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Positively Pittsburgh Live, Pittsburgh Black Media, 2-13-12

Positively Pittsburgh Live!
Pittsburgh Black Media

There is no greater curator or vanguard of Black History than Black Media whether it is sports, news, community events or activism. Tonight's guests come from a variety of media from the new to the historic.

Connie Portis, Pittsburgh Black Directory
Donna Baxter, web mistress, author and radio host of The Soul Pitt
Ty Miller, Manager of News and Sports at American Urban Networks, CEO/Producer Miller Lite Sports "Championship Chase" on WPGH Fox 53
Malik Vincent, Owner M. Vincent Media and Reporter for the New Pittsburgh Courier

Connie Portis
Connie Portis, president of Connie Portis Enterprises is the publisher of the Greater Pittsburgh Black Business Directory and Resource Guide. Now in its 28th year, Ms. Portis continues with excitement and dedication to produce the Directory in print and online. It is a free publication and includes sections for consumers and corporations and contains a community resource guide and Black Church Directory.

Ms. Portis is the former publisher of the Greater Harrisburg Black Business Directory, Pittsburgh Women’s Yellow Pages and a community newspaper she published for 23 years, Pittsburgh Renaissance News.

Connie founded and produced the Black Extravaganza and Trailblazer Awards managing 100 volunteers and staff, hosting 1000+ guests, scripting and directing the fabulous gala held at the Carnegie Museum of Pittsburgh.

She also created and produced Womanpower Seminar for ten years hosting the forum for African American women to participate in two-day workshops staffed by professional managers and community leaders who shared stories of success on a variety of workshop topics. She is the recipient of over 100 awards.

Connie speaks about how African American women in business change the dynamics of race and power, what's on the horizon for African American women in business, and power historical figures who inspire black women in business.

You can contact Connie at 412-391-8208 or
Donna Baxter
Donna M. Baxter is the CEO and WebMistress of Soul Pitt Media, an African American internet marketing and graphic design firm based in Pittsburgh, PA. Founded in 2000, this award-winning company helps individuals, businesses and corporations reach African American consumers through online advertising, print and radio. Former rap artist turned internet Tech Diva, Donna Baxter has gone from "Rhymer to Digital Designer". This "Cool Nerd" explains technology in ways you’ve never heard all while making it easy to understand, funny, and entertaining and leaving audiences motivated to "Get Online or Get Left Behind!"

Donna speaks about her radio show, another extension of Soul Pitt, which covers what is going on in the community. Events covered on the show range from the spirtitual events, to just about everything else. She also produces a quarterly magazine, which she jokes makes her life go by so quickly. The quarters just keep coming faster and faster.

You can contact Donna at 412-407.SOUL (7685) or

Ty Miller
Ty Miller is the Manager of News and Sports at American Urban Networks in Pittsburgh. (ARUN) is the parent company of the former WAMO. The company has been doing news, sports, and entertainment programming for over 30 years. Ty manages staff daily to produce over 200 weekly programs for radio stations across the country.

Ty Miller is also the executive producer of Championship Chase. It is a 30 minute television sports show about pro football and in particular, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Championship Chase air from mid August until late January each Saturday night at 10:30 on WPGH FOX 53.

The show just completed a successful second season and is now preparing for its third season. On the show, Miller co hosts along with veteran broadcaster Dee Thompson and newcomers, Brian Cook, Liz Costa and Tom Plungin.

Ty spoke about the need for more diversity in the media in Pittsburgh, why he chose to do a sports television show,what is different about Championship Chase and the challenges for Championship Chase in the Pittsburgh market.

You can contact Ty at 412-456-4000 or

Malik Vincent
Malik Vincent broke into the media industry with the New Pittsburgh Courier in August 2008 as a freelance reporter. He’s since written for various publications over the Tri-State area, including the second-largest metro daily in the area, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

While in high school, Malik fell in love with the media, while he participated in the nationally-recognized Pittsburgh Black Media Federation’s Frank Bolden Urban Journalism Workshop. Afterward, he moved on to study Multimedia and Journalism at Point Park University’s School of Communication.

He’s most recently begun a new opportunity in broadcast. He was recently hired as a producer and news-maker with the American Urban Radio Networks, a product of Sheridan Broadcasting.

The Pittsburgh Courier was established, originally, in 1910. The New Pittsburgh Courier was re-established in 1966. It is under the leadership of Mr. Rod Doss (publisher), a highly recognized and award-winning community leader, who has been with the Courier for over 45 years.

It has served as both a National and local way to express both controversial, informative, and light issues/happenings in the Black community for over a century.

The Courier enjoyed a lavish celebration of it's 100 years of operation on February 19th, 2011 at the brand new Stage A&E on the North Shore. Carrie Lucas, Head Diva of Solar Records, had 250 guests get out of their seats, dancing, as the featured performer.

The Courier honors trailblazers, both young and old, with four annual awards ceremonies... 50 Men, 50 Women of excellence; the Fab 40, under 40; and the All-City Sports banquet that strictly focuses on inner-city HS athletes.

You can contact Malik at 412-330-7755 or visit

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