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Positively Pittsburgh Live! Preview 7th Annual PA Business Technology Conference

Positively Pittsburgh Live!
 Preview 7th Annual PA Business Technology Conference
October 31, 2012

As a business owner, do you struggle with what technology you should use to keep ahead of the game? Struggle no longer. The 7th Annual PA Business Technology Conference will be held at Duquesne University by the SBDC on Nov 15, 2012. Tonight we have a great preview for you with guest speakers and workshop facilitators. Also get a code for a discounted ticket. 

Dan Droz, President, Droz and Associates
Alicia Marie Phillips, Traffic Boost Marketing
April Weitzel, SEO April LLC
Christine Hughes, Training Director, Duquesne SBDC


Dan Droz
Dan Droz is president of Droz and Associates and for 17 years, taught strategic marketing at Carnegie Mellon University where he founded the nation’s first university program in Multidisciplinary Product Development. Dan is also an active entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded over 10 new businesses in technology, manufacturing and retail during his 32-year career. He has been cited in hundreds of publications including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and many academic journals for his advanced theories on marketing and design and has garnered some of the nation’s highest honors for his work in design and marketing. In 1996, Dan was recognized as one of 7 outstanding alumni of Harvard University at the 25th Anniversary of the Carpenter Center for Visual Arts for his contribution to design education. 

Droz and Associates is a marketing firm that specializes in strategy, branding, marketing communications and interactive marketing to help companies increase revenue and profit. The firm has been recognized by the American Marketing Association an unprecedented 4 times as a “Marketer of the Year” for its success in marketing.

At the Duquesne University Entrepreneur’s Conference
Venue: Lunchtime Keynote Panelist
Topics: New Tech Tools you need (or will need) to succeed in the current tech driven world and New Trend in Tech Tools to Give You Competitive Edge

Dan will discuss the most important tech tools you should already be integrating into your business, the key technologies you should be thinking about integrating into your business, leveraging “Big Data” in your business, making mobile part of your business strategy, and the importance of design in business strategy.

Alicia Marie Phillips
With a background in Marketing at a Fortune 500 company, and a passion for helping small business owners, Alicia Marie Phillip's views on digital marketing are unique. Always stressing efficiency and the bottom line while keeping the “big picture” in mind, she focuses on utilizing long-term methods that are proven to Boost Traffic.

Alicia Marie discusses Digital PR 2.0, Managing Online Reputation, Engaging Customers in a Positive Manner, and Push v. Pull Reputation.

Digital Public Relations, or PR2.0, can be boiled down to utilizing digital media to run marketing campaigns and building your brand.
Alicia Marie discusses how you can avoid the brand damage by engaging in sloppy social media practices and why your company needs to be weaving together traditional public relations methods with new media. She relays that PR2.0 campaigns will, by default, be integrated through all media and how written, spoken, and images all affect your brands portrayal – even the ones you're not personally posting.

She discusses how a change in thought patterns is required to be successful in this movement and that it’s necessary to think much more holistically about communications than ever before. She says the additional importance on proofreading in the day and age of instant indexing and virality, as well as how to maintain the brand reputation you have already established and grow it in a sustainable fashion.

April Weitzel
April Weitzel is a leading online marketing consultant in Pittsburgh. Since 2000, she has played a critical role in the search marketing efforts of fortune 500 companies, privately held organizations and non profits. She excels at increasing website traffic, leads and sales for clients using all aspects of search engine marketing: SEO, PPC, online PR, video optimization and social media.

April has an MBA in marketing from the University of Pittsburgh and a BFA in Film Production from Point Park University. She opened her SEO Consulting Firm, SEO April LLC, in 2008.  In addition to doing SEO consulting full-time, April is currently the President of Crafton Borough Council and President of BNI Referral Ridge networking group.

April discusses the five key areas that affect search engine rankings, rankings are: on page factors, off page factors user engagement, site quality, social media signals, as well as the top eight reasons to invest in SEO. For more information, please visit

Christine Hughes, Training Director, Duquesne SBDC discussed the workshops that will be held during the event:

Follow, Friend, Link or Like Us:  How to Build Online Connections & Get More Sales from Your Social Media Activity
Social media isn't new but there are always new players on the block and new strategies to increase engagement and sales.  Learn some strategies to help you work smarter, not harder.  Hear from a successful sales representative and a social media marketer on how to build relationships, keep customers engaged and buying again and again.  
Customer Relationship Management - What is it & Why You Need It 
CRM tools have long had a reputation as being too cumbersome for smaller enterprises but the reality is that small businesses owners can benefit from the tools to help manage their leads, keep customer engaged, improve customer service and outreach.  Learn why now, with more easier to manage tools, may be the right time for you to consider how you can automate some manual functions. How can CRM transform your sales management, customer service, and marketing?

10 Great Mobile & Web Apps for More Efficiency, Productivity & Sales
There's an app for that isn't just a catchy phrase, it's gospel for today's small businesses that are relying on apps.  The industry is exploding with newer, better, more affordable tools to cut costs, manage operations and improve communications, whether they're in the office or on the go. From invoicing, file sharing, data storage, document management and more, learn how and why entrepreneurs are turning their ipads, smart phones, tablets, desktops and other devices into powerful hubs for commerce, communications and management. 

What's New?  The Latest Free & Easy Business Technology Tools
Sometimes, the best things in business are free.  Join us for one of our most popular workshops year-after-year for a look at great time-saving tools that won't cost you dime but are worth their weight in gold.  From free stock photos, to sharing files, from note taking to managing finances and improving collaboration among your team, there's a tool out there that can make your life easier and your operations more efficient.

Biggest Email Marketing Trends for 2013 & Beyond
Despite the explosion of online marketing channels, email marketing remains effective and cost efficient.  While budgets for email marketing continue to increase, practices are evolving, driven by the popularity of mobile devices, the sheer volume of email, social media and evolving reader preferences.   Join us for an up-to-date look at today's best email marketing strategies and how to transform your email from old-school to cutting edge for 2013 and beyond.
Building A Better Publicity Machine:   New Tools, Trends & Ideas
Social media and search engines have ushered in a whole new era of public relations that has forever changed how businesses build relationships with prospects, customers, media and other key audiences.  Join us to explore how small businesses today are leveraging online channels to get noticed, promote their brand and create buzz.  What are some tips for generating publicity and how to measure the impact of your PR initiatives?  Today, businesses have more opportunities and more channels than ever before, join us to find out how to turn on and turn up your PR machine.
Can You See Me Now?  Search Engine Strategies to Improve Your Website's Rank, Visibility & Lead Generation Power
The impact of search engines like Google on today's business practices is immeasurable. Research shows that page one search listings are the sweet spot of online real estate but how do you climb the search rankings, stand out above the competition and generate more leads? It's not luck, it' strategy and determination.  Learn how keywords, fresh content, in-bound & out-bound links, blogs and the on-page and off-page factors that impact your prominence online and the likelihood that your right prospects find you.

The Google Tools That Your Business Should be Using Right Now
Join us for a speed course in the most popular tools offered by the global search giant among business owners and managers from Drive, Places, Ad Words Express, Analytics and more. Learn how you can leverage these affordable, yet powerful, online tools to increase promotions, profitability and performance. 
10 Hottest Trends in Websites:  How to Improve Your Site's Look & Performance in 2013
Did you know that circles are hot, photography is getting bigger and infographics are all the rage?  Join us for an exciting look at the biggest trends in websites today and the steps you can take, both big and small, to improve your website's visual appeal, navigation and sales-driving potential.  We'll be discussing everything from responsive design to the trend toward cleaning layouts with big images and the importance of social media integration.

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