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New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews and PPL Mag Updates 1-29-13

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New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews!
Noseda & Concert Italia, Pittsburgh Symphony
January 18, 2012
Review by Hank Walshak

Les Miserables Transports Audiences From A Dark Time in History To Enlightened Theatre
Review by Good News Reporter, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Ready to Run Participants, Ready to Learn
Review by Good News Reporter, Jo Ann Forrester

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Newest Radio Shows

Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Positively Pittsburgh Live! Pittsburgh Good News for Jan 28, 2013

Pittsburgh Good News for January 28, 2013: I Made It! Mine, Southside Works;..........Marvin Hamlisch Tribute Concert............THE MICROSCOPIC OPERA COMPANY PRESENTS The Little Sweep..........Artie Lange at the Byham..........Shakespeare in the Park..........and more.
Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith
Just the Pittsburgh Good News this Week Because of Martin Luther King's Birthday Celebration. On today's Show: Pittsburgh Dance Council, Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion: Pavement ..........Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre Premiere of Moulin Rouge..........and much more!
Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith
Positively Pittsburgh Live! No Fiscal Cliff for Pittsburgh, Top of Mountain
Last week, the President signed into law the "American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012" or H.R.8. Find out some details of the law.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, Techno Granny's 9 Favorite Tech Gadgets for 2013

Technology has come such a long way, it's truly remarkable. For all of you gadget junkies, TechnoGranny talks about 9 of her favorites. Google Glass, Bendable Smart Phones (we love this one), Wearable heart monitors, 3-D dimensional mouse, Neural Impulse Actuator, and more.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith
One of the things that TechnoGranny teaches in her Web 2.0 Branding Training for Small Business Owners is how to create plaforms online to use as push and buzz for your business. Today she has enlisted a guest who is another podcast, broadcaster, blogger and author.
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Author, Author Shine Out Loud!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Author, Author Shine Out Loud! Consultant, Overcomer, Richelle Rogersog

Out of chaos, racism and deprivation a child walks with God and emerges a vibrant, caring and accomplished woman. As an author, public speaker and community leader, overcoming the legacy of the past and becoming a willing servant to the Lord is Richelle Rodger's...

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Reinvent in Rugged Times, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! The Good, Bad & Stupid Biz owners do

Empress of Biz and Alice Williams of WEEE discuss the Good, the BAD and STUPID things biz owners do in the course of their business lives. Surviving and prospering in in business means you are willing to learn...if you are not...then you will fail sooner or later. 

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Reinvent in Rugged Times, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Guest Diane Daniels Award Winning Reporter

Join me as we turn the tables and interview an award winning reporter and entrepreneur, Diane I. Daniels of DID & Associates, about her recent awards and recognition. Diane recently was awarded the 2012 Keystone State Press Award from the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association.

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