Wednesday, November 28, 2012

PPL Mag Celebrates Cyber Week with Bloggers, Get More Readers

Attention Bloggers
Like many of you the TechnoGranny spent many years waiting for readers
Then she syndicated on PPLMag and voila, thousands of page views.  
How many bloggers spend time writing blogs and get few if any readers?

Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio & TV Network
Also Syndicates Blogs
If You are a Blogger Who Wants More Readers
  • If you are a small to medium growth business/ professional
  • If you know the power, longevity, economy of the internet
  • With a marketing budget to put to better, more viral use,
  • Know that you are the best person to tell Your Story,
  • Understand You, an internet Rock Star, will bring THE PARTY to your business & PROFITS to your Checkbook!
  • Get Your Own Blogger page on
We promote your blog for you.
  • The latest blogs added get promoted to PPLMag list
  • Latest ten blog posts appear on front page of PPLMag
  • Your blog (don't forget to add pictures) appears in weekly online turning page magazine and isdistributed to PPL list
So what's the celebration?
  • One blogger page that celebrates your expertise and talent for one year with unlimited posts.  
  • One full-page listing (text and images) in the Directory in three categories of your choice.
  • Link to your page on PPLMag front page until new columns come up.
     For one year is $200.00

Thru the end of Cyber Week on Sunday, December 2 at 5 PM and ONLY FOR THE FIRST TEN BLOGS, the subscription will be $150.00

We will include three blog banners from our designer of the size that are used on PPL Mag.  They can then be used by you also, you get:
  • a size appropriate as your original blog header
  • a size appropriate as your social media square
  • a banner that you can use at the top of your e-newsletter or e-zine
  Special Bonus    
THE FIRST THREE BLOGGERS who confirm their blog syndication will receive two hours of instruction by Joanne Quinn-Smith, the TechnoGranny on
  • blog set up
  • blog branding
  • topics
  • other aggregate sites for blog posting to augment great search results
VALUE $300.00

This is a one time only offer to celebrate Cyber Week, First Come First Served!
Call Now to Reserve Your PPLMag Syndicated Blog Page.
Happy Cyber Week!

Joanne Quinn-Smith

2009 National SBA Journalist of the Year
AKA TechnoGranny, Talkcast Host

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