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PositivelyPittsburghLive: Pittsburgh Women's Sports 2011-2012

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 8-29-11
Pittsburgh Women’s Sports 2011-2012
By Delana Flowers

Women's Sports is not only serious sports but just as demanding as it's male counterparts and sometimes there are no counterparts. Tonight in a repeat perfromance of the most popular show on PositivelyPittsburghLive we will talk to four women's sports teams. Sports is big business and popular events in Pittsburgh which is a serious sports town. So what's all the hullabaloo about Pittsburgh Women's Sports. Is it just because they are cute? Not just, "no, Hell No!" It's because they are serious athletes who are seriously trained and coached and highly competitive. This show is a preview to upcoming Entrpreneurial Thursday Panel on November 3, 2011 at Little E's where we hope to have these guests and many others attending. Save the Date!

Today’s Guest
Teresa Conn, Owner and Head Coach of Passion Football Team
Pittsburgh Force
Steel City Derby Demons Roller Derby
Dave Sergi, PASL Commissioner of Pittsburgh Women's Softball League
Women's Softball is a Huge Draw for
Amateur Female Athletes in Pittsburgh

Dave Sergi, PASL Commissioner of Pittsburgh Women's Softball League
·         Got involved with softball around 1980 when daugher started playing
·         Started umpiring community games then became a professional umpire
·         Managed a 18 and under community team, then assisted with a 18 and under youth traveling team, then started own womens team in 1988 til 2003.
·         Became commissioner of PASL in 1990 til present and still umpire
Women’s softball League
·         Started in 1988 when 9 teams that played in another league wanted to play with a 11-inch
·         softball instead of a 12-inch softball. 
·         Had 46 teams by 1996
·         Since then teams have combined, some folded due to no one wanting to be in charge
·         Last year we had 24 teams, we still believe the biggest league in the state.
·         We have 4 divisions in our league, divided into 4 sections according to the teams abilities, which change every year
·         We are home to Metro Sports team that has won 5 women's state championships, 3 national championships,and one world championship and also finished 2nd at the world tournament
·         Our only youth team the, Steel City Angels, a 16 and under team, has won 3 state championships and a national title
·         One of the best functions that the league has involved itself in is running a charity tournament
·         at the end of our season for kids with cancer.  Joe Garvin of Metro Sports lost his grandson at age 2 to cancer and he got the league involved with holding the tournament for the kids. In 4 years I believe we have raised  well   over $5000
Dave Sergi, Commissioner PASL Women's Softball League
412 771

XXXXX , Steel City Derby Demons
·         .Season February through October
·         Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) is the international governing body of women’s flat track roller derby
Guest  on show:  Announcer Buddy
Lee with some of the Derby Girls
·         The Steel Hurtin is the SCDD’s A-level or varsity team and plays other top derby teams around the country. The B-unit is one of two of the SCDD’s B-Level or “junior varsity” teams that play other B-level derby teams around the country. The Blitzburgh Bombers are one of two of the SCDD’s B-Level or “junior varsity” teams that play other B-level derby teams around the country.
·         Roller Derby is an expensive sport, requiring the purchase of skates and accessories, protective equipment, league dues and insurance costs.
Steel Hurtin vs Cincinatti Black Sheep
·         Our rollergirls can always use a helping hand. Introducing the Steel City Derby Demons’ Adopt-A-Rollergirl program.
·         This program enables companies, businesses, bands and private individuals to contribute directly to a Derby Demon’s roller derby career. Along with your donation easing the financial strain of participating in this growing sport, it will also provide your adopted rollergirl with the important knowledge that Pittsburghers care.
If you know a Steel City Derby Demon you’d like to adopt, or for a list of available adoptees email us at
·         When were the derby demons founded.
·         Brief explanation of rules
·         Recent bout on august 21.
·         Upcoming post season.
·         Next home game is your best source for roller derby tips and advice, as well as the most up-to-date news and information about flat track roller derby tournaments and rankings.

XXXXX, Pittsburgh Force Women’s Football
·         26 years old
·         Been playing football since high school and will continue until her knees don't work anymore Positions: Linebacker, DE, and Fullback.
·         Currently works at a company called Powerlink.
Pittsburgh Force Women’s Football
·         A women's full contact football team
·         A diverse group of girls from all types of backgrounds
Pittsburgh Force Women's Football Team
·         This is our 4th year in the WFA league
·         Go against teams from other states in 8 games and whomever wins those games goes to the playoff and then to the women's championship game.
·         The role we have as women to teach young women teamwork
·         That women are easier to teach football to then men
·         The difference between men and women when it comes to football
·         Pittsburgh football
contact info: phone: 4125841108, email:

Teresa Conn, Qwner and Head coach of Pittsburgh Passion
49, DB, in her 7th Season
From Townville, PA
Pittsburgh Passion 2011 Team
Slippery Rock University, BS in Health and Physical Education and Sports  Management
Pittsburgh Passion Women's Football
Our mission, purpose, and community involvement
Franco Harris joining ownership
Our 8-1 season just finished
Open tryouts , looking for athletes, coaches, interns, volunteers
Many opportunities for anyone wishing to be involved in a positive program that is far more than a football team!
Teresa L. Conn, Owner / Head Coach Pittsburgh Passion

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