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For 35 years Emil was a Sheet Metal Worker member of Local 12 as a Foreman/Superintendent/Estimator/Project Manager.
9 years ago Emil was introduced to the LegalShield product and opportunity and finally saw what he wanted to be when he grew up.
He is an expert in helping small business owners grow and protect their business with premium identity theft and legal protection plans.
Emil has written articles for First Commonwealth Bank, Breaking Ground Magazine and SMC H.R. Update helping to clarify some misconceptions on Identity Theft.

He is presenting a seminar called “What Me Worry?  The Mad, Mad World of Identity Theft” at the monthly meeting of the North 
Suburban Builders Association on April 17th

To schedule an identity theft workshop for your business organization contact Emil @ 412-860-5540 or
To learn more about how LegalSheild works go to for information

This is not an offer but a tip.  We have a huge misconception about the legal system.  Most corporate entities that we deal with have a legal team, why?  Because every decision that is made is checked for legalities to protect the corporation.  Who protects the average citizen; who looks out for you and me?  At LegalShield our mission is to make the legal system available to everyone, not just the rich and famous!

Presentation offer:
Identity theft educational presentation to groups that want to learn more about the Fastest Growing Crime in America.

Daryle Crew Roboch – Image-Thinking

Image-Thinking is the Business of Visual Literacy. IT takes Art and “kicks it up a notch” so that Art becomes a language. This
Right-Brain, Left-Brain, Whole-Brain approach to Information Processing has educational, social and technological benefits. Resources are becoming available on-line.

     This is a 3-dimentional motivational and language development
approach to thinking and learning.  The three dimensions include:
1.    visual and other stimulus
2.    body-mind relaxation
3.    speech-writing-language development
which in turn creates a mind-body methodology
The program involves mentoring for relaxation and communication, motivation using imagery for thinking and learning, and methods to enhance language development.

Through her 40+ years of teaching and research, Dr. Crew mastered the power of alternative learning skills. This was done by mainstreaming unique learning talents and visual and mental asset discovery.

Dr. Crew has turned the love of beautiful imagery that comes from the heart of every learner, into the beauty of expression in the form of drawing, writing, poetry and other art forms.  She is able to increase a student’s learning ability through better in-put and out-put experiences…..and she shares this with you in this easy to understand learning road-map.

Many of the products were designed with the help of her grand-daughter’s needs:
  •  to relax
  •  to learn to read
  •  to love and respect Art.

Amusement parks, dancing, Gymboree, balloons, just jumping on the bed can all be learning experiences. What you need as the parent or teacher is the ability to extract the lesson learned!   Image-thinking reflection sheets and happy cards do exactly that.

This program helps:

1. toddlers/young children learning to write the words that they are experiencing
2. older children experiencing a “learning lag”
3. visual-thinking learners in an “academic world” that  primarily rewards verbal acuity
4. people with learning problems and/or disabilitites
5. any age visual-thinking learners in an “academic world” that primarily rewards verbal acuity
6. brain injury patients
7. trauma victims

Pictured learning is as old as hieroglyphics.  Today it can help the writing process, eliminating the stigma that visual thinkers feel. “Everybody did it”, starting with the caveman.

“Dr. Crew gets it!”   Despite her disability (as described in her book  entitled “Image-Thinking”) , Dr.  Crew a.k.a. Grand-Ma Rainbow, was able to earn a Doctorate of Education at the University of Pittsburgh.  Her work has, in addition, achieved various publications and the prestigious National Christa McAuliffe Fellowship for Pennsylvania from the US Department of Education.  This financial award enabled the expansion of her program of Visual Literacy into a legitimate and respected entity.

As her personal journey illustrates, this approach can give visual-thinking students “the power of possibility” as much, or more than anyone else.

Her Tip:

The A B C's for improving concentration, memory and writing through this Visual Litracy Program are;

        A. Draw a picture of a feeling or idea
        B. Add color to the picture
        C. Ad words on it somewhere

4304 Venango Ave
Munhall, PA 15120-3061
Business Website
Business Phone Number:(412) 983-7189

JoAnn R Forrester

JoAnn R. Forrester is founder, president and owner of S I Business Associates, a business growth management firm established in 1975. Over 75,000 hours of experience in teaching, consulting, financing, human relations, speaking, writing and business development classes, writing and public relations, seminars and individual consultations have made her a prominent woman on the business scene in Pennsylvania.
As a financial consultant and growth management specialist, JoAnn has specialized in helping small businesses grow and prosper. She has raised over 40 million dollars in business capital for her business and not-profit-clients.

A number of her clients have won local, regional and national recognition for their achievements as small business owners.
In 1998 she co-developed the PRICE IT PERFECT(TM) Cost Management and Analysis program for small business. Through the use of the cost analysis and projections of the Price It Perfect. Jo Ann Forrester has been able to secure loan proposal approvals of over 40 million dollars in capital for small business owners. 
In recognition of her contributions and advocacy of small and woman owned business JoAnn is a recipient of the prestigious 2010 Greater Pittsburgh YWCA Tribute to Women in the Entrepreneur category.

JoAnn has been twice recognized by the SBA as a Women Business Champion in 1989 and 2000.....Concentrating on small businesses, Jo Ann's experience includes developing over four hundred business plans and being the on-site consultant for the Women's Entrepreneurial Training Program for the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania. From 1991 to 1995 she served on a Pennsylvania Governor's Task Force for the development of a strategic growth plan for women business owners. A member of the U.S. Small Business Administration's Small Business Advisory Council for the Western Pennsylvania District, JoAnn was appointed the first woman in Chair of the Council in May of 1993. Co-author of STEPS TO OWNING YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS and the DAVID Vs GOLIATH MARKETING WORKBOOK.
JoAnn has also been a guest columinist for the Pittsburgh Business Time writing on growth issues for small business

JoAnn has led thousands of men and women into an understanding of the often confusing world of business. Jo Ann is a nationally certified trainer for the National Foundation of Women Business Owners and on site reviewer for the National Business Women Owners Corporation. She has shared her expertise with many organizations and institutions, including Carlow College, Chatham University, Robert Morris University, and Community College of Allegheny County. JoAnn has served as 5 times as regional President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and has served on the 2008-09 National Nominating Committee for NAWBO.y.
In 1999, JoAnn received recognition as one of the Top 50 Women Business Owners in Pennsylvania and in 2000 she was awarded the SBA Women in Business Advocate Award for the state of Pennsylvania. In March of 1996, Jo Ann was elected to the Pennsylvania Honor Roll of Fame and in 2000 JoAnn was installed in the National Women Hall of Fame. ...JoAnn is co-founder of Celebrate & Share, an organization, which supports and highlights the achievement of women business owners. JoAnn's advocacy and support of small business has led her to be appointed to a number of board positions, including the Business Loan Review Committee of the URA of the City of Pittsburgh, and Program Manager for the Allegheny County Working Capital Loan Fund.

Tip for the show:   Keep your word.  Your reputation is built on your actions...not just your  words.

JoAnn R. Forrester
"Empress of Biz" TalkCast Host
Price it Perfect
Celebrate & Share Women of Achievement
2010 YWCA Tribute to Women Honoree
SBA PA Woman Business Champion 2000/1989
Office: 412-440-6969  
Cell: 412-670-4322

Sid Pandit

Sid Pandit is a young entrepreneur who specializes in marketing any product or service via the Internet.
He is a leader at the ASF Movement (Abundance Success and Freedom) where he coaches and consults other entrepreneurs and business owners on their web presence – anything from generating leads, sales, building relationships with customers and much more.
He also works in a tight nit entrepreneurial mentorship society comprised of young aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want to be the absolute best in whatever field they are already in.

Sid also just launched a coffee business!

1. Sid started his own business at 20 because h saw that he did not want to enter the corporate world.
2. He is a Leader at the ASF Movement (Abundance Success Freedom) with his partner Fraser and the two specialize in helping promote small businesses via the Internet
3. Every business is different.  So they utilize Entrepreneurial training for mindset and wisdom, along with online marketing training for specific online marketing activities
4.They work closely with their clients and make sure they are doing the right steps towards executing the right strategies to achieve the results they want to achieve
5. Their specialties lie in Attraction Marketing via Facebook, Youtube, and Blogging.
Tip: Think in your customers shoes when it comes to anything and everything.  Most business owners DO NOT think in their customers shoes when they approach their online marketing efforts.  But when they do, they see their sales/conversions/opt-ins skyrocket
Offer: Send  an email at with the subject line: I Love Coffee!  And receive a free 5 day supply of the coffee of your choice!
In the body, include the following information:
Email Address
Phone Number
Choice of coffee: Black, Latte, Mocha

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