Friday, October 5, 2012

MWSA 2012 Award Winners

MWSA 2012 Award Winners 

Founders Award
Medals, Flags and Memories
by Stacey & John Holley

Presidents Award

Terry Gould
Chris Wyatt
Jim Greenwald

Author of the Year
Michael Angley

Historical Fiction
Project Seven Alpha by Leland C. Shanlee Jr. Gold Medal
A Passel of Hate by Joe Epley Silver Medal
The Power and the Glory by William C. Hammond Silver Medal
No Paved Roads to Freedom by Sharon Rushton Bronze Medal
Pass in Review-Duty by Brian Utermahlen Bronze Medal
A Wound in the Mind by Francis J. Partel Honorable Mention
Aldric & Anneliese by Harry E. Gilleland Jr. First Runner-Up

Child Finder: Revelation by Michael Angley Gold Medal
Silent Enemy by Thomas W. Young Gold Medal
Solomon’s Men by Glenn Starkey Silver Medal
Another Colorado Kill by Bob Doerr Silver Medal
Mining Sacred Ground by David E. Knop Bronze Medal
Rogue Crusader by John R. Monteith Honorable Mention
Black Wings by Kathleen Jabs First Runner-Up
Wraith by James R. Hannibal Second Runner-Up

Science Fiction
The Warrior Among Us by Dick Hrebik Bronze Medal
The Centauri Intervention by David Michaelson Honorable Mention
Bittersweet Colony by David Michaelson First Runner-Up

Literary Fiction

True Surrender by Tracey Cramer-Kelly Gold Medal
Small as a Mustard Seed by Shelli Johnson Silver Medal
Seven Lives to Repay Our Country by Edward H. Carpenter Bronze Medal
Lost in the Blue Room by Richard Barone Honorable Mention
A Golden Weekend by Larry Carello First Runner-Up

Short Story Collection
Tales Mark Twain Would Have Loved to Steal by Glenn Wasson Gold Medal

Military Super Romance
Your Gift to Me by Bonnie Latino & Bob Vale Gold Medal

That Time, That Place, That War by Margaret Brown Gold Medal
The Insurgency in Chechnya by Robert W. Schaeffer Gold Medal
The Boys of Diamond Hill by J. Keith Jones Gold Medal
CALLSIGN: SPECTRE by Jeff Noecker Honorable Mention

In the Gray Area by Seth Folsom Gold Medal
In Our Duffel Bags by Richard C. Geschke & Robert A. Toto Silver Medal
G-Day, Rendezvous with Eagles by Stephen D. Wiehe Bronze Medal
Follow Me by Elizabeth Carroll Foster Honorable Mention
Surviving Serendipity by Lawrence Enders Honorable Mention
Letters From Long Binh by Randy Mixter Honorable Mention
Crossing the Line by William “Bill” Cain First Runner-Up
Hollywood Through My Eyes by Monica Lewis Lang Second Runner-Up
South of Heaven by Daniel Flores Second Runner-Up

Fahim Speaks by Fahim Fazli w/ Michael Moffett Gold Medal
Front Toward Enemy by Barbara Allen Silver Medal
W.I.A. (Wounded in Action by Thomas C. Robison Silver Medal
Shadow Commander by Mike Guardia Bronze Medal
Marcia Gates: Angel of Bataan by Melissa Bowersock Honorable Mention
My Friends & Heroes by Allen F. Hooker Honorable Mention

Henry Ford’s Moving Picture Show by Phillip W. Stewart Gold Medal

Separated by Duty by Shellie Vandevoorde Gold Medal
The Frugal Book Promoter by Carolyn Howard-Johnson Silver Medal
The Second Mouse Gets the Cheese by Carolyn Schriber Silver Medal
Many Genres One Craft: Lessons in Writing by Lynn Salsi Bronze Medal
DOD Security Clearances & Contract Guidebook by Jeffrey W. Bennett Honorable Mention
You Can’t Outsource Weight Loss by Ed Boullianne First Runner-Up

Creative Non-Fiction

Military Fly Moms by Linda Maloney Gold Medal
The Hidden Legacy of World War ll by Carol Schultz Vento Silver Medal

Staff Monkeys by Peter Clark Honorable Mention


Miracles of the American Revolution by Larkin Spivey Gold Medal
Faith Deployed…Again by Jocelyn Green Silver Medal
God in the Trenches by Larkin Spivey Bronze Medal
Missing Max by Julie Burget Schrock Honorable Mention
In the Shadow of a Badge by Lillie Leonardi First Runner-Up
Walking the Tiger’s Path by Paul Kendel Second Runner-Up

Depictions by Chuck Habermehl Gold Medal
Emotional mélange by jim greenwald Gold Medal
Deeper Into the Pond by Carolyn Howard-Johnson & M. Ball Bronze Medal

Children Age 12 & Below
Jack & the Dragon by Lyn Salsi Gold Medal
My Daddy is a Marine by Alia Reese Gold Medal
When Grandma’s False Teeth Fly by Mary Lee Silver Medal

Young Adult
Believing in Horses by Valerie Ormond Gold Medal
Saga of the Sioux by Dwight Jon Zimmerman Gold Medal

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