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PositivelyPittsburghLive Talkcast and PPLMag.com host, publisher and staff wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

We have a group of special blasts that will help support the good news in Pittsburgh and hope you will enjoy hearing about some good news businesses.  After January 7 we will go back to our old format of once per week blast from PositivelyPittsburghLive Post Scripts.

Our holiday ad blasts will go out daily from  December 27, 2013 and January 7, 2014.  After that we will go back to our normal schedule of once per week unless we have a sponsored event. Thanks for allowing us to serve you in 2013 with the Good News about Pittsburgh.
In this blast:
  • Antioxidant Scanner
  • Business Information Radio
  • 17 Expert Marketing Telesummit
  • Marketing Plan Roadmap for 2.99
  • Life Insurance

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Revolutionary Biophotonic Scanner Available in Offices of Dr. Santosh Pandit

Revolutionary BioPhotonic Scanner measures how well your supplements are working. As seen on Dr. Oz.Find out if your investment in nutritional supplements is paying off or it you are wasting your money and need to invest in another brand. 
Antioxidant Scan in office of
Dr. Santosh Pandit, 9104 Babcock Blvd. Suite 3114; Pittsburgh,Pa. 15237 
New Years Special
One Adult Antioxidant Scan, Get Your Results in 90 Seconds! Completely non invasinve, no needles or pin pricks. 
Just $25.00 Cash
Bring your children for same scan to see how effective their antioxidant supplements are!
With adult scan, child scan under 18, $5.00
Call for Information:  412-367-9104
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Happy Holidays Positive Pittsburghers!

We hope that you have finished up all your preparations, and are starting to relax a bit! Given this crazy time of year, you may not have been able to review (and re-review!) the tons of material we presented during the Telesummit. This telesummit gave you access to interviews with successful experts with proven tactics in:

  • Secrets to Powerful On-Stage & On-Camera Presence 
  • Pricing, The Red-Headed Stepchild of Marketing
  • The 4-Step Fishing Formula To Hook Your Prospects
  • Entrepreneurs, Are You Ready for Sales
  • Getting Publicity for Your Small Business
  • Your Book: The Key to Unparalleled Profits!
  • Three Networking Mistakes that Prevent Business Owners From Building a Powerful and Profitable Network
  •  Brand Visibility – Control Your Image Online & Offline to Attract More Clients
  • How To Use The Most Under-Utilized Yet Most Powerful Marketing Weapon On The Planet To BANISH Your Competition Off Of Google… Forever!
  • Building a Million Dollar Business
  • How to Use Printed Newsletters to Create Raving, Referring, Buying Customers for Life & Explode Profits
  • Direct Mail Programs From The US Postal Service
  • Celebrity Leverage
  • LinkedIn Power Profiles–Outstanding or Out of Luck!
  • Pulling More Money from Your List

Much as I would like to give you more time to access all of the recordings for free, I can't. After Midnight Tuesday, December 24th free access to the recordings goes away. Unfortunately, so does the special $47 pricing for the VIP upgrade. You can get the details and upgrade at: http://2014MarketingJumpStart.com/VIP.

VIPs get unlimited access to the recordings, plus transcriptions of all of the interviews, and bonuses from some of our speakers, like a free 30 minute memory coaching call from Alexander Vornoff our "Memory is Money" speaker.  Also the TechnoGranny, Joanne Quinn-Smith is providing through the VIP access, a free 30 minute Power LinkedIn profile consult.  

After midnight Tuesday, the VIP Upgrade goes up to $97, and worse, we will be closing the cart after Midnight December 31st.

Go ahead. Jump over to http://2014MarketingJumpStart.com/VIP. Because you deserve to give yourself every advantage you can for 2014.

American Income Life Insurance Company has served working class families since1951. Our life and supplemental accident and health products help protect members of labor unions, credit unions, associations and their families. AIL is a company that cares about its policyholders and worthy causes that make a difference in the world.
If interested in competitive whole life insurance, supplemental mortgage insurance or head start policies for yourchildren; please call local agent
Joseph B. Smith III at 412-628-5125 or

Six Reasons You Need this Great Marketing Book Before the First of the Year:

1.  If you've never had a marketing plan, 2014 should be your year to write one.
2.  If you are starting a new business you need a road map and we are betting Santa did not bring you one for Christmas.
3.  If you want to grow an existing businessfind the catalysts here.
4.  If you want to update the way you do things to become more profitable, find great tips to upscale and enliven your marketing both online and off.
5.  If you want to understand the philosophy of why customers buy so that you can sell more.
6.  If you want to learn how to formulate a plan that will grow your business steadily and profitably.

Get your paperback or Kindle E-Book Here. Android, PC or Kindle E-Book just $2.99 thru January 10, 2014

Five Ways Listening to Empress of Biz Talkcast Makes
You Smarter About Business
1.  No BS Practical Advice to help increase your bottom line.
2.  In the trenches guests who have stories and advice to help you.
3.  Profit from host and guests successes and learn from their  mistakes.
4.  Host JoAnn Forrester has raised over 40 million dollars in financing for small businesses.
5.  Fun, entertaining, inspirational business advice that will make you smarter and more profitable.

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