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Historical Stuff to Irish Scullduggery

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New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews!
A Skull in Connemara, A Play You Will Dig
Review by Jo Ann R. Forrester
The play, A Skull in Connemara, written by the prolific and brilliant Martin McDonagh focuses on the gruesome practice of grave exhumation in a small town. A practice, that for many of us,  seems  unreal and something made up  from a  CSI crime show.
Read the full review here.

Lion King Feeling The Love At The Benedum In Pittsburgh
Review by Joanne Quinn-Smith
Hakuna matata: Means no worries and you truly will leave the theater with no worries after this presentation. There is almost too much going on with performers coming through the aisles and drummers in the balcony boxes. What an event of sound and sight and experience.
Read the full review here.

Arthur Miller's All My Sons Still Resonates for 21st Century Audiences
Review by Freelance Writer, Linda Tomsho
All My Sons (1947) was Arthur Miller's first commercially successful play. In fact, Miller vowed to give up playwriting and find some other line of work if it was a flop. Fortunately for Miller and for us, All My Sons ran for 328 performances, won numerous awards, and made him famous. The play's subject was rather provocative in those days of the Cold War, an indictment of the pursuit of The American Dream, and the unintended consequences that can happen when greed supersedes moral integrity.
Read the full review here.

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine
JJ Media Group Rescues and Plans to Go National
JJ Media Group Takes Over Tweeters and Facebookers.

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Modern Military Journalist Interview and Books Tells Story of Continental Army

MWSA 2012 Joe Epley, Passel of HateJoe wrote extensively (news stories, speeches, programs, brochures, magazine articles, etc) during a 40 year career in journalism and public relations but this is his first novel. 

Newest Channels
Information and tips not tricks on heart health gleaned from Mrs. Cardiology's Fireside Chats with her cardiologist husband, Dr. Santosh Pandit. After 30 years of wedded arranged marriage bliss to Dr. Santosh Pandit, my "fireside conversations" with him has convinced me that there is much more to cardiology care than any doctor can possibly cover in the average fifteen minute consultation. The personal experience of having taken care of my father with Congestive Heart Failure more than 10 years ago left me helpless in understanding and knowing how to help him. Today I know more that I certainly wish I knew back then. So I embark on my personal adventure to address that somewhat overwhelming world of cardiac education and I like presenting in plain English! Behind every Doctor's white coat facade churns a world of untapped education that the layperson, or would be patient, needs to hear in pure unadulterated everyday language. That's my mission to let you know of the insights that I have garnered and the mysteries that I can uncover for you about the "perils of the heart." 

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Turning Page Magazine!

September 9 - September 15

Highlights: Five Technologies Formerly Science Fiction, 7 Steps Before You Write Your Business Plan

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Newest Radio Shows

Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Positively Pittsburgh Live! Historical Stuff to Irish Scullduggery

Co-host Sid Pandit, Internet Entrepreneur and Owner of My Rootz Video. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY? Latitude 40 Watching the Game on 28 foot TV, Elbow Room in Shadyside. POSITIVELYPITTSBURGH SPONSORED EVENTS: Entrepreneurial Thursdays, October 10

Positively Pittsburgh Live!, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Positively Pittsburgh Live!

WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TECHNOGRANNY? Producing Mrs. Cardiology-Heart Tips Not Tricks, NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh Board Meeting, Last Week: The Lion King and wedding at Carmichaels Firehall 

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, Top 10 Tips for Juggling Demands of Getting Ready for School

Today's Guest is a Pittsburgh Area Professional Organizer who is going to give you tips on how to get those kids out the door for school in the morning without pulling out your hair and theirs. Deirdra Gross (a.k.a. the "Personal Trainer for Your Life")

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, Five Technologies Formerly Science Fiction

Do you ever hear about a new technology and say to yourself, "I saw Bones do that on the old Star Trek series." Or do you watch a medical procedure on a documentary and find yourself realizing it looks like something out of Star Trek. 

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper!, JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Dreaming of Business? Action Steps to take

Dreaming of starting your own business? Stop dreaming and take your FIRST STEP. Today, I discuss what it takes to start, plan and move to the ACTION line. We will review what you do BEFORE you write your business plan.

Monday Morning Marketeer, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Monday Morning Marketeer, Story Behind Folly Marketing Plan in Your Head

Hear the Introduction of the Monday Morning Marketeers Book in her own words and voice and how to get one of the last free Kindle copies on September 14, 2013. Hear how Joanne Quinn-Smith, aka TechnoGranny started her marketing background and then pursued it over the years. 

Healing Hypnosis, Sanna Carapellotti, MS CHt

EPISODE 25 - Die before 50 or Lose Weight

Meet Beth. She was told she would not live to see 50! Today is her 50th birthday! She is alive and 265 lbs. less than she was two years ago. What clicked for her might be just the juice you need. Listen to her incredible, inspiring journey. 

 Author, Author Shine Out Loud! 
MWSA Award Finalist Pat Avery
Pat Avery is an author and publisher who writes about animals and in the case of her Military Writer's Society of America Award Nominated Book, uses an animal mascot for her third person writing. "Changing History One Dog (& Cat) at a Time" is a finalist for an MWSA Award and the award will be presented at the MWSA Conference on September 27th.

Mrs. Cardiology--Heart Tips Not Tricks, Sunita Pandit

Mrs. Cardiology, 5 Reasons Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Essential to Good Health

Omega-3 fatty acids may decrease triglycerides, lower blood pressure, reduce blood clotting, boost immunity and improve arthritis symptoms, and in children may improve learning ability. New studies also show that Omega 3's may help in Averting Arrhythmias

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