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Positively Pittsburgh Live! 2-7-11
Steelers Fan  Support

Showing love for black and yellow.

Today’s Guests
 Dean Quinn
Joann Forrester
Bonnie Diver

Conversing with Dean Quinn
·         Good game played, the team played well.
·         Great organization
·         Won the AFC championship
·         We had defensive player of the year Troy Palamalu
·         Had a great season
·         Good plays like Ben Roethlisberger’s touch down pass to Hines Ward
·         Quarterback was out for 4 games and other members had major injuries
·         Aaron Smith defensive linemen injured, starting center was injured
·         Doug Legursky did a fine job as replacement starting center
·         Favorite player is Big Ben and Troy Palamalu (community service national, international)
·         Good role models on the team

Conversing with Joann Forrester
·         Pittsburgh still won because the coach was born and raised here.
·         It wasn’t lopsided, a thrilling game.
·         Two young quarterbacks, equally matched but there was no trash talk.
·         We beat their rivals and that means something to me.
·         Likes Troy Palamalu, Hines Ward, and James Farrior
·         We weren’t embarrassed cause it wasn’t a blowout
·         We have to be good losers and teaching our kids to do the same
·         Ben was very gracious and I was proud of him for all the growing up he’s done
·         Loved the commercials. The kid with Darth Vader was my favorite

Conversing with Bonnie Diver
·         Played a really good game
·         Played one of their better games
·         They are the guys that come back like the cardiac kids
·         Favorite player is Ben Roethlisberger goes to my church, he went to Miami University, and from Ohio
·         Young quarterbacks respected each other’s talents
·         Like the 70s quarterbacks these guys are humble and becoming excellent role models

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