Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pittsburgh's 1st Annual Soul Day


Soul Day was off the hook! I enjoyed myself immensely and it was souplifting to support our black entrepreneurs. Please plan to holdanother event like this in the future! I will definitely be there,along with my friends and whomever I can bring with me. People complainthat Pittsburgh doesn't have anything to offer, but this event was veryreminiscent of events I have attended in Baltimore, New York, andPhiladelphia. Keep up the good work!
J'Aira Pryor

I had a great time at the Soul Day event. This was my first time atsomething like this. My mother lives close to the Kingsley, so I toldher we should go check it out. At first she did not want to go, butwhen we got there, I could not get her to leave. I enjoyed the poetryand dancers. (My mother was out there line dancing) LOL. The food wasgreat. There were a lot of businesses and services I did not knowabout. I have already convinced the women in my family and friends todo a spa party. I am so happy that I took time out to experience thisbeautiful and informative event. My mother thanks you also.
Lakesha C.

I was a vendor at Soul Day, and I really had a great time. I made my money back,that's always a big plus for me, along with getting quality, affordable productsfrom black owned companies into the hands of our folks, I like to say buy (by) Us,For Us.....Thanks for inviting Revelations & Reflections to be a part of the 1st annual Soul Day. Kim Allen, Owner

Soul Day had the most wonderful vibe. The mix of people, products, services and entertainment did the soul good. Thank you and we are looking forward to next year.
Celeta H.

My husband, "The Cookie Man" and I were vendors at "Soul Day" and we had a greattime! The folks that stopped by our table were so nice. Prior to the event, we hadE-mailed or mailed flyers to family and friends, inviting them to come. Quite a fewcame out and supported us. This was our first venture and it was quite a success!We're thinking about participating at the "African American Holiday Celebration" inWilkinsburg on Dec. 8th. Look for us there. Thank you soooooo much for "The Soul Pitt". I tell everyone about it. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful concept that was "Soul Day".
We look forward to participating next year!
Yours Truly, Deborah C. Tyler

I don't know where to begin with my comments about Soul day.
It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!! I have shared with Donna how some people have the
ability to influence others. The ability to inspire, motivate and join you as you go forward with your goals; sometimes hold your hands if necessary. Some one who could be in politics and remain faithful to the cause. I saw some old friends and made some new ones.
We laughed, joked and helped one another. Most importantly we NETWORKED. I was so blessed to see such a successful event take place in the city if Pittsburgh. The atmosphere was joyous, peaceful and inspiring. The food was off the hook, and the jewelry and clothes were beautiful. I bought beautiful Christmas gifts at great prices. I was able to find a new accountant for my business as well as someone to increase my knowledge of investments.Sadly other than church you rarely see or hear of people of color getting together (especially when $ is involved) with no fighting. Thankfully I can recount that day to those who could not attend and proudly proclaim that we (as a people) came together for a cause other than a funeral or Sunday services with nothing but the angels in flight blessing and serving their people with nothing but peace and prosperity in the atmosphere!There were vendors from all over who looked like me and that in itself was a blessing. I love The Soul Pitt and The Soul Pitt family. Its an old school support system with today's technology under its wings. I am proud to be a part of it.HOTEP! (Egyptian for peace and prosperity to you)Dana of

WOW, Pittsburgh sure does have a lot of Soul, which was evidenced by thelarge turnout on Soul Day. I thoroughly enjoyed myself & took advantageof some of the specials offered @ the event. I purchased an autographedcopy of the book by Rev. Sinclair Grey, III, new hair products, jewelryfrom Avon, had my eyebrows done, etc. I even have a new florist topatronize in the future. That is what Soul Day is all about...patronizing Soulful businesses & building relationships.Thank you Donna & the Soul Pitt Staff for such a wonderful event!Jackey

Thank you to the Vendors that Participated!
A Woman's Touch Fashions
Lovely Creations
Aisha's Beauty Salon
Mia Bella Scented Candles
Allegheny County
Minority Network Exchange
Artists & Entertainers Table
Monica's Ethnic Treasures
August Wilson Center
myEcon Financial Services East
Peal Center
Penny Smith
Carla Brower
Premier Designs
Carnegie Museum of Art
PrePaid Legal
Carol's Creative Concepts
Pure Romance Parties by Debra
Cherished Journeys
Red, Black, and Green Flags
Corlew Images
Rev. Sinclair Grey, III
Cotton and Fox Creations
Revelations & Reflections
Dana's Styling Salon
Sandage Photography
Darnise Wilkes
Send Out Cards
Deborah C. Tyler
Soul Pitt Media
Denise Moore
Southwestern Pennsylvania Commissions Commute Info Program
Ms. K's Soul Rolls
The New Pittsburgh Courier
Donna and Ernie Bey
The Marriage Works
Ebony Excellence
Thelma White
F.I.A.R.E Custom Baskets
Thomas and Thomas
Gibsons Restaurant& Take Out
Time-Out Ministries, Inc
Gifts & More by Aisha
The Ultimate Beauty Spa
Granny Marshall
United First Financial
Hamm Enterprising
UR T's N me Custom Imprinters
Hot Cards
Vacation 4 All Travel
House of Mudd Enterprise
Vells Gifts/Comic Books
Kalawentz Natural
World of Serenity Spa& Wellness Center
Kelly e. Parker
YTB Travel Network &Katydid Tours
Keturah's Emporium
YWCA of Greater Pittsburgh
Lorretta Goodwin
Stong Cleaners
Click here to see the entire collection of Soulful Pics from the 1st Annual Soul Day!

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