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PositivleyPittsburghLive, Four Year Anniversary Authors Show

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 2-28-11
Four-Year Anniversary Special
Pittsburgh Authors

Positively Pittsburgh Live is celebrating 4 years this month and traditionally we do a show about Pittsburgh Authors to help celebrate our anniversary.

Today’s Guests
Linda Handley, Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Life and Business
Tony Palombo, Cooking a Basic Repertoire
Barbara Killmeyer, It's Nobody's Business but Yours
Mary M. Newman, Challenging Sudden Death: A Community Guide to Help Save Lives
Dr Robert Beeman, No More Time for Sorrow

Linda Handley, Inspired Entrepreneurs: A Collection of Female Triumphs in Life and Business featuring Linda Handley
·         Her mission, to help others and improve the lives of those around her
·         Graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a BS and a Masters in Health Administration
·         Grew up in Hershey, Pennsylvania as the older of two children
·         Formed Marlin Property Management, a real estate investment company, with a focus on urban restoration
·         Launched Building Bridges for Business. This non-profit Building Bridges for Business brings together our regions wealth of Small Business resources, tools, and organizations.
·         Executive Director for Women’s Small Business Association
·         Published a children’s book written by her father, Squeeky and Louie. Proceeds from the book go to the American Cancer Society.
·         “I decided to write a chapter in this book because everyone has difficult times, it is what you do when you are in the middle of that period that defines you. If life deals you a difficult hand, respond only with courage.”
The Book
·         “The reason you’re here is not to be good, to be better, to be perfect, to get stuff done, to save the world, to save a person, to prove something, or to be anything other than yourself. That's all you have to work on. That’s all you can do. And by doing it, all of those other things will happen anyway.” – Mike Dooley Above is the quote Linda Handley, author, decided to share with her readers.
·         Inspired Entrepreneurs is a collection of stories about regular women who dared to step out in courage to follow their passions, and have ventured to change the world. Read their stories, share their inspirations, and dare to join them by recognizing your gift, your purpose, your passion, and your future triumph.
·         Available at: and
·          From July 1, 2010 to December 31, 2010, proceeds from the book will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Contact Information

Tony Palombo, Cooking a Basic Repertoire
·         While working as a sales engineer, pursued a strong interest in culinary arts by taking evening courses at the local community college
·         Catered parties for large professional organizations
·         Now teaching adult education cooking classes at a number of venues
·         The challenge was starting a brand new career in middle age that makes enough money to keep paying for food and the mortgage. Decided he might as well do what he loves and hope and pray that the money follows.
The Book
·         The cookbook was self-published in 2006 through iUniverse
·         Hopes that the cooking classes and cookbook sales will feed upon each other resulting in increased opportunities for both.
Contact Information
Tony Polombo, 412-915-9630

Barbara Killmeyer, It's Nobody's Business but Yours
·         Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with majors in writing and in psychology
·         Published in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Successful Women, Women’s Voice, and Women’s Independent Press, Country Living Magazine and Complete Woman Magazine
·         Writes a monthly column for senior citizens for Northern Connection Magazine
·         Ghostwriter of letters and speeches in addition to a current self-help and parenting book titled Children Are People Too
·         Co-authored a fiction book, Of shining star.
The Book
·         Both a guide for those considering starting a business and information important to those already in business, expanding on such subjects as The Importance of a Professional Image, Marketing, Working a Room, and Attitude plus much more
·         Purchase the book at,,, or directly from the author.
Visit Barbara's blog at
Contact Information

Mary M. Newman, Challenging Sudden Death: A Community Guide to Help Save Lives
·         Moved to Pittsburgh in 2000
·         President and co-founder of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Foundation, a national nonprofit organization based in Pittsburgh, now five years old. Programs include educational campaign for schools, and National Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Network--first registry for SCA survivors in U.S.
·         Served from February 2000 through June 2005 as co-founder and executive director of the National Center for Early Defibrillation (NCED) at the University of Pittsburgh and as faculty in the University of Pittsburgh Department of Emergency Medicine
·         Author/ co-author of numerous articles published in peer review journals, trade journals, newsletters, and the popular press and a contributing editor of the Journal of Emergency Medical Services since 1980.
The Book
·         Inspired to write the book to help communities to recognize saving lives threatened by sudden cardiac arrest takes teamwork.
·         Incorporated survivor stories with each chapter
·         SCA-leading cause of death in U.S. (About 300,000 each year). More than multiple other causes of death combined.
·         Average survival 7%. Survival rates are 38% or more in communities that establish and execute emergency response plans that involve the public.
·         "Sudden Cardiac Arrest can strike anyone, anywhere, anytime. But it doesn't have to result in death.
·         The book is available through Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation. Free with a donation of $15 or more.
“Challenging Sudden Death is the only publication that brings together in one volume all of the varieties of resources available to communities to confront the problem of needless and premature death from sudden cardiac arrest…I wish that every mayor and city council had access to what this book has to say.”-Roger D. White, MD, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
Contact Information
Mary M. Newman
Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation
7500 Brooktree Road, Suite 207, Wexford, PA 15090
724-934-0034 direct, 724-935-6044 fax, 724-612-2191 mobile, 877-722-3475 toll free

Dr Robert Beeman, No More Time for Sorrow
  • Retired from nuclear engineering, Three Mile Island Nuclear Station.
  • Ex military pilot
  • Ex union business agent for the first PA public employees union
  • Sequel in progress A Morning Bright to Die
The Book
·         The next 9/11 attack on the US will be with atomic bombs and Pittsburgh is an excellent target.

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Delana Flowers is a Positively Pittsburgh Live reporter, an independent writer and owner of Ingenuity by Delana Flowers ©, writing effective copy so you don’t have to. Services include copywriting for newsletters, blogs, ad copy, marketing pieces, articles, reviews, invitations, postcards, flyers and more.

PositivelyPittsburghLive, Pittsburgh Summer Festivals, 6-6-11

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 6-6-11
Pittsburgh Summer Festivals

Lots of Summer fun going on. Also Community Interview with Linda Handley, Founder of Building Bridges for Business (during the PPL news) BBB has an event at the end of the month at Google. Sounds like both summer business and summer fun.

Today’s Guests
Aaron Wartner, Vice president of Lego Kidfest Pittsburgh
Bernie Martin, Social Media Marketing Chairperson of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Eric Singer, Artist at Three Rivers Art’s Festival - “Living in the Future”
Herman Pearl, of Pearl Arts - Artist at Three Rivers Arts Festival – “Named Unnamed”
Linda Barnicott, renowned Pittsburgh Artist - Painter of Memories

Lego KidsFest Logo
Aaron Wartner, Vice president of Lego Kidfest Pittsburgh
The LEGO® KidsFest national tour stops at Pittsburgh’s David L. Lawrence Convention Center June 17-19, bringing all of the creative hands-on, minds-on fun of LEGO building and experiences together in this 125,000 square foot activity – and entertainment-packed family event for children of all ages and builders of all skills and interests.
Among the many LEGO attractions, families will find:

LEGO Model Gallery: 40 life-sized models made entirely from LEGO bricks
LEGO Master Builders: building tips, tricks and live demonstrations from the crew who get paid to play
Creation Nation: build your own creation to add to a custom map of the U.S.
Mystery Mural: build a piece of a giant mural to help reveal the image 
Race Ramps: build your own custom car, then race it down the ramp against friends and family 
LEGO Games Arena: roll the dice to play LEGO board games
Construction Zones: creative free build, play and display area
LEGO DUPLO®: younger visitors can explore imagination through building
LEGO Retail and KidsFest Marketplace: purchase LEGO merchandise and official KidsFest tour goods
LEGO Club Member Lounge:  join fellow Club members for fun activities or sign-up for free
Brick Bin: a gigantic bin just full of LEGO bricks for creative play and enjoyment
Monochromatic Builds: Bricks of a single color to foster group creativity
Brickscapes: fantastic displays that combine lots of LEGO and DUPLO sets
MINDSTORMS: build an intelligent LEGO robot and have it perform different operations
LEGO Universe:  become a custom LEGO Minifigure in this multiplayer online game

The event also includes hands-on learning activities from local partners
Based on sell-out attendance in previous markets, advance ticket purchase is strongly encouraged. Five sessions – all identical – are available for the June 17 - 19 tour stop. LEGO KidsFest tickets are $20 for adults and $18 for children and can be purchased online at
Contact: Aaron Wartner

Bernie Martin, Social Media Marketing Chairperson of Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix
Bernie Martin
- was instrumental in all aspects of the tactical implementation of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix's Social networking marketing program.
-In July 2010 launched a new company, Rapid Production Marketing to develop, plan, implement and train automotive and industrial sector companies in the use of Social Media marketing tools.
Beaver Test Trials
The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Association is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with a mission to hold a world-class vintage automotive event for charity. It is the region's premier summer event for hundreds of thousands of automotive enthusiasts in that it combines charitable fundraising with car shows and vintage sports car racing on city streets. The 2011 Race Week runs from July 15th through the 24th culminating with our 29th annual vintage races and car shows at Schenley Park on the weekend of July 23/24. Since 1983 this volunteer-driven event has raised over $2.7 million for the Autism Society of Pittsburgh & Allegheny Valley School.
The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, presented by Shop 'n Save may be all about old cars, but we do "get it". You can follow our news and blogs, view photos and videos or just learn more about our event and the great people that are a part of our organization. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, YouTube,, and flickr.
Key Events
PGP Social Media Marketing Chair
2011 Marque of the Year: Porsche -2011 marks the 50th anniversary of the Allegheny Region of the Porsche Club of America.
The 356 Burgh - The Porsche 356 was the first true Porsche. PVGP welcomes the 356 registry to Pittsburgh.
2011 Spotlight Show: The Cars of Carroll Shelby - A special display In honor of this American motoring legend.
The Cortile: 2011Proiettore Macchina is Lamborghini - Unique and not often seen marques that have a rich and vibrant design or racing history. 
BMW 5er Fest - The 10th Anniversary of 5er Fest, the creation of a an interest based group of vintage 5 Series BMW enthusiasts

Night at the Wexford Starlite, Friday, July 8 at 6:00pm      
Kick-Off Rally Sunday, July 10 at 8:00am
Black Tie & Tailpipes, Friday, July 15 at 7:00pm
Saturday, July 16                                                                        
Walnut Street Invitational Car, Monday, July 18 at 5:00pm
"Car Cruise at the Waterfront", Tuesday, July 19 at 5:00pm
Wednesday, July 20
Saturday, July 23
Porsche "Marque of the Year" at 9:00am
Spotlight "The Cars of Carroll at 9:30am
Cortile Lamborghini Proiettore at 9:30am
"Jaguar Concours at the Grand at 10:00am
British Car Day "50th Anniversary at 10:00am
Asian Car Show at 10:00am
Audi Car Show at 10:00am

Eric Singer, Artist at Three Rivers Art’s Festival
Eric Singer
 - Is an artist, musician, engineer and programmer
- Has run LEMUR since 2000, creating instruments, doing performances and installations and giving workshops and lectures
- Has been creating interactive electronic music and art for 20 years
- Has a solo show called "Living In The Future" at SPACE Gallery (open through June 26th) filled with eight interactive, user-playable works of sound art
- Is a "Digital Luthier," a creator of new electronic musical instruments
- Is a "post-media artist" - in contrast to a "painter," "sculptor," "musician," etc., he is an idea-driven artist who works in any media necessary
- Recently spoke at the TED Full Spectrum event in NYC
- Founding the East Coast's first fire arts festival, "Pyrotopia," in Braddock, PA, October 7th and 8th
- Working on founding a large art, technology and fabrication space in Pittsburgh, to be called "Nucleus"
- Moved to Pittsburgh in 2009 after 15 years in Brooklyn and couldn't be happier about it!
Living in the Future, by Eric Singer, at the Three Rivers Arts Festival through June 26, 2011
Eric Singer
Despite the lack of flying cars, jet packs and personal worm holes, Eric Singer enjoys living in the future. In fact, this is where he draws inspiration for his artwork. With this in mind, Eric presents a retro- and proto-spective of his work combining sound, video, robotics and technology. Plus, you get to play with the art!
LEMUR: League of Electronic Musical Urban Robots ( is a group of artists and technologists who create robotic musical instruments. Founded in 2000 by Eric Singer, LEMUR creates exotic, sculptural musical instruments which integrate robotic technology.
SPACE gallery, 812 Liberty Avenue, downtown Pittsburgh Cultural District,
Wed & Thurs: 11 a.m – 6 p.m. Fri & Sat: 11 a.m. – 8 p.m. ; Sun: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Eric Singer can be contacted at cell: (917) 754-9975.

Herman Pearl, Artist at the Three Rivers Arts Festival
Names-Unnamed by Herman Pearl / Pearl Arts: A sound and media installation that conceptually explores cultural isolation, media bias and life and death during war time. In Named-UnNamed, the names of the victims of war become elements from which artist Herman Pearl creates a haunting and memorial environment, at once mechanized and distinctly human. 937 Liberty Avenue gallery, 2nd floor, 937 Liberty Avenue, downtown Pittsburgh Cultural District Through June 26, 2011
Wed & Thurs: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m., Fri & Sat: 11 a.m. 8p.m.
Herman Pearl can be contacted at:  or (412) 608-5152
Herman Pearl
In Named-UnNamed, the names of the victims of war become elements from which artist Herman Pearl creates a haunting and memorial environment, at once mechanized and distinctly human. The piece’s building blocks are the names of people killed in the Iraq War—mostly those of otherwise unknown Iraqi civilians. Pearl’s recordings of hundreds of these names (many read by native Arabic speakers) are entered into his original sound-generating computer program. Its output, experienced through unseen surrounding speakers, stretches and fragments those spoken names into a palette of sounds: wind-like breaths, ghostly whispers, or a rumbling, earthy bass.

Inside the dark, womb-like space of Named-UnNamed, every sound you will hear is generated from those spoken names of the Iraq War dead. The texture of this sonic environment—its combination of those breaths,  whispers, and earths—is not predetermined. Every experience of Named-UnNamed is unique, generated by the computer’s manipulation of the names.

As with 21st-century warfare, Named-UnNamed is designed by man, but enacted by machine. By manipulating that most humanizing of our attributes—a name—the piece generates a discomforting environment that we have created, yet which is almost entirely beyond our control.


Art in America:

Pittsburgh Post Gazette:

Pittsburgh City Paper:
412.608.5152 mobile
412.371.4878 studio

My work with Indigenous Resistance

Linda Barnicott, renowned Pittsburgh Artist - Painter of Memories
-has been creating paintings of Pittsburgh since 1989. Works in pastel chalks, a rich vibrant medium that stands the test of time
-Was a professional portrait artist 
-In 1998 started painting the holiday cards for the American Cancer Society earning at this point a half a million dollars for cancer research and prevention
-Was the official artist for the Pittsburgh's Three River Regatta and 2010's Pittsburgh Light -Up Night, painting the new Crystal Tree
-Received a Proclamation from the City of Pittsburgh for the work put into documenting the city with my downtown paintings
-Received the Forbes Enterprise Award for the work created with her business
-Currently working on a huge project with Pennsylvania's Route 6 Artisan Trail, documenting Route 6 through paintings
-Also currently painting Consol Energy Center which will be released at my Kennywood Festival in July
Linda Barnicott Latest Painting, Chapel on the Bluff
Annual Bridgeville Day on the Avenue June 18th
Pennsylvania Trolley Museum's Classic Car Show on June 26th from 10am to 5p
Kennywood's Celebrate America June 30-July5 from noon to close.
Grove City’s release of 3 new ornaments July 23, 10-4
Rib and Wing Challenge at the South Park Fairgrounds September 3,4,5 noon to 10 first 2 days and noon to 8 on Monday Labor Day
Ebenezer Bridge in Mingo Creek County Park Sept. 17-18 for the Covered Bridge Festival 10-5
Delmont Apple Festival Oct. 1-2 10-6 and 11-5
Fort Ligonier Days Oct 14, 15, 16

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Delana Flowers is a multi-talented creative. She is a Positively Pittsburgh Live reporter, a dynamic vocalist, an amazing Actress, and an independent writer. Delana is owner of Ingenuity by Delana Flowers ©, writing effective copy so you don’t have to. Services include copywriting for newsletters, blogs, ad copy, marketing pieces, articles, reviews, invitations, postcards, flyers and more.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Former Steelers, Free Publicity, Sweet Potato Pie, Passion Football NAWBO?

Former Steelers, Free Publicity, Sweet Potato Pie, Passion Football NAWBO--what's it all go to do with you? NAWBO is throwing a PR Party!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 5:30 PM to 8 PM

Kudos for Pittsburgh, Business for You
Special Guests Former Steeler Greats, JT Thomas, Robin Cole and Pittsburgh Passion Players--Read on for Details!
Featuring Jill Lublin, Best Selling Business Author
Who Will Teach You About Guerilla Publicity
and How to Get Your Business in the News
Also Local Media Panel to discuss getting your name and business out to the media:
Soul Pitt Media, Donna Baxter:
Women's Independent Press:
Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny,
Tony Hsieh, Founder,,
Special KUDOS FOR PITTSBURGH Guests:  Former SteelerS JT Thomas and Robin Cole will be there with their famous Black and Gold Cheesecake and Specialty Sweet Potato Pie Cheesecake.
Yes these former Steeler greats are making
and selling Cheesecake and bringing it
to Kudos for Pittsburgh!
Also Pittsburgh Passion Players witll be in attendance, see below for gifts they are bringing.
PIttsburgh Passion
Villa Southside
1831 E. Carson St.  Pittsburgh, Pa. 
City Parking Lots at 17th, 19th and Carson
and 20th St.  limited number of seatsavailable!

 Admission $35.00 includes 

$40.00 Gift Card from Pittsburgh's Best Spa, Esspa Kozmetika:
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Greg Jockel Hair Colour Dezign
Yes, we are giving you $65.00 in gifts to attend, is someone crazy? No we just want to make this a celebration of Pittburgh.  PR and a Party, what could be better?!

Also Pittsburgh Passion football team will be giving away Pittsburgh Passion gift basket with  PittsburghPassion Products and current season tickets, value $300.00
Pittsburgh Passion will also be giving away TWO SEASON PASSES to 2012 Pittsburgh Passion season.
110% Money Back Guarantee. If you follow what Jill Lublin teaches you and within 90 days it has not benefited your business, we will return 110% of your admission fee.  limited number of seatsavailable!

free stuff logo
$40.00 Gift Card from Pittsburgh's Best Spa, Esspa Kozmetika:
$25.00 Gift Certificate to Greg Jockel Hair Colour Dezign
Click below to Register:   

Villa Southside
1831 E. Carson St.  Pittsburgh, Pa. 
City Parking Lots at 17th, 19th and Carson
and 20th St.

Why You Should Attend:  
ABC, NBC, CBS, Bloggers, Local Media, Internet Radio is Looking for you.  Can they find you? Learn how to get their attention!
 Jill Lublin is the 3 Time Bestselling Author of “Guerilla Publicity”, “Get Noticed…Get Referrals”, and “Networking Magic”. An international speaker with more than 200 speaking engagements each year, Jill Lublin is an audience favorite for her lively and interactive keynote speeches, seminars, and special programs. Her unparalleled knowledge of publicity and networking has gotten the attention of ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Small Business   
Listen to preview of this event on PositivelyPittsburghLive as TechnoGranny interviews Jill Lublin and finds out that her elevator pitch is not "all that."   Find the solution to getting your message out and getting heard by thousands and millions instead of just a few!

Jill's topic for Kudos for Pittsburgh is

"The News is You!"

Be The News! Doling out gems from her bestselling book, “Guerilla Publicity”, Jill shares powerful strategies for getting your name from unknown to newsworthy in almost no time. You will rethink everything you know about publicity when Jill shatters the misconception that publicity is expensive. Sharing her proven secrets to understanding what the media outlets want, Jill provides you with short-term, doable, FREE and low-cost tactics that will boost your visibility. Jill Lublin’s expertise will drive profits to your pockets, and prospects to your door!

Trade Tables and Sponsorhips Available Click Here for info.

 For additional information on tables and sponsorship call Joanne Quinn-Smith at

412-628-5048 or e-mail for sponsorship and trade table info.

An Excluisve Event Produced by NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh and

PPL Mag logo