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Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh, Hugs Are Free, Budget is Not, Sponsor Search

Dear  Positive Pittsburgher:

PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com, an award winning local media outlet, and Pittsburgh’s first internet radio and TV network would like to invite you to be part of a City Wide Event proclaimed by City Council (Feburay14, 2012) “Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™.  “Oh no,” you are saying, “not one more event!”  Well this is not just one more event.  This is a City Wide Event being held in Downtown Pittsburgh on September 6, 2012 that will brighten up the lives of residents and raise awareness and funds for four local charities including:

·         Cancer Caring Center
·         Sickle Cell Society
·         Pittsburgh Passion’s “Passion for Life” Foundation
·         Cystic Fibrous Foundation, Western Pennsylvania Chapter

“I love hugging.  I wish I was an octopus, so I could hug eight people at a time.”  ~Drew Barrymore

You don’t have to be an octopus, just help us get the City of Pittsburgh hugging.  Hugging makes people happy and happy people buy.  The hugs are free but the budget for a City Wide Event is not, so we need your help.

Just by nature of the warm, fuzzy feeling you get from hugs, Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™ is about building and maintaining relationships, creating business buzz and manifesting an image as a high profile business citizen.  Questions to ask yourself:

·         Does my company need a hug?
·         Would an event like this help me to reach “huggable” people who would like to do business with me?
·         Would I get a gold star on my business forehead for being associated with Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™?

The answer is Yes!

This is NOT just another event where kids get their faces painted and someone asks for money.  Attendees can get a hug!  Don’t get excited, there may be face painting and of course, music and strolling entertainers.  BUT……..This is a City Wide Event for more support, more friendliness, more human interaction, more joy, more hugs!

Become a part of this City Wide Event for more hugs.  Think what Media Buzz we will create!  City Council hugging is huge news as one reporter told me.  You’ll see that in the next insert.

Today everyone life needs a lift.  Think how good it’s going to feel to hug a fan, hug a constituent, hug a customer, hug a stranger and put some light in someone’s life.  Hugs are even good for your health.  Hugs have been shown to improve your health by:

·         Reducing heart rates
·         Improving overall moods
·         Lowering blood pressure
·         And a host of other beneficial effects.
Hug-A-ThonPittsburgh™ will infect the city with Hugging!  Will you be a part of our City Wide Event?  Fan and sponsor levels range from $50,000.00 to $50.00.  In addition to the downtown population, there are 180,000 commuters who travel into Pittsburgh every day.  Even at $50,000.00 that’s less than $2.77 to reach each person.  
Don’t panic, we know not everyone has $50K in their budget.  However, there are enough levels that the Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™ staff is sure that you will find something that works for you.  Whatever level you choose will help us to put on a grand event that will do Pittsburgh proud. 
Now if you are thinking, “I’d like to be a help to this City Wide Event but the money is not in my budget.”  Here is of our option:  One way for you to participate spending little or no money.  Raise your sponsor funds through a fund-raising event or promotions involving your employees or customers.  For example:  Several Company/Employee Promotions might raise $5,000.00 to $10,000.00.  This way any company could have an event or promotion with their employees, employees’ family members, customers and friends to raise money!  You will get excellent exposure in the media and on our Facebook Fan Page.  This would be a custom designed program.  Call Al Levine, Our Community Relations and Development Director; he has some great fundraising ideas.
Please take the time to read the additional information attached and find out what works for you. 

Call me or Al today.  Let’s arrange a meeting where we can personally explain the many great opportunities available for your business.  Let’s brainstorm with you about the best way for your business to participate in this City Wide Event.  There’s no obligation of course, and certainly no pressure.  Together we will figure out the perfect situation for your business

We look forward to giving you and your new prospects a Hug!

Very truly yours,

Joanne Quinn Smith
Founder of Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh
  • P.S.  Strengthen Your Business - Being the only one among your competitors to sponsor the Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™ event presents your company as a unique, strong, caring  organization.  Perhaps your organization needs a hug!
  • P.S.S. Enhance Your Image - Being known as one of the forward thinking "thought leaders" in your industry to sponsor the inaugural Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™ is a good image to have in any market.
Enlarge Your Market - Participation in an event where you have ACCESS to attendees is a bonus.  One of the largest perks at higher levels of sponsorship is the availability of running a contest on our Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh Facebook Page and collect contestants contact information so that you can market to them.
You can even be part of our Preview Hug Promotions for Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh.  Need a Hug before the main event on September 6th?  We can create a custom event and host it at your place of business.  Call me or Al about this custom designed program.

As a sponsor, you’ll be showing your concern for the community, in connection with helping the Cancer Caring Center, Sickle Cell Society, Pittsburgh Passion’s Passion for Life Foundation and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Western Pennsylvania Chapter.

For additional information contact:

Joanne Quinn-Smith
Publisher and Editor
Founder, Hug-A-ThonPittsburgh™

Al Levine
Community Relations and
Development Director

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