Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Positively Pittsburgh Live, Great Source for Free Events, Free and Almost Free in Pittsburgh

While is revamping their calendar process, and even when we are not, this is a great place to find free events in Pittsburgh,  Meet Up Group, Free and Almost Free in Pittsburgh.

FYI all of these are posted on FREE & ALMOST FREE in Pittsburgh on the Calendar if you want a centralized source of what is going on DAY TO DAY in the burgh! (although still catching up on posting some of these ;-) ).
Free JAZZ Concerts at Riverview Park! Remember FREE Movies afterwards at Riverview!
Meetup groups cost the person that owns the page $180 a year for 3 meetup groups.   So looking for donations to cover costs and time of me administering the pages.
Right now you now have a centralized site of Cheap and FREE things to save you money. If you can help out, I would appreciate it.  You don't have to donate if you don't want to or cannot afford to... I'm just asking for a lil bit of help to cover costs of the sites and my time to those than can help out.

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