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Steel City Flyer

George Solomon Teagarden DeBolt is the President of DeBolt Unlimited Travel Services. As such, he is the third generation of his family to be associated with the transportation industry. His affiliation with the company began with a familiarization tour of the operation five days after his birth.

Mr. DeBolt is a student and aficionado of all forms of transportation. His interest has led him to skydive, ride the Orient Express, twice drive a “Moke” down the Pan American Highway to Panama, travel by school bus over the Andes Mountains, ride bulls in Belize and camels in Tunisia, finish the first Pittsburgh Marathon, and drive the German Gran Prix course at Nurburgring. As a licensed pilot he has landed aircraft at John F. Kennedy International Airport and flown gliders over the Mojave Desert.
1, The Steel City Flyer is the brainchild of a couple of railroad guys in Green Tree and the owner of a fleet of buses in the Mon Valley, and no subsidy is asked.

The bus will link in Harrisburg to high-speed Amtrak trains that go to Philadelphia and New York. The Flyer team hopes to eventually allow a bus rider transferring to the train to buy one ticket to cover both fares.

George DeBolt, the third-generation chief of the DeBolt transportation companies in Homestead, is partnering with Henry Posner III and Bob Pietrandrea, chairman and president of Railroad Development Corp., a Green Tree-based company with international rail investments.

Mr. DeBolt said he and the rail men may move people in different ways but both "think intermodally."

Steel City Flyer
P.O. Box 335
Homestead, PA 15120, USA
Toll Free: 1-877-743-5937 (1-877-PHFlyer) ~ 1-412-461-9132
Email: gstd@deboltunlimited.com

Two Tech Divas

You will learn how the 2 Tech Divas save you money by teaching you about online tools that can really help your business. Most of the tools are free to use.

What kind of tools are out there?
Are these tools easy to use?
What's your favorite tool?
Why would you need to use these tools?

Donna Baxter, Co-Owner
"We're not your typical nerds!"

Jo Ann R. Forrester,
SI Business Associates

Pittsburgh, PA 15210

Some of the ways we help our clients SAVE MONEY!
Siba (Price it Perfect ) helps clients save money by Analzying the complete Business and make recommendations on the following:
1. Managing cash flow...how to avoid costly mistakes with the banks, credit card companies, suppliers, vendors and employees.
2. Review what it costs the business owner to borrow money and how that costs needs to be put into their overhead
3. Review over overhead and see where we can eliminate duplicate expenses, including insurance vehicle expense, equipment costs etc
4. Review bidding and make sure the owner is clearly COVERING ALL COSTS including, labor, material, disposal transportation, overhead, and ROI.. Make sure they are bidding correctly so they do not lose money on a project
5. Secure lines of credit to reduce the use of credit cards in the business.
6. Review accounts payable and determine if they are missing discounts or are overpaying
7. Review previous work to determine why the job was profitable or was the job lost.
8. Monitor employees expenses to determine if they are correct.
9. Determine what it costs them to run their business per day, how much they need to sell and the cost of getting the customer in the door.
10.. Help the owner implement the VISION OF THE BUSINESS WITHOUT GOING BROKE.

Gregg Mathis
SLFF Ventures LLC

• Savings in oil usage,
• Improving safety for you and your employees
• Improving your fryer’s condition,
• Making your kitchen a cheerier place by taking on the funky jobs that NOBODY likes to do, ‘cept us,
• Reducing waste,
• Dependable fryer oil maintenance
• Affordability.

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