Monday, January 17, 2011

Positively Pittsburgh Fans Fly with Mary Poppins

Roving Pittsburgher Report took us to the Benedum for MaryPoppins Musical

Walt Disney would be proud.  Mary Poppins is a Walt Disney Theatrical musical based on the similarly-titled series of children's books by P. L. Travers and the Disney 1964 film.
And if you think this musical is just for kids, then we will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.  My boyfriend, the publisher of’s son was afraid to ask me to go for fear I would think it was hokey.   Well guys, grab your girlfriends and get them out of the house and into a seat because she will love you for it.  Mom was not feeling well and asked us to attend the musical and review it.  She was so apologetic, she thought it was work.  Poor thing, when we told her the next day how wonderful it was she was wishing she had had a miraculous recovery.  And she watched our daughter too; we were in heaven right up there with the chimney sweeps.
We laughed and tapped our toes and marveled every time Mary Poppins pulled something out of her purse or flew across the stage and wondered, “How did they do that live?”  The show was not only true to the movie but also to the book.  Mom had thought about taking my nearly three year old daughter but we were concerned about her staying in her seat, well the show had us on the end of our seats.
What delightful entertainment.  Scenic and costume designer Bob Crowley makes you think and wish that you were part of the play and that these magical things really do happen.
The pop-up book house in which the Banks family lives really set the musical up like the PL Travers book.

We thought it was just like the movie which both Dean and I grew up on.  Chimney sweeps dance not just on rooftops but everywhere it seems. Statues come to life. Bouquets emerge from paintings. We loved the stars exploding from the stage into the audience.  The music, the orchestra, the singing, the dancing, and the flying leaves you exhilarated when you leave.  Dean and I talked about it all week.
Of course we told mom what a chore it was to have to go outside in the cold to see a musical in the dead of winter.  Ah well it’s a dark, cold job and someone has to light up their life while they do it.
So, mom, if you are reading this, we are glad you are better but if you ever get sick again when this Broadway Across America production of Mary Poppins comes to town again, just call us we’ll hunker down and get the job done.
We are so blessed to have such outstanding, talented and outrageously exciting productions come to this city as Mary Poppins.  Can’t wait until it’s back again and we can take my daughter when she’s older but we won’t tell her we went without her first.  We don’t want her to know that this musical is really for ADULTS!   Shhh!  If you don’t tell them, the kids will love it, too.
There are still shows until January 23, how about taking your gal out for an early Valentine’s Celebration, guaranteed to make your sweetheart smile.  Oh go ahead, take the kids, but on a separate day!  You’re gonna have too much fun by yourself.
Submitted by Roving Pittsburghers
Angel Thomas
Giant Eagle Pharmacy Technician
Dean Charles Quinn
Nursing Assistant, UPMC

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