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Positively Pittsburgh Live! Results Largest Hug Under a Tent Event

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 8-13-12
 Results Largest Hug Under a Tent Event

As the Olympics closed out, Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh sponsored by and Building Bridges for Business had their own Olympic type event. They attempted to set a record for the Largest Hug Under a Tent and have it accepted at online record setter recorder. Listen in for results. 

Hug-A-Thon Pittsburgh Staff and some of the Sponsors of the Largest Hug Under a Tent

Massage Envy offers customized therapeutic massages and signature facials. Both massage therapy and facial sessions are designed based on the person’s individual needs. Massage Envy provided chair massages at the event. 


Tamar Cerafici, The Barefoot Barrister, Author, Speaker, Lawyer, Marketing Consultant to Lawyers, Lawyerpreneur
Tamar Cerafici is an internationally recognized leader and legal specialist in the often complex and challenging nuclear regulatory industry. She has been at the forefront of the industry in building regulatory and policy framework for a new generation of nuclear plants. She was a major contributor to the first Early Site Permit granted under 10 CFR part 52, successfully implementing alternative site analyses that have become the general standard.

Tamar Cerafici

She's also an internationally known expert on marketing techniques for lawyers, and other billable-hour professionals, speaking around the world to delighted audiences everywhere. She is the author of Dominate: How Smart Lawyers Crush the Competition. She also manages, and the Both are available on PPL Mag!

Tamar has been a lawyer for 25 years, but she grew up in an entrepreneurial family. Her father, although a practicing attorney also managed the family farm, owned real estate, and started up countless business for himself and other clients. Tamar believes that lawyers need to change their attitudes – they need to become lawyerpreneurs instead of legal technicians in order survive coming changes in the profession.
Expert Witness in nuclear regulator practice Cerafici resolved disputes with the NRC and defended environmental challenges for new plants . She has testified as an expert witness before the Atomic Safety Licensing board as well as NRC public meetings. Environmental lawyer: Cerafici has worked closely with legislators, regulators and owners to develop unique management strategies for hazardous materials, including high-level nuclear waste cleanup.

Tamar is a leading expert on Hugs. As Barefoot Barrister, she teaches attorneys and other billable professionals how to reconnect with the passion for their practice. She also teach lawyers how to understand the impact of globalization on their practice, using her international speaking experience and work with entrepreneurs all over the world.

There is a desperate need for lawyers who are more entrepreneurial - LAWYERPRENEURS. That's hers.

Monica Orluk, President and Chief Operating Officer, Operation Troop Appreciation
A Pittsburgh Pennsylvania native, Monica Orluk serves as President & COO after serving for 6 years as the organization’s Vice President and works to promote Operation Troop Appreciation, organize and coordinate fund raising events; and as a media spokesperson. She also oversees all activities at OTA operational headquarters, including inventory management, shipping, and donation procurement. 

Monica is currently employed as Product Manager and Chief Consumer Consultant for Fiserv Lending Solutions. Her role is to provide strategic business development and sales support of technology products to the financial services industry. She feels that her career experience provided the perfect skill set to apply to her OTA work and enjoys the best of both worlds - a profession she loves and a cause she is passionate about. To quote Monica, "It doesn't get any better than this!"

Monica Orluk
Monica was selected as a 2010 University of Phoenix Volunteer Leader Award Honoree, an award given by HandsOn Network and the University of Phoenix to 10 outstanding volunteer leaders in the nation. This award is truly an honor as it recognizes leaders who motivate others and are catalysts for change in their communities. Recognition has never been her intent, but it is very rewarding to have others consider your volunteer work important.

Monica is proud to be a volunteer. Her work with OTA has provided an opportunity to place her time and energy into a cause she believes in passionately. In her free time, Monica enjoys golf, biking, karaoke and spending time with her son Adam and the rest of her family.

Operation Troop Appreciation is dedicated to members of our Armed Forces serving and sacrificing for our country. By providing them with “wish list” items that contribute to their morale, we present a united front to our deployed military by supporting them as individuals, for every one of them
  • Memorializes our nation's past
  • Sacrifices to maintain our nation's culture and freedoms
  • Ensures the safety and freedom of our nation's future generations
OTA is 100% volunteer and 98 cents of every donated dollar is used to fund troop requests.  Since 2004, OTA has granted wishes to over 100,000 members of the US Military.

American Income Life, Child Safety Program
Sponsored by the International Union Police Association, IUPA

Parents can tie into Amber Alert System within 15 minutes if their children ever come up missing. This does not go into a database, this is purely something a parent holds onto so that they can start the Amber Alert themselves.  The kit normally retails for $24.99 but we at American Income Life get them out to those who want them for free. If you were not at the event you can email Joseph Budd Smith for information on getting your kit at:

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