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Positively Pittsburgh Live Small Biz Saturday Showcase 5-24-14

Positively Pittsburgh Live
Pittsburgh Small Biz Saturday Showcase 
Spotlight on Designers, Realtor and Non-Profit Clinic Businesses

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Today's Guests:
Jodi Colella  
Owner, Pittsburgh Pixels 
Faye Ritter 
Owner, Allegheny Group Industrial, Commercial and Residential LED Lighting
Dionne Malush 
Realtor Marketing and Listing Specialist
Dr. Katie McCorkle Ph.D.
Founder of Balanced Heart Healing Center

Listen in to some diverse business owners, design artists, furniture and lighting designers, wellness clinic and real estate business. | Jodi Colella of Pittsburgh Pixels designs custom invitations and other projects for personal parties, business events and weddings. |Faye Ritter of the Allegheny Group Industrial, Commercial and Residential LED Lighting, Electrical Supply and Installation and Custom Commercial Furniture | Dr. Katie McCorkle, Ph.D. of Balanced Heart Healing Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to HEAL mind, body, and spirit |Dionne Malush, Realtor Marketing and Listing Specialist, Luxury Pittsburgh Real Estate | Listen in as these Pittsburgh Small Businesses talk about their business history and services, give tips to other entrepreneurs and special offers to PositivelyPittsburghLive listeners

Jodie Colella 
Owner, Pittsburgh Pixels
Jodi Colella is a wife, mom, designer and natural-born creative! Jodi has a BA degree in Psychology from Seton Hill University. Through various jobs within that field, she realized that it just wasn't for her.  She soon found that being an entrepreneur was in her heart. She found her niche in design and in working closely with her consumers. She found what she was meant to do. Her degree actually strengthens these skills. Jodi is able to do what she loves, stay home with her son, and bring the love of the Steel City to design and business. 

Jodi is a self-taught and creative graphic designer, specializing in weddings, events, businesses and more. Jodi, a born entrepreneur, has a previous background in design through her previous wedding business as a planner, DJ and invitation designer, which began in 2006. Through some changes in her life, and raising a small child, she decided to focus completely on graphic design and work out of her home.  

Services and Offerings: 
Pittsburgh Pixels offer, but is not limited to: Custom invitations, place cards, and more for :         birthdays, fundraisers, weddings, rehearsal dinners, anniversaries, graduations,                           announcements and other projects. We also offer intricate cut dimensional projects.                     Pittsburgh/other cities/landmarks are often a focal point in these projects.  Jodi offers                   intricate cuts such as the Roberto Clemente Bridge, the Pittsburgh skyline and the Incline.  

In 2014, Jodi recently was accepted and took part in a juried wedding artisan show called I         Made It! Hitchburgh. 

Jodi will soon be offering letterpress and greeting cards.

Talking Points:


        1. What services does Pittsburgh Pixels offer?  I design custom invitations and other projects for personal            parties, business events and and also have a large focus on weddings. Many of my designs have Steel                City inspiration!.  Just like with Positively Pittsburgh Live, I like to think that people are proud of this city              and that the recognizable icons and my twist on those designs makes each invitation a hometown                      keepsake.  

         2. Who are your ideal customers? Couples and others in the wedding party looking for invitations, place             cards, rehearsal invitations, bachelorette parties, etc; Moms looking for birthday/event invitations or                     announcements. I also do graduation party and milestone birthday invitations. I hope to get into bar/ bat               mitzvah invitations in the future. I LOVE, and often get, custom orders. I love the challenge and it adds to             my portfolio!

       3. Why do you stand out amongst other designers? In addition to graphic design, I offer custom-cut                    invitations and projects. For instance, I have an invitation of the Roberto Clemente Bridge, cut to scale. I also        have New York City place cards, a Record LP 50th birthday invitation, to name a few. These add a three-            dimensional and truly one-of-a-kind look to these or any project. 

       4. How did you decide to become an entrepreneur? I have been for years and I thrive as one! I was a wedding        planner and DJ for about 6 years. I always did graphic design (as a hobby and self-taught) with the previous          business, so I decided to focus on that. I am a mom and wanted more work-from-home flexibility I get with          design.

      5. How do people reach you? My shop is on Etsy  I also have a Facebook page, and website  I can also be         reached by phone.

Entrepreneurs's Tip:  Use as much social media as possible, Jodi's favorite for getting the word out about your business.

Consumer Tip:  When looking for custom work on any project, find a designer who willwork along side you to bring your vision to fruition. No job should be considered finished until you as the client is satisfied.  

Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:  10 free 4 x 6 or 5 x 7 save the dates/ invitations (wedding invitations not included) with purchase of 20 or 1 free printable invitation.  Offer expires December 31, 2014. 

412.983.0334  |  |

Faye Ritter 

Founder and Owner, Allegheny Group Industrial, Commercial and Residential LED

Industrial, Commercial and Residential
LED Lighting, Electrical Supply and Installation.
Vinyl (Energy Star) and Aluminum Windows
Supply and Installation.
Drywall, Lumber Supply and Installation.
Contract Furniture and Custom Casework
- Design and Installation, Maintenance
and Repair
Hi-Density Files, Racking and Lockers,
Installation and Repair.
Overview of Services

“Furnished with Pride” is thie motto.

Talking Points:
  • Allegheny Fabricating & Supplies,
    Inc. and the Allegheny Group offer a
    superior level of customer service and support at competitive prices. We honor all customer preferences, and never substitute a product without prior authorization. Full installation, space analysis and design, repair and technical support and assistance is available on all products.
  • The company’s quality has enabled us to establishand maintain relationships with major companies and institutions such as Pittsburg Board of Education. Slippery Rock University, Allegheny County, PNC Bank, OK Grocery, Westinghouse, WABCO, Allegheny General Hospital, UPMC, AEG Transportation Systems,and the New Jersey Transit We have assembled components for projects for Bay Area Rapid Transit, Washington Mass Transit  Amtrak, New Haven and NYCTA.
  • The Allegheny Group is a division of AF&S
    that offers a complete line of contract shop and office furniture, construction materials, industrial and electrical supplies, healthcare products, food packaging and paper products, lockers and shelving.
  • Allegheny Fabricating & Supplies is proud to have earned a number of quality
    awards from our customers. We are especially proud of a Supplier Recognition for Excellence Award, earned in 1990 from the Westinghouse Commercial Nuclear Fuel Division, winner of the Malcom Baldridge Award. We are also proud of the fact that we are a certified minority and female owned enterprise.
Entrepreneurs Tip:  New business owners should do the research and take advantage of all of the free services for new and women business owners.  TheSBA has a great booklet or you can visit

Consumer Tip:  Contact Allegheny Group and ask for Gary to get your free energy audit by mentioning PositivelyPittsburghLive.

Contact: Faye Ritter
208 Woodland Road | Pittsburgh, PA 15238
Fax: 412-828-3325  |

Dr. Katie McCorkle, Ph.D. 
Balanced Heart Healing Center
An innovator and social entrepreneur educated at Stanford University, the University of Pittsburgh, and Harvard Medical School, Dr. Katie is a psychologist in the Pittsburgh, PA area, with decades of experience helping children, adults, couples, and families.  Working at the forefront of the integration of psychology and spirituality through the media, her books, and Balanced Heart® Coaching program, she has helped thousands of people to create more balanced and joyful lives.  She is past Chair of the Continuing Education Committee for the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association, and is a member of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association, the American Psychological Association, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and the National Association of Christian
Dr. Katie Mc Corkle
Social Workers.

Dr. Katie is the author of “A Balanced Heart: 10 Weeks to Breakthrough”, a guided journal offering readers the experience of successfully reducing their stress, and birthing new dreams into the world.  She also co-authored the books “Love Like God: Embracing Unconditional Love” and Achieving Clarity: What the Heck Is It I Want”.  

Talking Points:
Balanced Heart Coaching, the spiritually-centered program Dr. Katie developed, is a system of tools and strategies to live your life in greater consistency with your own spiritual beliefs. It is founded upon the 10 Principles that structure her book (©2002).
  1. Open your heart & Trust
  2. Give & Receive without attachment to the outcome
 3. Create Safety for yourself & others
 4. Welcome everything as a blessing, especially when it doesn’t look like one
 5. See only Goodness (aka Love, God-ness)
 6. DREAM BIG!!!
 7. Take Responsibility for everything…NO exceptions!
 8. Let Go of what no longer serves you
 9. Have NO Judgments, so truth can be revealed
10. BE the Miracle you wish to create.

Dr. Katie’s CD “Touch Your Love” teaches how to begin living these 10 Principles.  Her media career began in 2002 with a radio interview on WPTT in Pittsburgh.  Since that time, speaking on love and relationships, she has hosted her own show and appeared in interviews and live weekly segments on dozens of stations throughout the US and England.  

Professionally, Dr. Katie has developed several programs to serve others in unique ways.  She developed an award-winning program for drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was part of the team that developed the first program for adolescent sex offenders in PA, and developed an award-winning, multi-agency project to help learning-disabled delinquents develop the academic skills they need to succeed in life.
Believing with sufficient organizational and technological resources to match open-hearted healers and people with unmet needs that all people could have access to healthcare, Dr. Katie founded Balanced Heart® Healing Center, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization ( whose mission is to HEAL mind, body, and spirit; EDUCATE for optimal health and well-being; and INSPIRE with our inclusive and unconditional model of healthcare delivery that is affordable and sustainable for all.  Balanced Heart Healing Center is the only nonprofit in the Pittsburgh area specifically targeting their services to women veterans and military families.  A portion of the proceeds from her book benefit Balanced Heart  Healing Center
In her faith communities, Dr. Katie has served on both national and local boards and committees. She is a teacher, social entrepreneur, devotional writer, inspirational speaker and supporter of other people’s dreams, as well as her own.

Balanced Heart Healing Center is building a sustainable community of teachers and learners (Hint: we’re all teachers, and we’re all learners).  In order to serve under-insured people in a way that’s financially sustainable for the clinic, most of our clients are insured or able to self-pay for services.  Come feel the difference!

Entrepreneurs Tip:  Learn to stretch yourself, the rewards in your business will come in the stretch.                                                                                        
Consumer Tip:   Learn to slow down and take stock of what is going on in yourself.

Katie McCorkle, Ph.D.
Founder & CEO
Balanced Heart Healing Center, Inc.
12703-B Perry Highway
Wexford, PA  15090
Author of “A Balanced Heart: 10 Weeks to Breakthrough”
CFC #:  91891

United Way #: 10660868

Dionne Malush, 

Realtor Marketing and Listing Specialist, 
Luxury Pittsburgh Real Estate

Dionne decided after almost 17 years in the Graphic Design business to enter real estate. She had always been an entrepreneur and she realized very quickly that working for someone else was not for
Dionne Malush
She caters to sellers that are looking for an agent that is focused on marketing. Since there are 4 major factors that sell a home:
1. Location - which we cannot control
2. Showability - which is up to the seller.  Dionne provides a great worksheet on how to prepare your home for sale.
3. Marketing - many agents are not versed in marketing and Dionne believes that is it one of the most important factors when selling. Find an agent that does more than just what their company offers.
4. Pricing - this is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR and ultimately, your home is worth ...
    • What the Buyer is Willing to Pay for It
    • What the Seller is Willing to Accept for It
    • And Finally, What the Appraiser Determines it's Value is!
Dionne Malush, is a listing and marketing specialist in the Pittsburgh area. Just 9 years in the business, she is well known in her market and keeps in front of the consumer. She calls herself The Almost Famous Realtor. With
a creative background (over 20 years as a graphic designer), she has been able to climb to the top in her market utilizing her artistic ability. 

Dionne is a 1989 graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Since starting her real estate career, she has been coached by many of the top real estate coaching companies including Mike Ferry, Buffini & Co., Rich Levin, Real Estate Champions, Jerry Bresser, Anthony Robbins, Brian Moses, Donna and Mike Stott and Kinder Reese. Her graphic design background and many years of training help to set her apart in an industry where anyone can become a real estate agent but becoming a successful agent is a much bigger challenge. 

Dionne is a Certified Home Selling Expert which entails hours of training each week. She is able to really showcase her listings because of the marriage of graphic design and real estate. Her properties stand “Above the Crowd”.

She has achieved the prestigious Centurion Award from her 5 years at Century 21 Frontier. She was ranked in the top 1% in sales at Coldwell Banker Pittsburgh over 1000 agents and now is with the #1 Real Estate Company in the World, RE/MAX. Dionne is a co-author of The New Rise in Real Estate, a book that has reached #1 on’s 2012 Best Seller List. Currently, Dionne is currently training and masterminding with Bravo TV’s Million Dollar Listing Agents, Josh Flagg from Beverly Hills and Fredrik Uklund from New York City.

Working with her team, she is able to dedicate her to time to focusing on what she needs to do daily to get a house sold. Dionne studies the Law of Attraction daily and maintains goals in writing to help her get to each level of her success. Part of her daily routine is studying many great books written by Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Wallace D. Wattles, Og Mandino, James Malinchak and Maxwell Maltz. Dionne is a VIP member of Dan Kennedy’s local marketing mastermind too. 

An avid sports fan (Steelers, Penguins & Pirates too), she also loves Corvettes, Mercedes, Bentleys and Drag Racing. Enjoys going to the beach, spending time in her RV, reading, boating and her pets, Izzy and Ziggy. Not having children allows her to focus completely on her business.

Entrepreneurs Tip:  Keep up with technology and always follow the GOLDEN RULE!                                                                                       

Consumer Tip: “All the marketing in the world will not sell a home that is priced incorrectly. And eventually the right price will cure any ailment of a home.”
My tip is to make sure that whatever agent that you hire does a detailed market analysis of your home
including a thorough inspection and assessment of your property location, style and condition,
a written Fair Market Evaluation of your property and explanation of the optimal pricing strategy for your home and an estimate of expenses and costs to show you the net proceeds when your sale is complete!
And always interview more that one agent to compare the unique strategies that each agent and company has to offer.

Positively Pittsburgh Live Special Offer:  FREE PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY WHEN YOU LIST YOUR HOME WITH ME. With over 90% of buyer's searching online be sure to have the best product (presentation) that you possibly can.

Hosted By:

Joanne Quinn-Smith
Joanne Quinn-Smith is the Creative Energy Officer of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a full service marketing company specializing in Web 2.0 Gorilla Branding™. Known as the Techno Granny she offers her clients unique, creative and energetic marketing and management plans. Joanne’s expertise is in creating online platforms that create perpetual buzz.

Joanne is an author, prolific blogger and talkcaster with over 800 shows. She has interviewed over 2000 prominent business owners, non-profit executives and celebrities. Her flagship website, garners 220,000 hits per month, 62,000 unique page views per week and in 1 year had 2.25 million visitors.

Joanne Quinn-Smith has been designated nationally, 2009 Small Business Journalist of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration for her advocacy and reporting on small business using New Media. Her good news reporting at PositivelyPittsburghLive was a finalist for best website or blog in Media for the American Business Stevie Award in 2010.  

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