Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Roving Pittsburgher Report, "Pop Goes the Rock," Cirque Dreams

Roving Pittsburgher Review, "Pop Goes the Rock"
Weston Lyon

“Pop Goes the Rock” by Cirque Dreams was simply INCREDIBLE!!! I’ve never seen a production with so many unique, spectacular, breathtaking feats.

From minute one, their was non-stop singing, dancing, music, lasers, and acrobatics that lit up my senses and had me (and my son) sitting on the edge of our seat the entire show!

Each act seemed to “out-do” the previous with more drama, entertainment, and skill!

From a spinning roller skating duo, to a split-second dress-changing beauty, to a kid being flipped head over feet (repeatedly) on another actors feet, to an unbelievable
hand stand extraordinaire, to a tight-rope walking, unicycle riding juggler, to multiple suspenseful high flying acts 30 feet above the stage, to an amazing balance act duo that made you hold your breath…wondering if the actors could pull it off…and they did!!!

And…the entire time…we were listening to timeless hits by beautiful, powerful singers. Honestly, they could have been a show by themselves…but as a compliment to the daring,
thrilling acts they brought the entire night together into one fun-filled, mega-entertaining even that my son and I will NEVER FORGET!!!

Weston Lyon
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