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PositivelyPittsburghLive, Pittsburgh Sweetheart Stories, 2-15-10

Positively Pittsburgh Live Talkcast Notes 2-15-10

Pittsburgh Sweetheart Stories
hosted by Good News Reporter
Joanne Quinn-Smith
aka TechnoGranny

Can life stay sweet when you’re in business with your sweetie?

3 Pittsburgh couples say absolutely yes!!

Hear their stories from pre-betrothal to post business.

Charles and Janet Pelligrini of F Tambellini and Peak Performing Properties

“You know how you lose a good customer? Marry her!” –Charles Pelligrini

She was the girl next door. They lived in the same neighborhood, attended the same high school, were in the same marching band. Yet 10 years would go by before they’d truly discover each other. Their romance began on one of the many nights that Janet and friends went to dinner at Tambellini’s. This particular night guess who their server was? Charles Pelligrini!! After serving Janet and her friend s, he invited them to the bar for drinks. He then proceeded to invite Janet to a personal tour of the Banquet Room. They never made it to that Banquet Room because Charles stopped at the office and got up the courage to ask her out to lunch. And so it began.

By their second date Charles began declaring that he would marry Janet and 3 years later he did. 20 years, 2 children and 2 businesses later, they are still very happily married

Tambellini’s has been in business for 60 years. Charles’ mother, a matriarch, was is one of the founders of this family owned business. Therefore, Janet not only married into the family but also into the business. This could have put Charles in an awkward position as he would be doing business with his mother and his wife. There would definitely be the potential for in-law conflict among these two women. “…but they get along beautifully!” He says.

Tambellini’s is the couple’s primary business and Peak Performing Properties their secondary business together. “It’s great doing business with your spouse!” Says Janet.

For information about F Tambellini go to

or call 412-391-1091 for reservations

For information on Peak Performing Properties go to

Eva and Scott Kerschbaumer of Esspa Kozmetika

“I’m really fortunate to have met someone I could build a business with.” – Scott Kerschbaumer

Eva came to Pittsburgh from Budapest, Hungry at time when Scott was very frustrated with dating. He was working on a movie when the lead actress mentioned a young lady she’d met at a hair salon. Scott was thrilled about the prospect of meeting someone who was new to the country, new to the area and new to him.

Scott and Eva were set up and their first date required him to take her AND her 3 Hungarian house mates. They all went to dinner and Scott attempted to make conversation. Despite the language barrier, pregnant pauses, stares and strange looks, Scott continued talking. It paid off because that night became the start of a life time commitment. About 2 months later Scott and Eva became housemates and a year and half later they were married. 10 years of marriage has brought them a son and a successful business.

Eva knew that her very creative husband would have a business but she didn’t know if she would be part of it. Scott had no doubt that she would be a great business partner. Both agree that they work well together because they naturally balance each other out.

“He gets the people in the door and I make sure they come back,” says Eva, “It wasn’t planned and I wasn’t sure it was a good idea.” But it’s been 8 years and Esspa Kozmetika has grown from 3 employees to 40.

The spa has been voted the best spa in Pittsburgh every year since 2005. It won 3rd best spa in the US in 2008. Skin inc magazine International named Esspa Kozmetika the Best of the Best in the in 2008. It was recommended by DaySpa Magazine, the leading publication in the industry worldwide. This spa is 1 of 12 founding members of GreenSpa.

For more information about Esspa Kozmetika go to

Or call 412-782-3888 for reservations

Kristen Holloway and Captain Charles Querriera of Operation Troop Appreciation

“I think of all the soldiers who have received gifts from OTA over the years and can’t believe any could have been as wonderful as the gift I got from OTA – my soulmate and best friend.”

– Kristen Holloway Querriera

Her charity organization, Operation Troop Appreciation had been in operation for about a year when a wish list came in from a tank captain in Baghdad. The captain wanted clothing and shoes to give the Iraqi children he encountered in addition to supplies for his troops. Kristen was struck by his request and after sending what he asked, she and Captain Querriera continued to correspond. Through email and the occasional phone calls from overseas, something beautiful began to form.

He invited her to visit him in Los Angeles during his mid-tour break and they were inseparable thereafter. He had two more tours in Iraq before he returned to the states for good. During this time their friendship deepened and they couldn’t wait to see each other again. They dated long distance between Pittsburgh and Kansas and then Pittsburgh and Los Angeles for 2 years. Then on Valentine’s Day 2008, during a visit to Pittsburgh, Captain Querriera proposed. Four months later, on June 14 – Flag Day – they were married on a beautiful beach in the Bahamas. “He must have loved me a lot to leave sunny California and move to Pittsburgh!” Says Kristen.

They’ve been married for nearly 2 years and Captain Querriera is now in business school in addition to helping Kristen with Operation Troop Appreciation.

Kristen is the Executive director and founder of Operation Troop Appreciation. OTA seeks to ease the burden of deployment on soldiers by supplying them with things to make their time a little easier. The organization is run by volunteerism and donations. Kristen’s work with OTA has earned her an award from President W. Bush. He late invited her to the White House to join him as he gave a speech on volunteerism.

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