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Burgh Biz Saturday Showcase 08-23-14 Online Media, Biz Training, Authors

Positively Pittsburgh Live
Burgh Biz Saturday Showcase 08-23-14
Online Media, Biz Training, Authors
Hosted By Joanne Quinn-Smith
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Today's Guests:
Ann Marie Gire
Owner of Women's Independent Press and Pittsburgh Women's Yellow Pages
Alice Williams
Executive Director of Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence
Steve Peck
Founder of 8Pecks Marketing
Jill Kummer
Partner at JJ Media Group and Co-Owner of Eventsburgh.com

Ann Marie Gire
Owner, Women's Independent Press and Pittsburgh Women's Yellow Pages
With a background of service and legal advocacy for serveral to women's shelters and support agencies, Ann Marie Gire continues to provide opportunities ensure that women have a platform from which to be heard.  In 2003 she launched her first women's interest newspaper.  Seeing the limitless opportunities ahead in the digital world she took her publications online in 2010.

Women's Independent Press publishes the Women's Yellow Pages of SWPa and an on line newsletter that comes out the 1st and 15th of every month.  Publishes an on line news magazine, twice monthly, and a print and on line Women's Yellow Pages, a yearly magazine of articles and ads and much more.

Talking Points:
  • The Women's Independent Press has many goals. We are an ambitious and diverse group of women who strongly believe that women need their own mainstream news and information venue, forgoing the same old, tired subjects of fad dieting, make-up and hair and beauty 'news,' how to get/please/keep a man, etc. There are enough forums for that 'information.' Our mission is to offer our readers a different newspaper experience. 'Informing Women About Our World.'
  • Women's Independent Press has articles on unexplored women-in-the-news, consumer stories/advice for women. Also, investigative pieces about your community, including why certain news is or isn't being reported; interesting pieces on women in your community who have shown bravery and courage against the odds, or women who are the 'unsung heroes' of your community. Anything quirky or creative that you would like to write about that inspires or encourages or gives pause for thought is welcome. Sports, education and articles that focus on women around the world are also welcome. 
  • Author Zone Presents the 1st Annual Awards Ceremony for Southwestern Pennsylvania Authors.

Join Us in Celebrating Local Authors and Connecting Them to the World!

The Authors’ Zone (TAZ) announces the 1st annual awards ceremony for Pittsburgh authors. Join us on October 16, 2014 at the Rivers Club in downtown Pittsburgh with a keynote address from Dave Crawley. This event will include a special program and dinner. TAZ is an event that showcases independent authors in Southwestern PA. The mission is to create a platform that celebrates and honors local authors to the general public - and connects them to national and international organizations and readers.

“There has never been an awards ceremony in this area. Our goal is to showcase Southwestern PA.’s talented authors to the general public,” says Anna Marie Petrarca Gire, Publisher of Women’s Independent Press.

Submissions are now being accepted for consideration. Submission guidelines can be found on the website, www.thauthorszone.com.  The awards ceremony is presented by:  Anna Marie Petrarca Gire and Yvonne Phillips, President.

Ann Marie Gire of the Author Zone
TheAuthorsZone.com  |  FengShuiPublications.com
P.O. Box 9687, Pittsburgh, PA 15226
412-563-6712  |  info@theauthorszone.com
Twitter: HotFlashMedia

Alice Williams
Executive Director, Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The dream of starting this organization became a vision that gave birth to a plan in September 2009 and WEEE was formed with seven women entrepreneurs as a reaction to the overwhelming need to assist urban, minority women in wealth building, through a focus on business knowledge, skills and growth. We secured a Self Development of People Grant of $5,200 from the Pittsburgh Presbytery (SDOP) in January 2010 to seed our vision and continue to operate from personal funds. We were awarded additional grants from the SDOP in 2011 and 2012, and a small grant from the POISE Foundation.

WEEE is the only organization with an incubator concept of this type in South Western Pennsylvania that supports the development and growth of microenterprise women-owned businesses. The concept is “catching on” to become a vibrant community of women entrepreneurs building economic progress, stimulating economic growth by creating self-employment opportunities. Microenterprise emerging firms have the potential to offer economic stability for families, a solid tax base, and a decrease in the burden on social services as the entrepreneurial leader of households, primarily headed by women, become self sufficient. 

Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence is a Pennsylvania Nonprofit Organization and holds IRS 501(3) c status. All donations to our organization are tax deductible. WEEE is a member of the National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) and positioned to learn and implement “best practices” in our incubation developmental process. It is our stance that enhancing a community’s entrepreneurial climate requires collaborative arrangements that increase the chances of success of our emerging companies, as well as the success of our organization. 

Talking Points:
  • WEEE's Mission is to stimulate and support sustainable economic growth and prosperity for a diverse population of women by providing microenterprise businesses with strategies, resources and business incubation, and a trusted source for information and guidance. 
  • Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence (WEEE) is a group of entrepreneurs who have formed a community of women owned businesses. WEEE has as its goal to boost the economic status and development of women who have been ignored or underserved by traditional business development organizations and banking institutions by providing business incubation during the start-up phase when businesses are most vulnerable. Women are twice as likely than men to launch a business, while women of color are five times as likely to do so (Center of Women’s Business research, 2007). This diverse community of women business owners are focused on moving talents and skills into income generating projects and businesses with the objective of closing the “net worth disparity gap” that plagues the Pittsburgh region, for themselves and their families with their own ingenuity. Research suggests that an investment in women entrepreneurs can have a significant multiplier effect that leads to not only increased revenues and more employees for business, but also to healthier, better-educated families and, ultimately, more prosperous communities. 
  • Maxine E. Jenkins,
    Synod SDOP Chairperson, 
    presents check to Alice Williams,
    Administrator of WEEE

  • The microenterprise incubator project has interest in attracting business women who are operating informal businesses, home based businesses and/or college educated women entrepreneurs who meet the criteria of low to moderate income and have sound business concepts or innovations.Our organization currently provides training in core business strategies, feasibility and business plan development, market and competitive analyses, access to markets and loan packaging. WEEE provides its client companies with business development services and resources tailored to young microenterprise firms, financial education, management assistance, and lifestyle and professional development coaching. Starting a new business isn’t an easy task.
  • Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence is staffed with a group of dedicated volunteers and women including two volunteer professionals; an Executive Director, Alice Williams, who is the visionary of the incubation project, a Financial Coach, Kathleen Gary, who provides one-on-one financial coaching and credit repair guidance to the clients, Lyzona Marshall, ABD, a Professor of Business who functions primarily as a referral source and entrepreneurship consultant with the Seton Hill University, e-Magnify program, and Lisa Williams, JD, who provides legal training and guidance for our clients. In addition to volunteer staff, WEEE also has professional Board members who serve on community boards, charities, churches and other service organizations. Both the volunteer staff and many of our board members function in a multiplicity of roles and provide in- kind services for our projects and business growth activities. This network of professionals has provided clients access to high-level (and often at reduced rates) legal, accounting, financing and other assistance that might not be available to low and moderate income women. Their expertise has been readily available and able to resolve most business related problems and help clients conserve most needed capital. These professionals typically are not available to new nonprofits nor affordable for early-stage companies, and without them, the value of an incubation program diminishes significantly. 
  • Our Sustainability Plan moving forward hinges on the services provided by WEEE that are based on annual membership fees. The fees offset the cost of professional association memberships that afford the organization access to best practices in microenterprise business development. Once a business is housed in the WEEE incubator facility, client business growth and revenues will factor in the determined fees for services, office rental space, equipment usage and services provided by the incubator. Well defined outcomes will determine the graduation timelines from the incubator. 
  • Our immediate plans include a website, integration of social media into our marketing strategy and facilitating a series of fee based online entrepreneurial and marketing workshops to a larger audience of women in the small business community. However, our service interest target audience will remain low to moderate income women who may be in a public housing community and qualify for HUD Workforce Section 3 opportunities and /or industry specific entrepreneurship training to reduce female recidivism. We are currently developing relationships to provide contract services in these markets. 
  • Additional events with topics focused on business education, business financial literacy, and the success and celebration of microenterprise business women owners will be held throughout the year to garner public support and sponsorship. 
  • The WEEE incubator organization is an emerging nonprofit with tremendous growth potential. We are in the early stages of seeking financial support for full time paid staff, professional development and programming. We offer a well thought out plan, a pre-trialed client base and unique micro-business economic development concept to this region.
Operation Jumpstart: Business Feasibility Planning 10 Week Class
Tuesdays, Sept 16 thru Nov 18th  |  6PM - 9PM  |  CCAC's Allegheny Campus, North Side 
Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence (WEEE) is currently recruiting for the Operation Jump Start feasibility/business plan class beginning September 16, at CCAC.   In this 10 week class, entrepreneurs determine if their business concept has market feasibility before launching and investing money into the actual business venture.  This 36-hour noncredit certificate program leads participants through determining whether a business idea is a feasible business opportunity. They examine their concepts or businesses from every angle and write a feasibility plan:
  • Evaluating a business idea to determine whether it can be viably launched into a business.
  • Looking for new, strategic focus and direction of the business they are currently leading.
  • Or, contemplating self-employment as a new career option.
Operation JumpStart is an award-winning microenterprise development program that partners with organizations seeking to assist aspiring entrepreneurs. Combining nationally-recognized curriculum; coaching and mentoring; and rich online resources; this program can be the foundation necessary in building entrepreneurial communities of opportunity.  Students who successfully complete the course requirements will gain access to business support groups, as well as micro-financing and business incubation.

For more information, visit weeemeanbusiness.org.
    Entreprenur Tip:
    Don't quit to soon.

    Consumer Tip:
    Get your information out there, don't leave any stone unturned. Don't be a ghost business person.

    Women Empowered for Entrepreneurial Excellence
    620 Island Ave, McKees Rocks, PA 15136
    412 301-1831  |  412 728-3090 (cell)

    Steve Peck
    8Pecks Marketing
    A graduate scholar from Syracuse University, he earned an MBA in Marketing building on a degree in Physics.  Steve has been a top 20% distributor for a billion dollar nutrition company, promoted beer in glass bottles and has had buyers fly over 2,000 miles to buy a car from him.   Arguably his greatest accomplishment may be raising  6 great, overachieving kids with his wife Julie.

    Steve has been solving complex business problems for 30 years, and continues to apply the latest technologies to create value for his clients.   He’s been an innovator on the internet since it was all dial up where he combines his love for business, marketing and technology.

    Steve Peck is founder of 8Pecks Marketing, inc where he and his team help businesses breakthrough the marketing doldrums that impede their growth.  While instrumental in transforming a struggling 50 Million dollar manufacturer into an international 270 million dollar powerhouse, Steve built the infrastructure to support the growth with minimal increases in overhead.

    8Pecks Marketing helps successful business owners tap into the power of e-commerce and e-business to grow and expand their businesses.  They help them get and keep more customers and clients.  Many of their customers are looking for a non-traditional approach or holistic perspective.

    Talking Points:
    • I've been involved in business and technology since 1980.  Most of my focus has been on applying technology to solve the biggest business problems.   8Pecks Marketing was spun out of another technology company in 2012.
    • We really serve SMB business owners who know they want to tap into the internet, e-business and e-commerce but just aren't sure how to, or where to start.
    • Some of our recent projects include: 
    • building an e-commerce website;
    • coaching a business owners to leverage LinkedIn to get more prospects & customers;
    • producing "explainer videos" to help owners more clearly articulate their message and engage prospects & customers
    • Providing accountability coaching
    • hosting an e-entrepreneurs mastermind group
    Entrepreneur Tip:
    Find out what your customers really want and then deliver that if you can.   Focus on delivering value, value, value!

    Consumer Tip:
    Look for someone who knows not just about the technology but someone who also knows about marketing.  Ultimately this is not getting more sales, more business, and more profits.

    Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
    10% off the production of an explainer video for listeners of Positively Pittsburgh Live thru March 2015.   Use the code PPLLive on our website,  www.8Pecks.com/videos.

    Steve Peck of 8 Pecks Marketing
    8Pecks.com  |  8PecksMarketing.com
    2777 Darlington Rd,  Beaver Falls, PA 15010
    724-510-0271  |  steve@8PecksMarketing.com
    linkedin.com/in/stevepeck  |  twitter.com/steve_peck

    Jill Kummer
    Partner at JJ Media Group and Co-Owner of Eventsburgh.com
    Jill is the President of Black Tie Pittsburgh which provides on line event organization for events, ticketing and event publication.  Black Tie, Pittsburgh is the definitive source for premier events and galas in the Western, Pennsylvania Region serving both the non-profit and for profit community.  Her clients include the Family House, American Heart Association, FROGGS(Friendly Rivalry Often Gets Great Success), Ladies Hospital Aid Society and POWER(Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery) and United Way.

    Jill became an expert on the organization, logistics and marketing of events in her 20 years in corporate America in the hospitality business as a Food and Beverage Manager.  Additionally Jill has become acosmopolitan expert on major city life and entertainment having worked in St. Louis, Missouri; Clearwater Beach, Florida:  Charlotte, North Carolina; Indianapolis, Indiana and Houston, Texas.  Jill is dedicated to the furtherance of cultural enterprises and gala events that bring people and profit to the city of Pittsburgh.

    Talking Points:
    • Its important to surround yourself with great people to achieve success together.  Here's a look at our EventsBurgh Team:
    Joanne Quinn-Smith, Partner JJ Media Group, Owners Eventsburgh.com
    • Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™.  Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans.  Her niche is creating internet based platforms using good relevant information to create expert status and organic search dominance.
    • Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster.  Joanne’s flagship website, PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com garners 220,000 hits per month and 62,000 unique page views per week.  From July, 2011 to July, 2012, PPL Mag has had 2.25 million visitors and 662,000 unique page views.
    • She has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media.
    • Joanne has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. With over 800 talkcasts in her repertoire.  Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.
    Penny Haynes, Site Administrator... She is a very talented Word Press Expert
    • Eventsburgh helps event advertisers to find and connect with social media savvy people.  Whether it's a non-profit event, a small business event, a special sale event, or a new restaurant opening event, we can help you reach to audience beyond your imagination.
    • Eventsburgh welcomes all kinds of events from any industries. Do you want more people to show up at a certain place at a certain time? Then you are at the right place!!  A happy hour special from a restaurant?  A two days sale at a local florist?  You post it, we spread it !!
    • This is a big deal below, people can make money promoting events, they do it anyway on social media.
    • Monetize your online connection by sharing events posted on Eventsburgh.com
    Entrepreneur Tip:
    Think of things from consumer perspective.  Dial in to what the customer wants.

    Consumer Tip:
    Make your list as complete as possible filling in every blank. If you can pay to add pictures, videos,etc.

    Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:
    Get $100 Credit for Premium Services Through December 31, 2013

    Jill Kummer of JJ Media Group and Co-Owner of Eventsburgh.com

    Hosted By:
    Joanne Quinn-Smith
    Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™. Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans. Joanne’s expertise is in creating online platforms that create perpetual buzz. 

    Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster with over 800 shows. She has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. Her flagship website, PositivelyPittsburghLiveMagazine.com garners 220,000 hits per month, 62,000 unique page views per week and in 1 year had 2.25 million visitors. 

    Joanne Quinn-Smith has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media. Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.  

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