Monday, May 17, 2010

2010 U.S. Small Business Administration Awards Show 5-3-10

2009 National Winners
Marilyn Landis, Fincial Advocate, Basic Business Business Concepts
Joanne Quinn-Smith, Journalist of the Year, Dreamweaver Marketing Associates

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 5-3-10

2010 Small Business Association Awards

“During National Small Business Week, we honor the entrepreneurs and small business owners who are the engine of our economy. Their ingenuity and hard work are critical to our Nation’s prosperity…I call upon Government officials, industry leaders, and advocates across the Nation to encourage our citizens to celebrate the achievements of small business owners and encourage the creation of new businesses.”


Carl B. Knoblock, SBA District Director of Pittsburgh District Office

Colleen Moore Metzer, President and CEO of Moore Research Services, Inc, 2010 SBA Woman owned business of the year

Christina Dameana, Diversity Business Resource Center, Regional Champion

Joanne Forrester, SI Business Associates, Blue Ribbon and committee that puts the SBA Luncheon together

10 local small business owners and advocates will be lauded at the Western Pennsylvania SBA May 28th Awards Luncheon which will be held at the Sheraton Station Square Hotel Pittsburgh. The luncheon is held in conjunction with the 47th annual celebration of National Small Business Week.

Small Business Association

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) helps small businesses start grow and succeed. This is accomplished through our numerous guaranteed loan programs, federal procurement opportunity programs, government contracting, advocacy, disaster assistance, and technical assistance.

Carl B. Knoblock, District Director U.S. Small Business Administration, Pittsburgh District Office

As the District Director, Carl carries out the SBA mission. The SBA mission is to help small businesses. While helping small businesses, he has a second mission of economic development in Western Pennsylvania. Benjamin Disraeli stated “A person is only truly great when he acts from his passions.” Carl has a deep passion to help small businesses succeed and create economic development in the region.

Carl is a strong supporter of youth entrepreneurship. Gloria Swanson stated “Never is a long, unpredictable time, and life is too full of rich possibilities to have restrictions placed upon it.” Carl sees youth like this and they are the positive change agents of the future.

Gandhi stated “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Carl sees the strength in Western Pennsylvania and looks forward to being part of the change.

412-395-6560 xt 106

Jo Ann Forrester and Joanne Quinn-Smith at National Small Business Week in D.C. where SBA National Champions and State SBA Busiensses of the Year Receive Their Awards.  Jo Ann Forrester  wrote Joanne Quinn-Smith SBA Award Package for Journalist of the Year Award, 2009 
Jo Ann Forrester Profile Writing and Award Writing Business, "Blue Ribbon Profiles"

Joanne Forrester is on the committee for the Friday, May 28, 2010 SBA Awards Luncheon

Register at

412-392-4555 xt 3564

To have a profile written for award nominations call Joanne at


SBA Woman Owned Business of Western PA

Colleen Moore Mezler, President & CEO of Moore Research Services, Inc.

• In 1996, Moore-Mezler became president and CEO of Moore Research Services, Inc

• Second generation researcher and seasoned professional with 23 years in the market research industry

• Starting working for her mom when she was 16

• Significant experience in both quantitative and qualitative research

• Serves as the Past President for the Marketing Research Association

• Certified by the MRA as an expert in market research

• Received the 2009 Distinguished Service Award from the MRA

• 2009 Athena Powerlink Recipient.

• Served as the 2010 Co-Chair for the Women in Leadership Development Conference as well as the 2010 Chair of the American Cancer Society’s Daffodil Days Campaign.

• Will receive the SBA Woman Owned Business of Western PA in Pittsburgh this May

About Moore Research Services, Inc

• Was a finalist for the Economic Development Corporation Employer of the Year.

• In 1969, her pioneering mother, Marguerite started the research company. Her mother took over the company after the owner became ill.

• A leading market and opinion research company

• provide unbiased insights and recommendations to help business grow and succeed

• Market research that helps companies understand what their customers and potential customers want and expect

• Conducts research regionally, nationally and globally.

• Conducts traditional research (like telephone surveys, focus groups, product placements, etc.)

• Conducts virtual focus groups, complex online surveys and surveys on cell phones

• Have a growing database of people all over the country that participate in surveys as well as utilizing social networking, like Facebook to communicate with respondents about upcoming surveys and projects.

For more information or to sign up on their database and get paid for your time and opinion visit

Or call 814-835-4100

Colleen Moore Mezler

Moore Research Services, Inc.

2675 West 12th Street

Erie, PA 16505


814-835-4110 fax

Other 2010 SBA Winners:

2010 Regional Champion of the Year

Christina Dameana, Diversity Business Resource Center, Regional SBA Advocate

Serving 10 counties in Southwestern Pa


2010 Financial Services Champion of the Year

Mark David Peterson, President

Bridgeway Capital

707 Grant Street, Suite 1920

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-201-2450

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