Friday, November 16, 2007

For those Interested in Tea in Pittsburgh

Laura was to be a guest on Positively Pittsburgh Live when we did our show on tea in Pittsburgh but she had a scheduling conflict so I thought I would include some tea tips form her newsletter. I am sure she has more up to date newsletters but I was partial to this one because I have a brother who is a "tea snob" and perhaps you know one too and this may help you to choose between loose tea and tea bags. All of our wonderful social events around travelling tea and tea rooms is just another one of the Positive things about Pittsburgh.

Home is where the Tea is Newsletter
How to complement your tea with flowers
September 2007

Welcome to the new version of Tea Tips!! from Home is where the Tea is, the area's most complete and private tea service. With Home is where the Tea is, YOUR tea pleasure begins with YOU choosing the event, the location, the theme (English style or Urban-chic), and the menu from many options including pastries from The Cafe at the Frick!
What is there to not love about attending a tea? Beauty has been planned for your pleasure, with the hostess and myself choosing the theme, china, linens, menu, and entertainment. The hostess 'sets the stage' and then is able to relax while we set it up, present the tea, and clean it up! You have the position of esteemed guest.
Sumptuous foods await your guests whether you choose the elegant English style, or the edgy and young "Contemporary Urban-chic" (go to for details)

Items of Interest!
Recipe : Pear & Stilton Tea Sandwiches
Loose tea Steeping Guidelines
Great discount sales!
A World of TEA: classes!!

RECIPE: Elegant Pear & Stilton Tea Sandwich!
This sandwich must be made the day of your tea- pears ripen quickly

Chop 2 firm but ripe pears- one green and one red is beautiful! Coat with lemon juice
Crumble 6 ounces of Stilton Cheese into pears, add 3T Miracle Whip of similar dressing, 4 oz of chopped pecans.
Scoop mixture onto diagonal slices of Asiago Bread, and garnish with a whole pecan

Loose leaf tea vs. tea bags:
It is largely convenience, but true tea enthusiasts go with loose leaf only. It is necessary to have either an infuser or filter, but it makes the tea experience more authentic. Now you can use an infuser or filter into the pot to contain your tea. Either must be large enough to allow the tea leaves to expand, in fact 2 tea filters (tea balls) is recommended for 6 cup teapots. It is not advisable to use the ones made of ‘pot metal’ as they can leave a very metallic taste. Using boiling water, allow the tea to steep (brew) for 3-5 minutes. Timing is more preferable to watching the color of the tea! Then conveniently remove the filter/infuser, and proceed to pour! A tea cozy will keep your tea warm in the pot.

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