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Pittsburgh Talkcast Host Celebrates 100 Shows


Joanne Quinn-Smith, Host and Publisher
PositivelyPittsburghLive™ Talkcast,™

Pittsburgh Talkcast Host Celebrates 100 Shows
Interviewing Pittsburgh Centenarians
Positively Pittsburgh Live Explores Only Pittsburgh Positive News

Pittsburgh, January 2, 2008 Centenarians and the anniversary of 100 shows, what could go better together, unless the centenarians are quick witted and humorous and the show’s content is only positive news stories. Positively Pittsburgh Live Talkcast™ is a show about all the positive news about Pittsburgh. Host, Joanne Quinn-Smith began recording the one hour show in February, 2007 every Monday from 7 PM to 8 PM EST to combat the negative news about wrecks and shootings and burglaries. The theme of the show is: “All the Positive News for Pittsburghers, about Pittsburghers and By Pittsburghers. “ In 100 Shows, Joanne Quinn-Smith has interviewed over 300 guests each week taking on a positive core value, institution or topic concerning Pittsburgh every week. On Monday, December 22, 2008 she celebrated Positively Pittsburgh Live’s 100th show with two centenarians who live at St Barnabas Assisted Living in Gibsonia. The interviews with the two Centenarians were on the spot interviews and later interspersed with the usual 15 minutes of Positive News combined with a live guest interview.

The live guests were Cathy Brenneman, Director of Public Relations and Advertising for St. Barnabas Health System and Jim Roddy, spokesperson for Presents for Patients which is run in five States through the St. Barnabas charities. Jim Roddy, former Allegheny County Executive is also the “unspoiled” only son of Margaret Lichtenstein, one of the Pittsburgh Centenarians interviewed for Positively Pittsburgh Live™.

In the Live interview Margaret Lichtenstein talks about her life since 1909 including North and South Carolina, Texas and now here in Pittsburgh. The prides of her life are her awards in elocution as a young girl, her business man/public servant son and her first 15 point buck that she shot when she took up hunting at 66 years young. She shot a buck every year for 15 years, says deer meat is her favorite meat and she would not have killed it if she didn’t intend to eat it. She still has the head of her first buck on the wall in her living room. Mrs. Lichtenstein will be 100 in January and is a life long avid reader who still listens to books on tape and accredits her longevity to keeping busy and constantly educating herself.

On the other hand, Marie Provanzano, 101, is a delightful and humorous Pittsburgh native of Swissvale who tells stories of her native Swissvale which has always been an ethnic Italian neighborhood. Marie loves people and had 120 people at her 100th birthday party, showing that her family and friends are still growing over the years. She accredits her longevity to her love of people and her faith in God. She also does not discount her Italian heritage which gave to her a love of fun, music and dancing. She also enjoys the St. Barnabas Community and her relationships with her neighbors in other apartments. She still likes to do her own laundry at 101.

Pittsburgh Centenarians and 100 shows in almost two years have inspired host Joanne Quinn-Smith but since February, 2007, she has had no dearth of inspiration in the Positive aspects of the Steel City. In 2009, her editorial calendar included:

Pittsburgh—on the Cutting Edge, Technology
February—Pittsburgh’s Black History, Events, Historic Communities, Heroes
March-- Pittsburgh Creative Arts
April—Pittsburgh’s Helping Hands
May—Pittsburgh Mothers/Fathers; Pittsburgh in Bloom
Pittsburgh Parks
June—Pittsburgh a Vacation Destination
July—Pittsburgh Tech Capital
August—Pittsburgh Schools and Universities
September—Pittsburgh Sports
October—Pittsburgh Economic Strength and Viability in Current Economics
November-Pittsburgh Schools, Community Outreach
December-Pittsburgh Restaurants, Tea Rooms, Parties

In her quest for the Positive News, host, Joanne Quinn-Smith has been led to interview
these Pittsburgh notables such as:

• Dr. Kenton J. Zehr, Chief Cardiac Surgeon, UPMC
• Clarence Hopson, Deputy Director, Allegheny County Parks Department
• Tom Savini, nationally acclaimed actor, director, and special make-up effects artist
• Tom Link, Urban Redevelopment Authority
• Ed Fasulo, The Pittsburgh Casino
• Teresa Conn, Pittsburgh Passion
• Penny Folino, Folino’s Restaurant, Tom’s Diner
• Bill Flannigan of Pittsburgh 250 and Our Region’s Business
• Magdeline E. Jensen, CEO of Greater Pittsburgh YWCA
• Kathryn J. Heidemann, Director of Pittsburgh’s First Night

Positively Pittsburgh Live editorial calendar in 2009 will address in January, Pittsburgh Warm up Activities and Winter Sports. Other topics for the year will be Pittsburgh Communities, Pittsburgh as and Ethnic Melting Pot, Pittsburgh Business Organizations and various topics dealing with 25 year celebration of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

• Positively Pittsburgh Live™ Talkcast celebrated 100 shows
• Positively Pittsburgh Live™ only reports the Positive News about the Greater Pittsburgh Area
• Centenarians Interviewed: Margaret Lichtenstien, 100, Marie Provanzano 101
• Live Guests:
• Jim Roddy, former Allegheny County Executive and spokesperson for Presents for Patients
• Cathy Brenneman, PR and Marketing Director for St. Barnabas Health System
•™ provides an online community magazine for Pittsburghers, with calendar and forum and a cost effective way for local merchants and organizations to advertize.

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