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Pittsburgh Schools Outreach to the Community, Episode 1

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Pittsburgh Schools Outreach to the Community, Episode 1

Kyle Holbrook
(724) 531-2184
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
MLK Jr. East Busway Community Mural Project
bio and info about program
Organization Background
The MLK Community Mural Project is for Pittsburgh the biggest and brightest art venture in the city's history, with murals scheduled to cover 26 walls throughout the city and already engaging hundreds of Pittsburgh's biggest and brightest residents.
Currently, we've produced more than a dozen murals along the MLK East Busway, spanning eight neighborhoods. The dimensions are larger than life. The colors are purposefully vivid and visually stimulating. The images are jazzy and abstract. The narratives painted are of great historical significance. Most importantly, we are developing the vast artistic and intellectual wealth represented by our gifted Pittsburgh youth.

Talking Points
• 2008 Moving the Lives of Kids Community Mural Project
• New Modules- Music, Web/Video, Fashion, Fitness
• Stopping Violence
• Upcoming events for the Christmas Season- Monroeville Mall and Ross Park Mall
Please visit our websites at and for additional information

From his Keystone Church in Hazelwood, Rev. Tim Smith, 47, runs the K.R.U.N.K. (Kreating Realistic Urban Newschool Knowledge) Movement through his nonprofit Center of Life. K.R.U.N.K. teaches teens how to write, engineer, perform and market their hip-hop and jazz music - with a message. Established in 2005, K.R.U.N.K. has 15 student-members, ages 15-17, who are booked for performances and assemblies through 2007, including a tour of England and France. Two K.R.U.N.K. CDs will appear in February.
Kreating Realistic Urban New-school Knowledge

The KRUNK Movement is a student lead music and health initiative that uses jazz, hip-hop, dance, recording & engineering, visual art and equipment management to communicate positive messages about physical and mental health to teens and pre-teens. The movement is designed as a production company and also serves to teach students how to start and run a small business. The movement started in 2005 with students brain-storming ideas that brought the KRUNK Movement into existence. Through KM the students have created a venue through which they can use their God given talents to impact the lives of their peers and earn income. The KRUNK Movement has completed three phases: The first phase was the creation of the movement as a small business. The second phase established the movement as a production company and a student health education provider. The third phase secured KM as Gateway to the arts artist in residence and opened up the doors for the students to take their message of physical and mental health into the Pittsburgh Public Schools. Last year the KRUNK Movement students performed for 46 organizations and produced two new CDs’. 100% of the students who have participated in KRUNK have been accepted to a major University with either a full or partial scholarship. It has been an incredible three years.
One of Tim’s mentors is Dr. John Perkins: the founder of the Christian Community Development Association. Like Dr. Perkins Tim’s philosophy is plain and simple:

We believe in giving people fish if they need it. But only so they can taste it and want more.

Then we believe in teaching people how to fish so that they can take care of themselves and their families and be a contagious example to others.
Tim Smith Keystone Church of Hazelwood | (412) 521-3468

Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild

Manchester Craftsmen's Guild Youth & Arts
1815 Metropolitan Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
412-322-1773 Ext. 378
Joshua Green
VP of Operations
Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
1815 Metropolitan Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15233
(412) 322-1773 ext. 307
Talking Points for Positively Pittsburgh (11/10/08)
• MCG Youth & Arts Programs
For teens = Apprenticeship Training Program (after-school) & Summer Studio Intensives
*ATP enrollment window- January 7-9, Classes begin on Jan 12.
School Day = Artists in Schools & Art Explorers (gallery & studio experiences at MCG)
Higher Ed and Career Connections at MCG
• Free access to two galleries and visiting artist workshops
• Family Days = Free access to learn more about MCG plus hands on workshops and demos
• Evening Courses for Educators and Adults

National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
NFTE's History and Overview

Founded in 1987 by Steve Mariotti (a former business executive and entrepreneur) while he was a public high school teacher in New York City’s South Bronx, NFTE began as a program to prevent dropouts and improve academic performance among students who were at risk of failing or quitting school. Combining his business background with his desire to teach at-risk students, Steve discovered that when low-income youth are given the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, their innate “street smarts” can easily develop into “academic smarts” and “business smarts.” Through entrepreneurship, youth discover that what they are learning in the classroom is relevant to the real world.
NFTE is widely viewed as a world leader in promoting entrepreneurial literacy among youth. When young people participate in our programs they begin to unlock their unique entrepreneurial creativity, have a greater understanding of the free enterprise system, improve the quality of their lives, and dare to dream for bright futures.
To date, NFTE has worked with over 186,000 young people from low-income communities in programs across the U.S. and around the world.
NFTE Greater Pittsburgh opened in 1995. Funded almost entirely by charitable gifts NFTE has partnerships with nearly 30 schools and not for profit and faith based organizations that serve primarily young people in lower income communities. While all young people would benefit from a NFTE program NFTE's mission is to use charitable funds to benefit disadvantaged youth.

Helping youth understand and experience the power of OWNERSHIP and how ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING can help them discover new possibilities....for life are what distinguish NFTE from all other youth development strategies.

Jerry Cozewith
National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship
307 Fourth Avenue suite 500
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
412 456 4169

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