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Burgh Good News Never Takes a Vacation, Tips for Your Staycation

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New Roving Pittsburgher Reviews!

Lady Wildemere's Fan Review
Review by JoAnn R. Forrester

The opening night presentation of Lady Windermere's Fan by Oscar Wilde was a satirical delight.  Alan Stanford adaption of the play, changing the time period from the 1880's to 1947 was just the right thing to do. It is still a time where the British upper class clings to the Victorian values with all its trappings and hypocrisy and yet the setting is a bridge to 70 years later in the 21st century.
Read the full review here.

Take a Trip Back to Childhood,Fun and Fantasy with Little Mermaid
Review by Lauren Brutscher
Pittsburghers who attended the premier of Disney's The Little Mermaid on July 9 got to experience a undersea adventure before the flooding.  This beloved tale of a teenage mermaid courageous enough to dream the impossible has been beautifully adapted to the stage and is a must-see event this summer, for children and adults alike.

Read the full review here.

Review of Little Mermaid by a Mermaid Character
Review by Pixie Della Fiamma
Getting to see Disney's The Little Mermaid Broadway Show was like seeing the animated film as a child for the first time all over again. Only with this show, there are added songs and scenes that give the audience an even deeper look at the story and sticks even more closely with the original Hans Christian Anderson tale of two star crossed lovers and a ˜fish out of water.'
Read the full review here.

Viagara Falls is a Hoot
Review by JoAnn R. Forrester
VIAGARA FALLS is a hoot.  It was was fun to see and had some insightful comments on the life of the patrons of a particular coffee shop.  It is billed as a Dramedy and is written by Jackie Nicoll,  a vivacious senior adult who has a winning way with the written word.
Read the full review here.

Roving Pittsburgher Report: Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine Videos, Positively Pittsburgh Live Magazine

Valerie Ormond, Author of "Believing in Horses" MWSA Gold Medal in Children/Young Adult Category

Believing In Horses (by Valerie Ormond). Sadie Navarro moves for the sixth time to a new home, only to find her Navy dad departing to Afghanistan for a year. To ease the transition, Sadie’s parents reward their twelve-year-old daughter with...
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Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, Twenty Things You Should Know About Download Free Software

Is downloading free software safe? You get a pop up on your computer that says, "Safe Software to Store Your Passwords, " No, you idiot, it's probably not. Beware before you click, you may just be inviting a wolf into your home, computer, records.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, 3 Online Alerts Help Moms, Students, Travel, Business

We discovered on Sundays, Author, Author Shine Out Loud Show on research tools for Authors that others could use the online alerts portion of popular free research tools.

Techno Granny, updates 21st Century Tech, Joanne Quinn-Smith

Techno Granny, Discussing Amish Technology Gadget Culture

It is well known that the Amish have long shunned cars and electricity and certainly in the 21st Century, the Internet. But how do they manage to get along. TechnoGranny has discovered a great article and wishes she had written it. "

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper Attorney Norma Caquatto

Being in business means you have to be legally savvy. Wanting to start a non-profit business versus a for profit business What is the difference? Does it matter? Why can't I be a non-profit ? Why can't I do what I want because I want to. Attorney Norma Caquatto, is a specialist.

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! JoAnn Forrester

EMPRESS OF BIZ! Listen! Learn! Prosper! with Susan Newman

What makes a good website? Content? Style? Or both. Listen as I discuss with Susan Newman, website designer extraordinaire, the pro's and con's of websites. 

 Author, Author Shine Out Loud! 
 Joyce Faulkner on Author Research Tools
 Prolific author and Publisher, Joyce Faulkner, former President Military Writer's Society of America will discuss research tools for authors

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