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Positively Pittsburgh Live Sponsored, 2016 Entrepreneur's Growth and Networking Conference

2016 Entrepreneur's Growth and Networking Conference
Jeff Broadhurst
President & CEO of Eat'n Park Restaurants
Mark Your calendar for June 2
Join us for networking,12 workshops, a business building tradeshow and a luncheon keynote by Jeff Broadhurst

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Becoming a Breakout Brand: Five Characteristics of Companies Doing it Right
Meredith Klein -- Brunner
Dan Droz -- Droz and Associates
Once you've developed your brand, how do you promote it? A brand is a powerful device that differentiates your business from the competition and tells your customers who you are and what you promise. But how do you define it, and then share it with your key stakeholders? Join us to learn how to utilize an effective brand through consistency in your public relations outreach, social media and customer interactions.

Ready, Set, Launch: How to Get Your New Business Up & Running
Dr. Mary McKinney -- Duquesne University SBDC
John Halpern -- AthleteTrax
Join us for a step-by-step guide on taking your idea from your imagination to the market. Launching a business can be overwhelming so we've broken it down into a weekly to-do list that will help you get your business ready for launch and positioned for success.
The Million Dollar Start-up: Stories from Successful Entrepreneurs
Barry Young -- Pennsylvania Pure Distilleries
Wendy Mascio -- Workscape, Inc.
Nicole Naraez Manns -- Nikkis Magic Wand
Jack Mason -- Duquesne University
Ever wonder how someone made their first million? How they convinced a lender to give them money? Or how they were able to create a product that is now a household name? Admit it, most of us are little more than curious when we hear about entrepreneurial success stories. Here is your chance to take a behind-the-scenes tour of some incredible success stories. Listen as local entrepreneurs discuss their biggest successes and mistakes.
Got Google Game?: The Latest & Best Tools For Managing, Running & Growing A Small Business
Sean McQuaide -- LunaMetrics
Joe Polk -- Thirteen Ball
Obviously, Google is a search engine powerhouse but the global company is also an innovator at creating tools that are critical to small businesses...and new ones are coming out all the time. If you want to boost productivity, find new ways to communicate with employees, customers and vendors and manage your business more efficiently 24/7 - Google tools may be your solution.
A Western Pennsylvania Guide to Finding Capital to Start & Grow a Business
Sam Bozzolla -- Allegheny County Economic Development
Emily Keebler -- Kiva City
Natalia Olson -- Small Business Administration
Rebecca Harris -- Chatham University, Center for Women's Entrepreneurship
Randy Heranic -- Dollar Bank, FSB
Looking for capital? Join us for an opportunity to meet with lenders and investors. This is your chance to learn what loan programs this region has to offer and what investors are interested in funding. What are the requirements? What do they want to see from you? How long is the process? Get the answers you need about financing to move your company to the next level. Have more questions? Most speakers will be available at lunch and during the tradeshow to discuss your specific business needs.

A Tax & Legal Playbook for Small Business
David Wilke -- Wilke & Associates
Mike Silverman -- Cohen & Grigsby
It may not be the most glamorous aspects of running a business, but legal and tax strategies are absolutely mission critical. We've assembled a team of experts from the region to help you get you on the right track to save time, money and headaches down the road. Join us to build your tax and legal IQ.

Focus on the Horizon: Why Leaders Need to Lead
David J. Baker -- Human Capital Advisors, LLC.
Brian Cubarney -- ClearBrand, Inc.
Steve Shivik -- SMC Business Counsels
Business Owners wear many hats from operations to accounting to marketing. AS a result, innovation and entrepreneurial thought takes a backseat to the day-to-day running of the business. Listen as local business leaders discuss how to break these habits and go from managing your business to leading it.

Why Greening Your Business Makes Cents
Marc Mondor -- EvolveEA
Michael Barnard -- Oxford Devlopment Company
Brad Morris -- Giant Eagle, Inc.
Gonzalo Manchego -- Duquesne University SBDC
Sustainability is a buzz word in business but it's more than just doing better for the is helping business get a marketing edge while cutting costs. If you want to figure out the ROI on a green project, hear the short and long-term benefits of green business practices and learn what businesses like yours have done, join us to understand some simple strategies for a more profitable, and eco-friendly company.

A Small Business Guide to Social Media Marketing
Jennifer Cario -- SugarSpun Marketing, Inc.
John Dobransky -- University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence
With the abundance of new social media channels and evolving practices, it can be overwhelming to small business owners short on time and cash. If you want to get the biggest bang out of your marketing budget and your time, join us to learn what channels and strategies are paying big dividends for businesses like yours. You don't have to chase all the channels that are available, but leverage a few that work best for you so you'll get better results by working smarter, not harder.
Sales POWER Hour - 3:15-4:15 new this year!
J. Scot Teachout -- Superior Selling
Kevin White -- Formerly with Small Business Administration
John Laslavic -- ThistleSea Business Development
Larry Lewis -- Client Builder Sales & Marketing
Tom Joseph -- BooksMinders, Inc.
Marilyn D. Landis -- Basic Business Concepts, Inc.
Kick it Up a Notch - Sell More!
What does every entrepreneur have in common? They have to sell and the goal is always to sell more! Hear how to boost sales, increase your pipeline of qualified prospects, find the right decision maker within an organization and shorten your sales cycle. Our experts will offer tips and strategies for making more in less time. Join us for this unique Sales Power Hour that is guaranteed to ramp up your sales game and your income! 
Workshops offered Sales POWER Hour:
A Blueprint for Bigger, Faster B2B Sales
A Blueprint for Bigger, Faster B2C Sales
A Blueprint for Bigger, Faster Sales to Big Business

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