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Positively Pittsburgh Live Hug-A-ThonPittsburgh Night at the Races Preview

Positively Pittsburgh Live!

Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh Night at the Races Preview
Listen to the show here. 

It's not Monday but there is still good news in Pittsburgh. Tonight we will be doing the news and also previewing the first fundraising roll out event for Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh. Both organizers and sponsors will be available to talk about the Night at the Races at the Meadows on June 13th and how you can either come hang out and have fun with us OOORRRRR… you can get your picture with the winning horse in a special Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh Race.

Sponsors on the show tonight:

Win Place and Show Fan Sponsors: Virginia M. Herdman, RN President of SPA 54

and John Pournaras, Owner of the John Pournaras Agency

Superfecta Fan Sponsor: Left Handed Clothing
Jo Ann Forrester and Mary Pay Pam Kilgore, Event Organizers 

Virginia Herdman
In the1970’s, Virginia Herdman began selling Mary Kay Cosmetics and doing facials in clients.’ homes.  When she began working as a nurse in 1985 her OR experiences led her to specialize in the field of cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Growing up with grandparents, who taught her how to heal her childhood ailments with plants and herbs, her curiosity brought her into the world of holistic and alternative healing modalities.  Educational needs prompted her to gain her Reiki Master Certification and maintain memberships to the American Society of Plastic Surgery Nurses and the American Holistic Nurses Association.

Currently she owns SPA 54 where she employs a staff of five that works to maintain health and wellness in the private sector.  She is a wife and mother of two daughters and two grandsons with hobbies of reading, swimming and traveling. 


On August 26th from noon-4 pm there were will be a parking lot party at the space.
 From now through June 30th they are offering a Father’s Day Special of 25%, and in honor of America 25% off through July 5th. If it’s your birthday month, receive 50% off!

ALTERNATIVE HEALING practices include Reiki sessions, spiritual counseling, aromatherapy, reflexology and chiropractic treatments.

A new website will be coming soon with online scheduling options, gift cards and membership opportunities right at your fingertips. Visit them online at 


The John Pournaras Agency was founded in 1950 by John Pournaras, who was active in the business until his death in 2006. His widow Susanne and son John, as well as their conscientious, loyal and experienced registered preparers are still with them and continue to offer the highest quality in income tax preparations.

We stand behind our reputation and will work with our clients, the Internal Revenue Service and the PA Department of Revenue. As our way of saying thanks to our loyal clients in the AmbridgePittsburgh, and other areas in Pennsylvania we’d like to announce that we will not charge for E-Filing! For those that do not want their info E-Filed you should indicate that you “want to opt out!”

John Pournaras
John Pournaras was weaned into the tax business by his parents. His first job was licking envelopes for his father. Back then he probably wanted call the child labor laws. Now he wishes he still could lick envelopes, of course there was no real money to be made, but the job was easy. He’s an outrageous entrepreneur who gets his thrills by saving people money. He loves the tax business and his clients love to see his smile get bigger when he lets them know how much more he saves them. John has been a proponent of the flat tax since 1960.

If you are in the Ambridge, Pittsburgh or other nearby area, where else can you go where you have personnel with the total combined experience of a 175 year-old practice? How about 651 Merchant Street, Ambridge, PA 15003 at the John Pournaras Agency!

At Tax Time It’s Important To Remember: The Top Ten Things of “Why You DO Business With US”
·   If you are not happy with our Tax preparation services, we will be happy to return your W-2’s,etc., back to you and you can take them elsewhere. (Most people who get their taxes done here have become lifelong clients). And yes we are less expensive than a lot of competitors who are around the BLOCK.
·   We empower you by keeping you updated on where to spend your money for a dollar to dollar tax break, discuss with you your retirement plans, latest changes this and next year.
·   We are open all year round (no 800 # to call).
·   When we complete and file your tax information to the IRS and you get audited, we go with you at absolutely NO extra charge!
·   If your school-aged children have a part-time summer job, we file them at NO EXTRA cost to you!
·   You can bring in your IPAD or mobile smart phone, because we have free WIFI!
·   Our coffee pot is always on!
·   We accept: Checks, Debit Cards, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express
·   We’re your most trusted authority in the field.
·   Your forms can be returned to our office by either postal mail or email as a PDF attachment from

Visit them online at

Another sponsor of Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh  is Left Handed Clothing. 


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