Tuesday, December 31, 2013

PPL Mag Advertise for a Year, Unlimited Content for Less Than One Traditional Ad Campaign

Online Magazine / Internet/Radio TV Network
Pittsburgh's First Internet Radio and TV Network
ORDER FORM / RECEIPT  Special Thru January 10, 2014  Three Only!
ð        One page that celebrates your expertise and your talent. One full-page listing (text and images) in the Directory,  and one column in the magazine front page until new columns come up.  This is a syndicated blog.
ð        $_$200.00_____1____/year
o    Includes ______original set up_____________.
o    Blog creation instruction available two hours                               Total



ð        One full-page listing (text and images) in the Directory,  and one Internet TV or Radio Show in the magazine.  This is you talking about what you know.  No one celebrates you or your business like you do. 
ð        $800.00___1__/year
o    Includes original set up 
One year


ð        Unlimited Coupons on the Coupon Site/Feed (add as many coupons as you want
ð        $_200.00__1___/year (save $__40.00___). 
o    Includes staff uploading your coupon.  Coupons can be printed right from the PPlMag.


ð        Sidebar Ad on home page, Business Directory Page, Search Page, Subscription Page (includes click through statistics) This clicks through to your website and if set up properly on your business web site can collect emails and take orders. (Additional fee if you do not already have a landing page set up.)
ð        $__$800.00_____/year


ð        One Press Release Announcing that you have come on board as a PPLMag Feature Expert Channel (designed to create listeners and/or viewers for you channel on PPL Mag.)


Retail Value  $2.600.00 Advertisement Package


Special Bonus  
ð        Special bonus #1: 30 minute interview on Professionals with Impact (30 minutes of shameless self promotion-downloadable to CD which you can distribute and is archived on ITunes and additional podcast and internet radio directories) Value $500.00
ð        Special Bonus #2:  sponsorship spot of five minute interview one show PPL in 2013 (This spot will plug you into PPL blog,  PPL weekly online turning page magazine, Positive Pittsburghers and Social Media network of PPLMag and affiliates) Value $500.00
ð        Special Bonus #3:  Digital Branding Analysis (Analysis of where you are on social and digital awareness with prospects and how to fill in the gaps on social media) Value $600.00
ð       Special Bonus # 4:  2 hour branding session (Who are you?  What’s your brand?   How do you want your prospects and clients to see you?  How do they really see you?  How to get the two to match!  Value $600.00

Total Value all Four bonuses:  $2,200.00
Total Value of Package with Bonuses $4800.00
Offer thru January 10, 2014 Only
  30% on entire package
$3360.00 Savings of $1440.00
ð      Special End of Year Offer Total $3360.00

ð      Choose VIP Option 2: Add  Killer rewrite on Linked in Profile, retail value $1,000.00
( Get more viewers on your profile, more inquiries and more business conversions)  With VIP Option Package:  20% discount, savings of $200.00 or get the Power LinkedIn Profile at $800.00

ð        Total Package with Bonuses and Special Bonus
ð        PPLMag Advertisement Package
ð        Special Bonus Offers
ð        VIP Option 2 Killer Linked in Profile
ð        Retail Value $5800.00
ð       One Payment Total Agreement Offer $4,360.00  -savings total $1440.00
ð       Two Payments of $2250.00 one today, one in 30 days
ð       Three Payments of $1600.00, 1 today, 1 in 30, 1 in 60
ð       Four Payments of $1,300.00, today, 30 days, 60 days,90 Days
ð       Yearly renewal in one year from initial payment

Special Free Gift:   Invitation to co-host the Monday night PositivelyPittsburghLive show with host TechnoGranny,  Joanne Quinn-Smith
Remember:  Special Thru January 10, 2014  Three Only!

Method of Payment:   Cash       Check #__________
Name / Title:
Order taken by: JQS
Directory Listing Start  Date:
End Date:  

AMOUNT    ______USD.      CREDIT CARD TYPE   ______ CREDIT CARD #  _________
CARD CV2 # _________EXPIRATION DATE   ____________________
Address on Card      _ ____________________BILLING ZIP ___
NAME ON CARD      _ _____________________________(As it appears on card)
____________________________________                              __________________
SIGNATURE                                                                                         DATE

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