing the Steel City with FREE Shakespeare plays and events

Join us for our first BYOB (“Bring Your Own Bard”) monthly reading: “Shakespeare’s Favorites”
Thursday January 27 at the Te Café, 2000 Murray Ave (at Beacon St) Pittsburgh, PA 15217 

Read entire press release at:

Where in the World is TechnoGranny?

Save the Date 
2nd Annual Pittsburgh Service Summit
Wednesday, January 26, 2011 from 4-9pm at Carlow University.

Tom Baker 

Roving Pittsburgher Report

Stayed home most of week because of frigid temperatures but did visit

Greg Jockel Hair Dezign
In Wexford, Pine Tree
15 operators, congenial, features Keratin treatments

Johnny’s Pizza
Stratmore St in the West End,

Worth the trip
Gladiator Steak for $9.00, two meals in one. Steak, hot peppers, olives, fried onions, green peeprs, mushrooms, cheese, pepperoni on a loaf of Italian bread.

Don’t tell my kids while I was eating it I listened to my arteries clog!

Delana Flowers is a Positively Pittsburgh Live reporter, an independent writer and owner of Ingenuity by Delana Flowers ©, writing effective copy so you don’t have to. Services include copywriting for newsletters, blogs, ad copy, marketing pieces, articles, reviews, invitations, postcards, flyers and more.

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PossitivelyPittsburghLive, Techno Granny & Warner Brothers Sends You to the Movies...FREE!

Techno Granny & Warner Brothers
                 Sends You to the Movies...FREE!

 Positively PittsburghLive and Techno Granny have become just become a promotional partner  to distribute  tickets for upcoming movie screenings here in Pittsburgh. 

Techno Granny  is always looking for ways to make Pittsburghers 

The first offering is "The Rite" on Friday, Janaury 28,2011.  The movies stars
  - Stars Anthony Hopkins in a compelling psychological thriller about good vs. evil. Rated PG-

TechnoGranny and PPL  guests will receive 50 seats (25 pairs; each email address limited to receive 2 seats each); for the  Pittsburgh preview of  The Rite:  7:30 pm Tues., Jan. 25 – AMC/Loews Waterfront.

Prospective guests  will need to sign up (an easy and quick process) at  to become a member. (go to for screenings). Then when you  enter zip code for Pittsburgh.  Screenings available will appear.  When asked for code for The Rite Jan. 25, enter

The first 25 (2 tickets each) will then have tickets available to download/print.  When those 50 seats are gone, a message will appear noting screening tickets are no longer available.  Seating first come first served; not guaranteed; suggest arriving 1 hour ahead.

At the entry to the theatre at screenings, a Warner Brothers staffer will scan the bar code on the ticket/s.

Register now, have a night out on Techo Granny and see ya at the movies--FREE!

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Roving Pittsburgher Report, Techno Granny Funks out with Maceo Parker

Maceo Parker, best known as the saxophone soul of James Brown's band managed to pump up an otherwise ordinary Sunday evening at the Byham Theatre on Sunday, January 16, 2011.  This 67 year old featured his own band with funkadyllic music that had everyone bobbing in the seats to the music. The audience could probably best be described as a sea of rhythm and blues bobble heads, keeping time to this “happy” music with various parts of their bodies. Before the concert started I commented to the stranger sitting next to me that the hardest thing about the concert was going to be staying seated and that proved to be true.

Parker started working in 1964 with the Godfather of Soul, adding a major part to that band's style. In the 1970s, he also worked with Bootsy Collins, George Clinton and various incarnations of Parliament Funkadelic. Every performer is a conglomerate of all of his past influences.  It’s easy to see all of these rolled into the unique funky style of this 67 year old marathon entertainer.  He never took a break in over two and a half hours, the band did and Maceo walked off the stage for about 60 seconds nearing the end of the concert.

Catching one of the alto sax maestro's marathon three-hour shows is a truly soul and sound feeding experience.   No matter if you are a fan of funk, jazz, hip-hop, R&B or soul, his performances are will surprise and elevate your mood to the transcendent and you will have a funky good time.

His show on Sunday had Two themes:  “We Gonna Make it Funky” and “We Love You.”
I must admit I did not hide a sigh when he broke out with the Maceo Parker version of - “My Love Does It Good” by Paul Mc Cartney and was wishing I had brought a real date instead of just a male friend.  Heads went down on shoulders all over the theatre and there was some serious cuddling happening.
Fortunately for this single gal, he got back to some serious funk immediately after that.  I could not keep up with watching all of the musicians and singers all first class and just can’t mention them all.  My personal fans:   Maceo’s James Brown Diva belting out half gospel, half R & B and his hip hop singer.  For anyone who loves the brassy sound of R &B, you will not be disappointed.  Trombonist Dennis Rollins from London, England sounds and looks like he’s  ready to break out with a musical epiphany  at any minute even when he was just doing his choreographed moves to the music.  No denouement to this concert, there were so many surprises at the end.

After an hour and a half, audience could not stay in their seats and migrated to the front of the stage and the aisles to dance.  But Maceo was not done on this funky entertainment roller coaster ride.  He serenaded the audience with his Western concert flute, his nephew Maceo Parker played drums blindfolded.

Also a surprise to this fan was the transcendence of generation with college students, gen-xers and baby boomers all funking out at the same time in the Byham.  The audience left in a flurry of conversations with the strangers next to you and a feeling that this performer is truly a musical diplomat.  Maceo Parker spreads not just funk music  but inner peace and love.

Roving Pittsburgher Report by Joanne Quinn-Smith aka, the TechnoGranny, publisher of
She is the host of PositivelyPittsburghLive, a syndicated Pittsburgh Internet Radio Show, every Monday on the Internet from 7 to 8 PM EDT.  She also hosts the TechnoGrannyShow, Mondays from 10 AM to 10:30 AM EDT and is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates.  Find all of her shows including RovingPittsburgher TV at:

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Positively Pittsburgh Fans Fly with Mary Poppins

Roving Pittsburgher Report took us to the Benedum for MaryPoppins Musical

Walt Disney would be proud.  Mary Poppins is a Walt Disney Theatrical musical based on the similarly-titled series of children's books by P. L. Travers and the Disney 1964 film.
And if you think this musical is just for kids, then we will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.  My boyfriend, the publisher of’s son was afraid to ask me to go for fear I would think it was hokey.   Well guys, grab your girlfriends and get them out of the house and into a seat because she will love you for it.  Mom was not feeling well and asked us to attend the musical and review it.  She was so apologetic, she thought it was work.  Poor thing, when we told her the next day how wonderful it was she was wishing she had had a miraculous recovery.  And she watched our daughter too; we were in heaven right up there with the chimney sweeps.
We laughed and tapped our toes and marveled every time Mary Poppins pulled something out of her purse or flew across the stage and wondered, “How did they do that live?”  The show was not only true to the movie but also to the book.  Mom had thought about taking my nearly three year old daughter but we were concerned about her staying in her seat, well the show had us on the end of our seats.
What delightful entertainment.  Scenic and costume designer Bob Crowley makes you think and wish that you were part of the play and that these magical things really do happen.
The pop-up book house in which the Banks family lives really set the musical up like the PL Travers book.

We thought it was just like the movie which both Dean and I grew up on.  Chimney sweeps dance not just on rooftops but everywhere it seems. Statues come to life. Bouquets emerge from paintings. We loved the stars exploding from the stage into the audience.  The music, the orchestra, the singing, the dancing, and the flying leaves you exhilarated when you leave.  Dean and I talked about it all week.
Of course we told mom what a chore it was to have to go outside in the cold to see a musical in the dead of winter.  Ah well it’s a dark, cold job and someone has to light up their life while they do it.
So, mom, if you are reading this, we are glad you are better but if you ever get sick again when this Broadway Across America production of Mary Poppins comes to town again, just call us we’ll hunker down and get the job done.
We are so blessed to have such outstanding, talented and outrageously exciting productions come to this city as Mary Poppins.  Can’t wait until it’s back again and we can take my daughter when she’s older but we won’t tell her we went without her first.  We don’t want her to know that this musical is really for ADULTS!   Shhh!  If you don’t tell them, the kids will love it, too.
There are still shows until January 23, how about taking your gal out for an early Valentine’s Celebration, guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile.  Oh go ahead, take the kids, but on a separate day!  You’re gonna have too much fun by yourself.
Submitted by Roving Pittsburghers
Angel Thomas
Giant Eagle Pharmacy Technician
Dean Charles Quinn
Nursing Assistant, UPMC