Friday, March 4, 2011

Recipe of Hope, Hair Peace Gala

PositivelyPittsburghLive host, Joanne Quinn-Smith
Recipe of Hope Organizer, Bonnie Diver
Reviewer, Sunita Pandit,

On Saturday, February 26, 2011, the sitter was no where to be found so my dear husband - mrscardiology's husband -
Dr. Santosh Pandit said 'Go on go, have fun and meet a few people... I'll stay home with Sachin...'

I hated to do it but I really wanted to meet all the neat radio personalities that take time out of their
'down' time on a Saturday night to volunteer so that Ladies with Cancer who have unfortunately lost
their hair can regain some dignity by being able to get a wig  through Hair Peace Charities.

My hats off to Bonnie Diver-Hall who puts her empowering personal force together to find
volunteers.  She and her team are a force being heard throughout our community.  I heard about
it on the Rose and Quinn Show (sorry Quinn... ladies first!)  Then my friend Joanne Quinn-Smith
 of PositivelyPittsburghLive promised me a 'good time' and I believe her!

Bonnie dear, honey, WE NEED A BIGGER PLACE NEXT YEAR!!! They had a quiet Chinese auction, a silent auction, and vibrant exquisite food tasting tables while we were entertained with foot stepping music and song by Blue Sky and Sunshine (Mark Muretisch and survivor Deborah Webb). 

Rose and Sunita
Jim Lokay and Banananana Brownies
I was so inspired; I thought 'I need to help next year too!'  So I promised  Bonnie's husband Jamie that I would bring Indian food and he wanted to know what I would bring!  Poor Zeke of Y108 was also ready to taste it then and there... but you guys have to wait till next time!

Now I secretly am a shameless fan of
Rose Somma Tennent of Quinn and Rose in the morning (I love you too Quinn) and I almost did not recognize her... Her wonderful distinctive nose is changed! She does not look Italian any more... Nooo she is a rocking Diva now!!! And to boot... she was sporting a lovely pink and black apron with 'Kitchen Diva' embroidered on it!

I am carrying on like I went to a prom I know but it was really neat and the most memorable part (sorry Rose) ended up being my meeting Jonny Hartwell of 3WS... what a 'Dude'... he actually tried to get me to try his mystery meat (bull testicles) then offered me alligator and ooooh I forget the third... Of course I asked him
 which one was heart healthy and he wanted to point to the mystery meat but settled on the alligator.  So I pinched my nose and tried a piece... mother forgive me please... What shall I say? It tasted like dry breast of chicken... So the 'Dude' has been warned to stick to regular chicken and find a new recipe that does not dry out!

Oh and I have to close with the wonderful banananana brownie made into a heart healthy dish by Jim Lokay of KDKA-TV traffic.  Jim, you rock man!   That was a very thoughtful idea to substitute the eggs with bananana - a little
 sweet but not as sweet as you!  And thank you from my friend, Joanne Quinn-Smith a heart patient who bragged that the only things “heart healthy” on the menu were the meatballs and the brownies.  But she dutifully tried a forkful of each of those wonderful rich foods.  After all, cholesterol for a cause is not cholesterol at all right.  Not sure what my cardiologist husband would say about that.

Thanks to all the attendees and the sponsors for getting involved in such a needed cause.  Blueberry Hill does not have enough parking to handle the crowd this coming year.

See you all at the next event... PositivelyPitttsburghLive will keep you posted on the time and place!

Sunita Pandit

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Shellyn said...

We hear you on the bigger space! We already had that on our list. Thanks for all the great feedback! See you at the next recipe for hope!
PR rep for Hair Peace