Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pittsburgh Social Media

This show was originally recorded on September 15, 2008. The archived show can be heard at: or
Positively Pittsburgh Live’s unique radio channel at:

Pittsburgh Social Media Entrepreneurs are becoming the new media resource for Pittsburgh.


Bob Grayson; Co-Founder / Managing Partner: Pittsburgh Business Center, LLC also owner of Focus Pittsburgh Consulting Group, LLC and Executive Director for: Pittsburgh Business Center Charities (Non-Profit). He is also the Founder and Host of: "Cancer Corner Live" Nationally and Internationally Syndicated Podcast at every Tuesday evening at 9pm EST.

Bob Grayson & Dennis Geary
Pittsburgh Business Center
Twin Ponds Lane

Gregg Matthis, of SLFFVentures, LLC a member of Positive Pittsburghers, an on line Social Networking site for Positive Pittsburghers including Everything Postive About Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania--a resource for Positive Pittsburghers and fans. Nearly 100 Positive Pittsburghers business owners and professionals and growing.

Positive Pittsburghers,

Gregg Mathis
SLFF Ventures LLC

Media Director, for and on line multi media community magazine featuring radio TV channels on local non-profit organizations and businesses. Radio Channels include: Nakama Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar; Volunteers of America, Working Order; SIBusiness Associates, Talkcasts: MondayMorningMarketeer, ProfessionalswithImpact, TechnoGrannyShow, PositivelyPittsburghLive.

Publisher, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Jill Kummer, Black Tie, Pittsburgh

Blacktie is a great foundation for virtual Community both for finding/generating leads and as a source to offer business opportunities to the hundreds of members of Blacktie. Blacktie, LLC's reach is wide and encompasses a diverse audience both throughout the state and in sister cities of Phoenix, St.Louis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Kansas City, South Florida and in Baton Rouge.

Jill Kummer
Black Tie Pittsburgh
211 Highland Terrace
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

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