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PositivelyPittsburghLive Talkcast 7-13-09, PIttsburgh Pampering Businesses

Spa Nique, Reed Tripp

Twenty years experience as a Paramedic working in St. Louis, MO, Belleville IL, Dover DE, Philadelphia PA, Reedville VA, Myrtle Beach SC & culminating as a critical care paramedic in Charleston SC at the Medical University of SC.
• Flew Medevac missions through the U.S. and Operation Desert Storm in the U.S. Air Force Reserves
• Six years of honorable service in the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Air Force Reserves.
• Started Alternatives in Healthcare in Myrtle Beach SC ( A medical practice specializing in Chelation therapy, Chiropractic care, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture & More.
• Assistant Manager & Marketing Director for Von Taylor Spa & Salon in Myrtle Beach, SC
• Started Spa-Nique in 2008. Initially a mobile spa created to add spa services more affordable and more conveniently than the typical brick and mortar setting.
• Spa-Nique endorses AVALLA & Nutrimetics as their exclusive skin care line. The number 1 skin care company originating in Australia.
• Started BIZ4LOCALZ a planned national networking group created for small business owners and consumers in their respective communities.
Talking Points:
Spa-Nique questions:
 Our membership plan allows someone to receive a monthly massage starting at ONLY $29. They then can lock in a rate of $49 for a year. They also receive a 25% discount from our partnered provider Body Beautiful on any of their services.
 We have 18 locations locally for the clients convenience and we can even make house visits.
 We also have a 38 foot fully furnished and customized RV. This is a unparallel and unique experience for a bridal party, an Anniversary or any special occasion. Basically any small group who wants the ability to choose a unique setting at their discretion can schedule a spa where they want. We believe that our mobile concept offers hotels, campgrounds, housing communities & basically anyone the opportunity to have a spa anywhere one can drive. *Parking is also a consideration.
 To learn more please visit or call me directly at 724-272-5004.
 I have also been a huge networker over the years which lead me to start BIZ4LOCALZ. This is a (soon to be national) networking group that will be created by local business owners in their local communities that will assist consumers in finding a locals 1st choice directory of sorts of where or whom they should do business with. Listeners and small business owners you should watch out for this one! To learn more please visit or call me at 724-272-5004.
Reed Tripp
Spa-Nique, LLC
Cell 724-272-5004
Fax 724-935-0226

Body Beautiful Laser Medi-Spa - just the spa services your looking for!
These treatments are discounted just for any persons receiving this via PositivelyPittsburghLive

• Permanent Hair Removal - Never WAX, Shave, Pluck, Tweeze,
• have Razor Bumps or waste the Expense or Time again!
• TEETH WHITENING Reg price $199 / follow-ups $60
• but for our valuable cliental that schedule ahead
• Only $69 and receive 2 FREE upgrades
• and discount on 2nd Treatment!!
• Sun/Age Spot & Spider Vein Reduction
• (Additional Services at our locations)
• Acne/Stretch mark/Scar Removal
• Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction & PhotoFacials
• Microdermabrasions
• Varicose Vein Treatment,
• Botox, Juvederm, Lasik
• Schedule ahead, Most procedures take around 20 minutes!
• Here are some of the Exclusive Prices for your party!
• (we are the only ones in the state that have this type of laser; it is the best!)
• Hair Removal Example: ALL our competition usually takes 7-9 treatments to get their final results. I'm usually done in 3! That's a 60% savings from the start!
• Area Prices - Small(lip,chin,eyebrows) Med.(underarms,bikini) Lg.(Women legs or a guys back/chest) areas are usually $200 400 600 but for your party they will be an additional 60% OFF!
Botox is usually $500 but only $275 for your guests
• Juvederm is usually $800 but only $575 for your guests - additional discount of more than 7!
• Microdermabrasion is usually 149, but only 69 for you!
• Teeth Whitening - Best deal that can be done anywhere is listed above.
• Massage are down from 89$ to only 39$ for a Full hour Swedish Massage!
• Additional incentives for referral program - each friend of yours that does a treatment, you'll receive at least a 50$ gift certificate towards future services!!
• Please take a second to forward to Family/friends as they can also get a FREE Consult, a 50$ gift certificate for Laser Services and above all your Mega-discounts on services!
• Let me know what your most interested in and i can make that happen for ya.

Mark Fleis M.Ed.
Anti-Aging, Prevention, Health & Wellness Consultant
Look & Feel Your Best at Every Age!

Joleen M. Monteleone

Past Experience
Sales Consultant (Wella Professional Care Division, Woodland Hills, CA)
As part of the Procter and Gamble Professional Care Division, managed and developed a large territory of over 100 independently owned salons. Coordinated specialized promotions and incentives for accounts.
• Recognized, by Procter and Gamble, for achieving highest percentage over fiscal 2007 Sales Forecast in Division (189%).
• Grew small territory from $500 to $5000 monthly sales in one year.
• Mentored and trained inexperienced representatives in division.
• Coordinated trade shows and educational trainings for clients.
• Implemented customized promotions based on clients needs.

• Worked in the beauty industry as a Sales Consultant for the past 16 years
• Now employed at Body Beautiful Medi-Laser Spa as a laser technician
• Avalla is the exclusive distributor for Nutrimetics in US and Canada since 2004 ( Avalla- comes from owner Pam Deans Mom's name Valla)
• They are a Direct Sales Company, you must purchase through a Sales Consultant, or their website

• Nutrimetics = botanically inspired products have been produced in Australia for over 50 years
• It all started with the discovery of the Hunza people living in the Himalayan Mountains, In the late 1950's.
• The Crown Jewel of the line is the Nutri-Rich Oil that contains a large amount of the apricot kernel oil, not only smoothes and softens skin it also has fabulous healing qualities.
• The rest of the line was born out of the success of the Nutri-Rich Oil
• The name Nutrimetics = NUTRI-tional / cos-METICS
• All products are based on natural ingredients, no petrochemicals such as Petroleum, mineral oil, or Isoparrafin
• 5 different skincare collections for diferent skincare needs...
• Ultra Care Products for specific skin care needs...
• Various other products for the body and home... ex. Bath and Body, Nutritional Supplements, environmentally friendly cleaning products
Joleen Monteleone, Nutrimetics Distributor

Happy Tailz Spa. Denise Mahan, Personal G roomer to the stars of Pittsburgh, pet stars
• I groom both dogs and cats in the comfort of their own home-specializing in small to medium sized pets
• I did have formal training-I went to a state certified school (many groomers are either self taught by books or Internet, or they are taught by another groomer (who still use old techniques).
• The school I went to is on the cutting edge and up to date ways of grooming.
• The owner of the school invented the clipper-vac system which I use (Ask me what it is and how it works).
• Dogs are given facials and get their teeth brushed. I can do this for cats also but there is an additional fee.
• My fees are comparable to local groom shops. I donate a portion of the money that I make to Beaver Humane Society.(Ask me why)
• Any thing else you need let me know.
• ** No cerification needed for grooming as of right now (trying to pass legislation to require some kind of certification), however, I did go to a state certified school
• **I use the clippervac system when grooming. Majority of hair and dander go into the clippervac and not in the air and on the floor, also gives a more finished and even groom.
• **My products are all natural.
• **Dogs are given a facial and get their teeth brushed
• **Cats can also receive facials and teeth brushing
• **I actually do the grooming in the clients home which is convenient for both the owners and the pet.
• **My fees are very reasonable-they compare to area groom shops.
• **I do donate a portion of my profits to the Beaver Humane Society. (They are deperately trying to raise funds for a new building by end of year, since they are losing teir current location.)

Denise Mahan
Happy Tailz Spa

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