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PositivelyPittsburghLive, Repatriates to Pittsburgh, Returning Pittsburghers 10-3-11 Show

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 10-3-11
Repatriates to Pittsburgh

posted by Delana Flowers

Some time ago I read an article noting that many companies were averse to hiring former Pittsburghers because of the boomerang effect and the probability that they would return to Pittsburgh. For some time now it has been said that Pittsburgh is renowned for its number of boomerangers, those folks who keep coming back for more. Pittsburghers return here for cultural reasons, educational, family raising, the cost of living and numerous other reasons. Find out tonight why our five guests have returned to Pittsburgh.

Today’s Guests
Lynette Asson, New Place Collaborations LLC
Yvonne Hudson, New Place Collaborations LLC
Martin Thomas, Videographer and Troubador
Yvonne Phillips, Creative Color and Design

Martin Thomas
Videographer and Troubdour
  • Travel as a Troubadour] [7 Yrs] Throughout the US southwest, Mexico and Central America Performs music from the "American Songbook" [songs from the early 1900s through the 60s] for seniors.
  • Consoles the sick and dying [music therapy
  • Makes custom music beds [underlying music for commercial advertisements].
  • Composes and records songs [lyrics, melodies or musical themes].
  • Ohio University Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition/Theory, L'institut des Etrangers, REC Workshop, Music engineering, Various Music Industry Seminars/workshops.
  • Los Angeles [8 Yrs] Composed and Recorded Music that was aired on Cinemax and HBO
  •  Composed and recorded numerous songs some of which were recorded by other artists in the United States as well as Brazil.
  • Runs a commercial studio and documents (video and audio) Pittsburgh jazz legends of the past, present and future.
  • Email:

These business partners moved back twice--first after 11 years in NYC-area and again in 2010 after 3 years in DC area. Now we have our own business here--New Place Collaborations, doing work they love in a town they love. 
NEW PLACE COLLABORATIONS puts words and images to work in branding, communications, social media, and event projects for business, nonprofits & individuals.
Yvonne Hudson
We capture essential messages to create imaginative marketing and event solutions and to tell the stories that set an organization apart in the marketplace. Our efficient needs assessment is fueled by our long expertise in both business and non-profits. It begins with an introductory meeting so that we can recommend short- or long-term actions to fit both priorities and budget. New Place is on the roster of instructors for the Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management.  
Connect with New Place Collaborations via e-mail, facebook and twitter via, home of our Web site to launch soon.
  • Principal of New Place Collaborations
  • A versatile marketing and public relations expert who creates mission-driven solutions for non-profits and businesses.
  • Has been applying resourcefulness, team-building, and vision to reinvent publications, content, and themes for major Mid-Atlantic universities and arts organizations including New York Law School and Yeshiva University in New York, Southeastern University in Washington. DC, and University of Pittsburgh Theatre Arts, Carnegie Mellon, Chatham, and the Kelly-Strayhorn Theatre, among others, in Pittsburgh.
  • Served on the boards of both the university and alumni association at Point Park and was vice president for students for New York Women in Communications.
  • Founded and directs the Poets Corner arts series.
  • On lined in at
  • Email:
Lynette Asson
  • Principal of New Place Collaborations
  • Applies style and savvy in partnerships with clients and affiliated experts.
  • Applies keen observation and analysis, defines brand qualities and market position using client realities and marketplace trends—as she has for leading beauty industry corporations including Goldwell, KPSS, Redken and Wella over several decades.
  • She led the creation of the Studio 1452 corporate salon, professional development academy, and KMS Global Headquarters in Santa Monica.
  • Loves teaching, training, and technology—creating workshops, research, online tools and print solutions.
  • On lined in at
  • Email:
Why are you here?
What’s exciting here and now?
Why can you succeed here?

Yvonne Phillips
  • Located in the South Side
  • Provides support for local and national business in the art of Feng Shui.
  • Also provides speaking and training in the ancient philosophy.
  • Grew up in New Kensington and moved to Lower Burrell when she got married.
  • After her 2 daughters were born, she moved to northwest suburb of Chicago.
  • Her professional experience and education combines expertise in the area of Feng Shui---the ancient art of living in harmony with the environment.
  • Chief Feng Shui Officer shows clients Feng Shui cures to support them.
  • Combine the tools of elements and of color and design to create the energy to move their business forward successfully.
  • Certified with Master Nancilee Wydra, founder of the Pyramid School. FSII's training is an interdisciplinary version of Feng Shui.
  • Also trained with Grand Master Lillian Too on Flying Stars Feng Shui. All of these disciplines are used to explain how human beings filter information and how their environment can support or stop them from moving forward.
  • Volunteered for the Chamber of Commerce and South Side Local Development.
  • Also volunteered in working on the community holiday projects in South Side.
  • Did projects in combination with URA to provide support for the business community here in SS.
  • Email:
Why did you move back here?
What did you find here after your return that was surprising?

Delana Flowers
Delana Flowers is a multi-talented creative. She is a Positively Pittsburgh Live reporter, a dynamic vocalist, an amazing Actress, and an independent writer. Delana is owner of Ingenuity by Delana Flowers ©, writing effective copy so you don’t have to. Services include copywriting for newsletters, blogs, ad copy, marketing pieces, articles, reviews, invitations, postcards, flyers and more.

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