Saturday, November 10, 2007


When I first started to do TalkCasts on Talk Shoe, I did I to promote the local events of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Greater Pittsburgh Chapter. I was then the Public Relations Chair and thought it was a great use of technology to get us some PR in the community.

I really thought that someone else would step up to the plate and do the interviewing but when no volunteer was forthcoming, I decided to start my own show and as I played with titles that all sounded too much like venues already in existence I decided on Positively Pittsburgh and Live just was added because I wanted to let listeners know that Pittsburgh was a LIVE city.
My first shows were just that Round Table Discussions that centered around an event that NAWBO was staging.

EPISODE1 - Pittsburgh--Why We Love It, Make the Connection NAWBO—The chairperson of the NAWBO 7th Annual Make the Connection Luncheon and I talked about what Make the Connection was all about and how we honored forty volunteers, unsung heroes from the Pittsburgh Area. What could be more positive about Pittsburgh than the volunteer spirit of Pittsburgh. But Maureen Ciorolla and I were the only two people who showed up for the show and then we talked also about all of the wonderful things that we loved about Pittsburgh. We had great fun that night but there were only two of us on the maiden voyage of Positively Pittsburgh Live.

Likewise, the next show was about a NAWBO Pittsburgh Event-- EPISODE2- Girls Going Places Conference & Chatham Center Women Entrepreneurship. This show was really a lot of fun and really molded the rountable interview style of the show. On the call were Ann Flynn Schlicht from the Chatham Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship and Beth Greshock. Ann is from Ireland and gave us a real slant on how the town she came from and Pittsburgh were very similar. Two additional guests were Carol Hurley and Diane Yee of Hurley Associates, who are Guardian Insurance Subsidiaries and Guardian is the company that sponsors Girls Going Places along with NAWBO National who underwrites.

Girls Going Places is a day long annual conference where girls 12 to 18 can share the entrepreneurial experience for a day. This was the first time in Pittsburgh and only 12 other cities in the United States had these type of conferences, something else to be proud of in Pittsburgh.

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