Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rules for Largest Organization Hug to have Your Organization Party Catered by Sam's Club

To All Business Organizations, Clubs, Schools, Fraternities, Sorrorities, Service Organizations, Bands, Choirs, Churches, Etc.
Get in on the Largest Organization Group Hug, August 11, 2012
Rules of the contest: 
  1.  Take a picture of your group.  Post it at:
You must donate $5.00 for each hugger in the picture at:

  1. If there is a larger group hug than yours you can post again at:
You must donate again $5.00 for each hugger at:
  1. We are raising money for four charities.  Your submission will not be in the competition if you do not use the link for the donation of $5.00 for each hugger in the picture each time you post one.
  2.  Winners will be announced on Saturday August 11.  There will be a photographer on hand to take new entries and additional entries from finalists. In case another organization has more huggers in their picture, you can get your group there and take another picture. The same donation will apply.  $5.00 per hugger on site!
  3. Last picture with the most huggers will win a party for your group for the the number of huggers in the picture from Sam’s Club who is also providing the refreshments for our Largest Group Hug Reception.
  4. Please note, do not rest on your laurels, group with most huggers on Facebook page by Midnight on August 9, 2012 will not necessarily be the winner of the competition.   So it behooves you to show up with your group on August 11 in case another group who has not entered or one who wants to provide a new picture shows up.  Be there!  If you want to win, it’s in your groups best interest.
One Exclusive office party for the huggers at your location from Sam’s Club.
To include: 
Meat and Cheese Tray
Beverages( non alchoholic)
Cake with organization logo on it
Enough for all the huggers in the entry organizations winning picture

**Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh™ reserves the right to use all pictures in future promotions.

7.      Winning organizations hug will be uploaded under largest work or office hug at:
8.     Pictures posted on  become property of Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh.
9.     Deadline for pictures to be posted on Facebook:  11 PM, Friday August 10, 2012
Donation must also be submitted by credit card at:

This is where we are recording the winners:
Winner will be announce on August 11, 2012 at:  Schenley Plaza, you have the flyer in this email

Special Bonus Group Hug:
If you don’t have an organization, club or office to take a picture with:
Individuals who just like group hugs can get in on an entry for the largest group hug in a tent for $5.00 each donation, photographers and videographers will be on hand to document this one and it will be uploaded at:
If you just like to hug.
Come on down!
Bring thekids, bing the neighbors!
Bring grandma and mom and dad!
Get in on our Largest Group Hug in a Tent!
The Big Picture
Pittsburgh Can be Recognized for the Largest Group Hug in a Tent
Use this Facebook Link to Invite All of Your Friends
Event is Free but there will be a $5.00 donation to get into the picture for

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