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Burgh Biz Saturday Showcase 07-26-14 Adoption, Publishing, Awards

Positively Pittsburgh Live
Small Biz Saturday Showcase 07-26-14
Adoption, Publishing, Awards
Hosted By Joanne Quinn-Smith
Listen to the show online HERE

Today's Guests:
Ebony Harris
Image Consultant to Successful Business Women and Senior Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay
Tomilyn Ward
Founding Executive Director of MAYA Organization
Gia Tatone
Educator, Author, Publisher at Red Engine Press, River Road Press, and Onward Publications, Independent Publishers
JoAnn Forrester
First Presdient of PA Women's Hall of Achievement

Ebony Harris
Image Consultant to Successful Business Women and Senior Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay
Having a niche for fashion, an eye for the latest trends and a heart to serve others by encouraging them to pursue their dreams; Ebony Harris owning her own Mary Kay business was a match made in heaven. Her desire to inspire and lead others was nurtured first by obtaining a BA in Speech Communications and a MA in Instructional Leadership. However, her flare for makeup and fashion was ever present during rehearsals for theatrical plays she was in while in college. You could often times find her in her dorm room with her girlfriends shaping their eyebrows before campus parties.

While in graduate school, Ebony pursued one of her God given talents. It led to her serving for 10 years in the area of social services. During her time in the field she designed and implemented a curriculum focused on skin care and hair care specifically for children in pre adoptive homes.

After becoming a mom to now two toddler aged children, Ebony and her husband were faced with the decision many working families are faced with - mounting day care costs or one parent being the primary caregiver. They opted for the latter. It was during her most prized career move as a SAHM (Stay at home mom) Ebony did alot of what she calls spiritual soul searching. From it she realized she could reclaim her dreams and add to her bouquet of talents. Mary Kay was added to her bouquet of gifts in the winter of 2012.

Ebony proudly builds upon Mary Kay Ash's principles of God 1st, family 2nd, career 3rd. Owning her own business provides freedom and flexibility. However for Ebony it's more about what she's able to give her clients that is most rewarding. She's able to help women reclaim their God given confidence while looking and feeling good. "I serve women and men in a fun and relaxed way. Whether it be via a one-on-one consultation, party or assisting husband's in shopping for that perfect MK gift for their #1 girl." In mentioning men, there are some who may not know of the fabulous quality products for men in the MK Men Line. Great men products from skincare to fragrances. What Ebony had found is that men have a vested interest in their skincare needs too!

During the year and a half Ebony has owned her business she's promoted herself to Senior Consultant. She is presently growing a bold and blessed team of women (whom she calls Power Partners) who want more, need more and dare to dream bigger!  All of this is achieved one face at a time while listening to her clients needs and designing customized skin care/color looks specifically with them in mind.

Talking Points:
  • She helps male and female professionals as well as the traditional and millennial woman enhance their visibility and image in the workplace or home (i.e. home based businesses, SAHM)
  • She got started shortly after becoming a SAHM and did some spiritual soul searching and then decided to launch her MK business. She's been in business for a little over a year and a half.
  • Some of the things she does for clients: 
FREE customized one on one service to meet my clients needs (this service anywhere else would cost someone roughly $300!)
+ Fun in a relaxed atmosphere
+ Awesome hostess perks
+ Sampling of products (try before you buy)
+ 24/7 shopping via my website
+ An opportunity to share in the fun of being a consultant. You may be seeking a career change or wanting to provide extras for your family with ease and flexibility. Owning her own MK business can be tailored around a full time work schedule
+ Corporate gifting
+ skin care for men
+ workplace employee image consultation
+ My MK business garners no territories...She can ship anywhere within the U.S.! She currently has customers in VA, MS and, MD.
Entrepreneur Tip:
Simple...God (or Faith whichever you choose, for me it's God) 1st, Family 2nd and Career 3rd in that order lol. I'm Ak so going to add to that BE VISIBLE!

Consumer Tip:
All of us need a facial tune up. What I mean buy that is simply the skin care regimen you follow in the winter months sometimes isn't the same for summer months. This applies to color cosmetics as well. Your consultant should be contacting you if not four times throughout the year when seasons change at least twice for your summer and winter tune ups.

Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
Book a skincare Tune-Up party with me to be held before October 1, 2014 with 5 of your friends/co-workers/neighbors/family and receive a $25 Gift Certificate to be redeemed the day of your party.
Product: Satin Hands Pampering Set (available in unscented and peach) Great not just for hands but pampering your feet as well. An exfoliator and hydrator.  Coupon: $5 off your purchase. Only redeemable at your one-on-one skin care consultation.

Ebony Harris
Image Consultant to Successful Business Women and Senior Independent Beauty Consultant, Mary Kay
412-452-6642  |
Facebook: EbonyCMHarris  |  Instagram: ladyharrismk
Twitter: @ladyharrismk  |   Talkshoe: ladyharrismk

Tomilyn Ward

Founding Executive Director of MAYA Organization (ME AND YOU ALWAYS)
Tomilyn Ward is a mother of two young daughters, Maya and Elaina Tomilyn.  She began researching the adoptive family during her master’s program and continues researching emotional support for the adoptive family. “I am especially interested in making sure that birth parents receive the emotional support they deserve before, during and after the child is born”.

Tomilyn received her M.S. in Professional Counseling from Carlow University.  Tomilyn has spent 5 years researching the adoptive families counseling needs. My counseling specialties are pregnancy and postpartum counseling, adoptive family issues, infertility, PTSD, depression, postpartum depression, and crisis counseling.

Prior to working in the field of counseling and adoption Tomilyn worked in the legal field as Chief Case Administrator managing paralegals in 25 offices across the state of PA, worked as the assistance director of Cody Summer Camps, and taught English as a Second Language in Europe.  Tomilyn is currently enrolled in Walden University’s Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program, has a MS in Professional Counseling from Carlow University and a BA in Psycho DONA Certifiedlogy, Carlow University.

In 2009, she founded Maya (Me And You Always), a 503(c) organization, whose mission includes providing emotional support to birth parents in times of crisis.  Maya organization provides counseling services to all members of the adoption triad including birth parents, adoptive parents and adoptees.

Talking Points:
  • In 2009, I founded Maya (Me And You Always), a 503(c) organization, whose mission includes providing emotional support to birth parents in times of crisis.  One of my long-term goals with the Maya Organization is to provide transitional housing for birth mothers. I would like to see them continue their education, participate in job training, receive mental health treatment, maintain recovery from addiction, and build a chance for a brighter future.
  • As an adoptive parent and adoption professional, I have seen firsthand the lack of emotional support that is available for birth mothers after placing their children for adoption.  Often, these women have struggled with socioeconomic barriers, mental illness, and addiction; these are the reasons they felt adoption was the best choice for them and their children. Sadly, at the one-year mark after placement, birth mothers are frequently doing as poorly as—if not worse than—they were doing at the time of placement.  The grief and guilt that is often associated with the placement of a child is compounded with any pre-existing barriers, and birth mothers are left without strong emotional support or post-placement counseling.
  • I have the opportunity of being with birth parents, adoptive parents and adopted children from the time the moment they are born.  I serve as a doula, remaining with the birth mother continuously through labor, delivery, and early postpartum, to encourage and reassure her, to provide physical comfort measures, and to facilitate communication with the hospital staff.  More often than not, I have maintained contact with both birth parents and adoptive families. This allows me to monitor their progress and their and the adoptive parents and birth mothers bonds with the child.
  • Also for pregnant clients we  make sure that a client has a doula who continuously through labor, delivery, and early postpartum, to encourage and reassure her, to provide physical comfort measures, and to facilitate communication with the hospital staff.
Entrepreneur Tip:
“You become what you believe”.

Consumer Tip:
When you are looking for an adoption agency make sure that you feel in your heart that you have made the right decision.  Interview as many agencies as you need to to make sure you are comfortable with your decision.

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MAYA Organization
512 Foreland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15214
412-589-3357  |
Facebook: The-MAYA-Organization

Gia Tatone
Educator, Author, Publisher at Red Engine Press, River Road Press, and Onward Publications, Independent Publishers
Gia has had over 20 years in the field of education. She left the classroom in 2011 when she began to serve on the Board of Education. She has also published two history books, the first one being a top seller for Arcadia Publishing. For the past several years Gia has been teaching continuing education for adults who are interested in writing and publishing at Community College of Beaver County. In addition, Gia has partnered with Red Engine Press and created her own branch of publishing, Onward Publications. Her newest book to empower authors, "The Business Behind the Book" will be out fall 2014.

Talking Points:
  • I have been involved in writing and publishing for about ten years. I published my first book after being invited by the President of the Coraopolis Historical Society to write their Images of America, Coraopolis by Arcadia Publishing. The book was an effort to help raise proceeds to benefit the community. This was followed by a publication for Neville Island as well. After great success and helping the community, I approached CCBC and worked with them to create courses for adults in writing and publishing. From there, I partnered with Red Engine Press and created my own branch called, Onward Publications. 
  • Red Engine Press publishes Traditional, Subsidy, and Self publications. Onward helps educator the author on the three types of publishing and assists with subsidy publishing. The traditional books Red Engine Publishes are: literacy books, historical fiction, mystery, thrillers, military, novels, young adult, inspirational, cookbooks, and children's.
  • Here's the list of who we are:
Pat Avery - Children's Books, Photography, Mystery, History
Connie and Eddie Beesley - Memoir, Inspirational
Karen Biery - Mystery/Historical Fiction
Joe Campolo, Jr - Historical Fiction
Rebecca Evans - Children's Books, Inspirational, Gift
JoAnn Forrester - Children's Books, Inspirational, Gift
Evelyn Harless - Children's Books, Photography, Inspirational
Anna Marie Aloe Testa - Cookbook/Journey/Inspirational
Steve Hathcock - History
Katherine Heart - Business
Ric Hunter - Historical Fiction, Adventure
Jan Hunter - Young Adult/Historical Fiction
Louis Intres - History
Joanne Quinn-Smith - Business
Barry Kelly - Legal Thriller
Anna Marie Gire - Gift Book, Children's
Mike Mullins - History, Mystery/Thriller, Poetry
Ramona Roush - Young Adult, Fantasy Fiction
Nancy Smith - Photography, History, Memoir
Carmen Stenholm - Historical Fiction
Linda Swink - Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Memoir
Gia Tatone - Business, Inspirational
Beth Underwood - History/Historical Fiction
Hodge Wood - Memoir/Inspirational
Joyce Faulkner - Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, History, Children's, Mystery/Thriller
Dwight Zimmerman - everything! <smile>
  • We have some new books. Congratulations to JoAnn Forrester for her first book, "The Gift of Holiday Valley." It is a lovely gift book for just about all ages. Linda Swink's "Grave Secrets" is out now and it's a historical mystery...I know you all would enjoy it.
  • Also, we welcome Steve Hathcock. We are working with Steve to publish an updated version of his bestselling book, "Behind the Third Dune" which is about treasure hunting and the history of South Padre Island.  Also, new to the group is Katherine Heart who is working on a business book about careers in grant writing. Karen Biery isn't new to Red Engine Press, but I forgot to include her in the last email. Her new book, "Speakeasy," is her fourth novel with us and will be out in the fall. Her books are fun, artistic, clever, and moving...most set in Ohio near where she lives. Barry Kelly will soon have "Hammer of Justice" which is our first legal thriller. Dwight Zimmerman will have an informative and fun book about the writing and publishing industry this fall. In particular, his stories about the comic book industry are a hoot. Beth Underwood's first book is called "Gravity," and although we haven't set an exact date for it, I'm thinking it's a late fall, early 2015 release. Anna Marie Aloe Testa has a new cookbook/adventure, "Italian Gone Wild and Gluten Free." It should be out sometime in August. Gia Tatone is working on her book, "The Business Behind the Book." And finally, I'm particularly excited about Rebecca Evan's new book, called "Someday I'll Fly," which is a children's picture book (you should SEE her artwork) based on my historical novel, "Windshift."  
  • I'd like to also announce some good news. Ric Hunter's novel, "FIREHAMMER" is a finalist in the Historical Novel category for this year's Military Writers Society of America awards program. This category is traditionally crowded with lots of books, so this is a big deal in and of itself. Also, Pat and I did well with "Fun Days in Pittsburgh" and it is a finalist this year in the Children's Book Category. Congratulations to Ric ... and Yaaayyy for Pat and me. :)
Entrepreneur Tip:
Remember to have the attitude of being in service to the people who choose you as their choice of business.

Consumer Tip:
Always watch for hidden fees and expect your choice of business to be willing to give you all costs upfront.

Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
This fall we will be featuring our first Writer's Workshop in Hershey, Pa October 5th -7th. It is limited to only 40 seats. Cost is $325. The early bird special ends September 1st for $50 off.

Red Engine Press, River Road Press, and Onward Publications, Independent Publishers

JoAnn Forrester
First President of PA Women's Hall of Achievement
Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement
2010 YWCA Tribute to Women Honoree
SBA PA Woman Business Champion 2000/1989
Since its inception in 2002, Celebrate & Share, founded by Bonnie DiCarlo and JoAnn R. Forrester  has worked to raise funds for organizations that focus on the needs of women and children, and to highlight the achievements of women in the Greater Pittsburgh area and the state of Pennsylvania.

Over 225 women have been recognized at the Celebrate & Share Dinner which is held the first week of Women’s History “ Her Story” month,  This particular event benefits Cribs for Kids and has raised over $400,000 dollars for the organization.

We will celebrate the 10th Annual Celebrate & Share Event, benefiting Cribs for Kids on March 5, 2015 and are now accepting nominations.

To continue this effort of recognizing what women contribute to our region, our state we formed the we have created a 501C 3, The Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

Board president, JoAnn R. Forrester
Vice Preisdent, Bonnie V. DiCarlo
Secretary, Ann Truschel
Treasurer, Ruth Byrd Smith
Founding Board member, Grace Robinson

6th Annual Celebrate and Share Breakfast 
Tuesday, August 26, 2014  |  7:45 - 9:30 AM  |  Rivers Club, Oxford Centre Downtown
Celebrate the 94th Anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment with a special presentation by PA Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane.

Since its inception in 2002, Celebrate & Share has worked to raise funds for organizations that focus on the needs of women and children, and to highlight the achievements of women in the Greater Pittsburgh area and the state of Pennsylvania. In addition to this effort, we have created a 501C 3, The Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

We would like you to join us in honoring one of the greatest achievements of women: The 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, which prohibits any United States citizen from being denied the right to vote on the basis of gender. Please join us on Tuesday, August 26, 2014, as we Celebrate the passage of the 19th  Amendment with our special guest, Pennsylvania’s FIRST woman Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, and Share in the founding of the Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

Proceeds to Benefit the Pennsylvania Women’s Hall of Achievement.

Donation $45 - Honorary Sponsors $94
Table of 10 $450 - Founding Sponsors $1,000
Hosted by: Celebrate & Share, Bonnie DiCarlo & JoAnn R. Forrester

Bonnie DiCarlo:   412.480.5247
JoAnn Forrester: 412.440.6969

JoAnn R. Forrester
Office: 412-440-6969  |  Cell: 412-670-4322  |  "Empress of Biz" TalkCast Host

Hosted By:
Joanne Quinn-Smith
Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™. Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans. Joanne’s expertise is in creating online platforms that create perpetual buzz. 

Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster with over 800 shows. She has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. Her flagship website, garners 220,000 hits per month, 62,000 unique page views per week and in 1 year had 2.25 million visitors. 

Joanne Quinn-Smith has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media. Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.  

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