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Positively Pittsburgh Live! Barefoot Contessa, Regata, Steeltown Heroes

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Share Your Best Summer Memory
It's easy just post your best Pittsburgh Summer Memory Here to have a chance to win.
First Place, An Interview on PositivelyPittsburghLive Monday Broadcast to tell about your memory. Listen to these broadcasts at:, Latest is on the front page.

Second Place: a $50.00 Gift Certificate to one of Pittsburgh's Finest Downtown Restaurants

Third Place: "You Might Be a Pittsburgher" New Version Frameable Poster.

Promotion Ends June 30, 2013

You must have a profile as a Positive Pittsburgher to enter. Entries will be judged by staff of Channel owners and Staff Members are Prohibited from entering.
What is the Best View of Pittsburgh in the Summertime?
Who Has the Best Picture and Memory. Answer here but first you must register at 
Please post your comments and a picture. Why is it the best view in Pittsburgh.
You can add a little story such as First Date, Proposed, Baby's First Visit, whatever you think will interest our readers. 

The best view of Pittsburgh picture and story winners will be broacast on PPL News on July 8, 2013. First place winners will receive:An interview on July 8 on PositivelyPittsburghLive Radio Broadcast; Second Place: A $50.00 Gift Certificate to One of the Finer Restaurants in Pittsburgh TBA; Third Place: A Second Edition Poster Fresh off the presses of "You Might Be a Pittsburgher"

1. You must be a Pittsburgher, former Pittsburgher or adopted Pittsburgher.
An adopted Pittsburgher calls Pittsburgh their closest big City. So you can live in Altoona, Erie, Weirton or Stuebenville. Or just about any place in between just so yunz call yourself Pittsburghers. No cheating here, it's okay to be adopted.
2. All Pictures will become property of and will be compiled into a video with music to be shown on during the month of July.
3. Staff Members and PPL Mag Page and Channel Owners may post their pictures and memories but will not be elibible for the judging.
4. Judging will be accomplished by PPL Mag Staff and Channel Owners by Voting.

Thanks for participating. We LOVE Memories and Pictures at PPL Mag.

What are the Top Ten Things Clients, Prospects, Suspects Should Know About You 
I will start with PPL Mag just off the top of my head.

1. PPLMag is Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio and TV Network.
2. It is also an Online Community Magazine with Lots of Good News About Pittsburgh and surrounding areas.
3. Positively Pittsburgh Live has over 60 Channels and Pages with many more to appear online soon.
4. PPL Mag and Forum is free to the public to use. All you have to do is register at the big yellow button on the home page to post on calendar and in the forum.
5. At PPL Mag you can watch videos, listen to radio shows and read articles, check the calendar and discuss in forums.
6. PPL Mag is run on user generated content, that means Pittsburghers provide all of the free and paid for content on the site.
7. Once a week, everything posted on the site can be viewed in an online turning page magazine complete with live links to PPLMag Internet radio and TV shows.
8. PPLMag calendar contains both free and ticket events.
9. If you are a business owner, professional or non-profit, you can purchase your own audio or video channel or print page on
10. enjoys 110,000 average downloads per month which means viewers are viewing and listeners are listening.

Now Post the top Ten Things About Your Business HERE.

New Roving Pittsburgher Review!
How to Become a Deadhead in One Night
Review by Joanne-Quinn Smith

I am not sure how I missed Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead when he was alive, but I was curious enough to see how the Pittsburgh Symphony would mesh with Warren Haynes on lead vocals and guitar from Government Mule.
Read the full review here.

Kenny G and The Pittsburgh Symphony
Review by JoAnn Forrester
Saturday I saw  Kenny Gee play superbly with the Pittsburgh Symphony. The man is amazing, his ability to hold notes and make his soprano  saxophone talk is legendary.
Read the full review here.

CLO's The Phantom Entertains
Review by Joyce Kane
The Pittsburgh CLO's production of Kopit & Yeston's Phantom combines enough of the drama of the more well-known Andrew Lloyd Webber version of the love story to be reminiscent, yet is unique enough in its handling of the story to stand apart.
Read the full review here.

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Turning Page Magazine!

June 17 - 23

Highlights: The Power of Eventsburgh, Techno Granny's New Book

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Newest Radio Shows

Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Positively Pittsburgh Live! Barefoot Contessa, Regata, Steeltown Heroes

Co-host this evening, Matt Tomsho, the Effective Detective. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY Warren Haynes with Music of Jerry Garcia at PS0, Luke Wholeys Wild Alaskan Grill, Isis Egyptian Cafe, and other updates. 

Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Positively Pittsburgh Live! Seven Brides, Kennie G, Teen Entrepreneurs

Co hosting with the TechnoGranny today, JoAnn Forrester of the EmpressofBiz Talkcast and syndicated channel broadcaster at No we are not confused, we know it's not Monday but our hostess was under the weather. So, rain, sleet or snow, the Good News about Pittsburgh must go on.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, 50 Problem Words and Phrases in the English Language

Techno Granny discovered this blog by Mark Nichol on and discusses this post of the Problem Words and Phrases with a bilingual guest who is very aware of the errors we make when writing in the English Language. Sunita Pandit of also speaks.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny's New Book, Folly of the Marketing Plan in Your Head

We had scheduling challenges with previously arranged guest so the EmpressofBiz, JoAnn Forrester will be interviewing the TechnoGranny, turning the tables on the interviewer. They will be discussing Joanne Quinn-Smith's just published book.

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!, JoAnn Forrester

- EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper with Eventsburgh!

Promotion is vital to your business. A fantastic way to do this is Eventsburgh. In business we all struggle and spend lots of $$$'s to get people to attend our seminars, workshops presentations, seminars and networking events. Today we are going to talk about Eventsburgh.

Author, Author Shine Out Loud!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Author, Author Shine Out Loud! Author & Attitude Enhancer, JulieAnn Sullivan

Julie Ann Sullivan, now known as the Attitude Enhancer, deliberately studies human behavior every day. She is a speaker and an author who also spent decades in the corporate world. She has spoken for many companies and organizations including, McDonald's USA.

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