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Special Show on PPL: Spunky Old Broads 2-23-13

Special Show on PPL: Spunky Old Broads
Listen to the show online here.

Don't blame us, it's Spunky Old Broads Month. So TechnoGranny, one of the original spunky old broads, decided to honor Pittsburgh Spunky Old Broads to celebrate the Sixth Anniversary of PositivelyPittsburghLive. Co-Host for this show is Jo Ann Forrester, Host of EmpressofBiz, Listern, Learn, Prosper, she's another of the original Spunky Old Broads.The two JoAnn's will be joined by nine others who have earned the nomenclature. They range from 52 to 75. (You had to be over 50 to qualify and still enduring in your life's work).

Spunky Old Broad Number 1: Joanne Quinn-Smith aka TechnoGranny

Joanne Quinn-Smith, Award winning internet radio broadcaster, blogger, author  and internet radio and TV network editor and publisher.  Joanne is the owner and CEO, Creative Energy Officer, of Dreamweaver Marketing Associates, a successful Pittsburgh-based marketing company. She is a grandmother and great grandmother, an unlikely trendsetter for online journalism and broadcasting. Joanne is internationally known as the “Get Your Google On” Gal.  But better known as Techno Granny™ to over one million accumulated online listeners worldwide.   Joanne has created a revolutionary online NEW MEDIA platform in Internet broadcasting, blogging and other social media participation that represents the new second generation of World Wide Web interactions, known in technology circles as Web 2.0. JQS is the online publisher of, an online community magazine to disseminate the Positive News for Positive Pittsburghers.  PPL Mag is Pittsburgh’s First Internet radio and TV network with syndicated channels and online radio and TV capabilities.

Joanne has used her PositivelyPittsburghLive™ Talk Radio broadcasts to focus largely on small business topics in the Greater Pittsburgh and Tri-State area.  She also hosts the Techno Granny Show™, where her expert guests advise listeners on navigating the new world of Technology.  Between these two shows she has interviewed over 1800 guests, mostly small business owners.  Not satisfied with just interviewing she has turned her talents to offering 15 minute marketing webinars every Monday on Monday Morning Marketeer™.  She has turned these webinars into a series of E-books on no cost and low cost “Gorilla” Marketing.  Joanne also teaches her social media platform building to small businesses in a client personalized training, Web2.0 Gorilla Branding Training™.

Why She's a Spunky Old Broad

At 57 After losing her limousine business in the aftermaths of Hurricane Ivan, she re-invented herself as a full service marketing company and created one international brand, TechnoGranny and one local, PositivelyPittsburghLive

She is not the paradigm for podcasting, talkcasting or new media as it is "Male" from 15 to 35.

When she started her podcasts/talkcasts she was a trailblazer and no one was out there teaching it.

She has the guts to broadcast the good news and refuses to use being controversial or contrary to get attention.

She launched while in recovery from quadruple bypass heart surgery. 

Spunky Old Broad Number 2: Jo Ann Forrester

Jo Ann R. Forrester
JoAnn R. Forrester is founder, president and owner of S I Business Associates, a business growth management firm established in 1975. Over 75,000 hours of experience in teaching, consulting, financing, human relations and business development classes, writing and public relations, seminars and individual consultations have made her a prominent woman on the business scene in Pennsylvania. As a financial consultant and growth management specialist, JoAnn has specialized in helping small businesses grow and prosper. She has raised over 40 million dollars in business capital for her business and not-profit-clients.  

Concentrating on small businesses, Jo Ann's experience includes developing over five hundred business plans and being the on-site consultant for the Women's Entrepreneurial Training Program for the City of Pittsburgh and the State of Pennsylvania.
Co-author of STEPS TO OWNING YOUR OWN SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS and the DAVID Vs GOLIATH MARKETING WORKBOOK, JoAnn has led hundreds of men and women into an understanding of the often confusing world of business. Jo Ann is a nationally certified trainer for the National Foundation of Women Business Owners and on site reviewer for the National Business Women Owners Corporation. She has shared her expertise with many organizations and institutions, including Carlow College, Chatham University, Robert Morris University, and Community College of Allegheny County.

JoAnn has served as 5 times as regional President of the National Association of Women Business Owners, and has served on the 2008-09 National Nominating Committee for NAWBO. Currently JoAnn serves as the Public Policy Representative for the Greater Pittsburgh chapter of NAWBO.

JoAnn was actively involved in establishing WOMEN DIRECT the largest directory of women business owners to be published in the United States.

JoAnn is co-founder of Celebrate & Share, an organization, which supports and highlights the achievement of women business owners. In 2005 Celebrate & Share established The  Women of Achievement Awards Dinner, which is held during March,   More than 171 women have been recognized to their contributions.

Jo Ann's advocacy and support of small business has led her to be appointed to a number of board positions, including First Commonwealth Bank, Community Development Corporation, the Business Loan Review Committee of the URA of the City of Pittsburgh, and Program Manager for the Allegheny County Working Capital Loan Fund.
She is host of Empress of Biz: Listen, Learn, Prosper

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
Thirty five years in business.
Dealt in fields where women usually don't go.
First one in her family to get divorced, which caused no one to talk to her for years.
She’s raised 40 million dollars in loans for small business
She testified in Congress and other agencies on unfair treatment of women and minority business owners.
She survived a business partner who pledged property that their real estate property company owned for his loans.
She paid off debt from the real estate company, while all the men went scot free.

Spunky Old Broad Number 3: Claire C. Schuchman
"Your Blooms Are My Business”

Claire C. Schuchman
The following is from Catherine Tyson, Claire’s mentor from the Small Business Development Center at Pitt where she did her business plan many years ago.

 This is my take on Claire Schuchman & spunk:

  • To me you would not grow a business as you have without spunk – turning a hobby into a money making venture. 
  • You are focused and straight forward – speak your mind with humor 
  • You are gracious but no one is going to put anything over on you. 
  • You have taken care of your family & kept all the pieces together during your husbands’ illness. 
  • You had your own health struggles, elderly parents, teenagers, teenage employees, that contract from hell with the condo people, no deep pockets, no health insurance, back taxes, learning and mastering technology – there is probably more - and yet with a smile and a shrug you kept going. 

Why She's A Spunky Old Broad
Claire has had a lifelong love of gardening. Her mom and Nana were both gardeners, both organic, mom for the veggies and Nana for the beauty. 

She was a newlywed in Virginia Beach with a new house and a terrible landscape. She didn't see a squirrel for five years, but now she's back in the Burgh. The young mom looking for part time work, became a job in gardening.

The years went by and her husband became ill. They needed money fast, so she worked at a large grocery store, almost becoming manager of the floral department, but yearned instead for the out of doors gardening. 

Backed into a corner with bills to be paid and very few options, she felt that God said, "GO." She did a business plan at SBDC and now she creates beautiful gardens, as well as teaches, writes, speaks, and even can be heard on the radio. 

Her business motto is to provide exceptionally high quality, individual service, and do what you say you are going to do in a timely fashion. Also, to hire like minded people.


Spunky Old Broad Number 4: Joyce Kane
Joyce Kane
After over 30+ successful years in corporate IT and Telecommunications Management for firms such as Verizon, USAirways and PNC, Joyce Kane decided to try her hand at something new.  Joyce traveled the road to entrepreneurship after encountering the U- turn of a layoff from her corporate position. She is the owner of Cybertary Pittsburgh, a virtual administrative firm that provides business support services to small business owners, solopreneurs and individuals.  She launched the business in September of 2009. 

Joyce is a native of Philadelphia, but has adopted the city of Pittsburgh and most especially its Steelers, as home.

She holds an undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from St. Joseph’s University (Philadelphia) and an MBA from the Katz Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Pittsburgh.

Joyce and her husband David live in Robinson Township and are the proud, parents of a golden retriever, Kayly. When she isn't working on growing her business, Joyce serves on several Boards, among them a non-profit Board (Consumer Health Coalition - Treasurer), NAWBO Greater Pittsburgh Chapter, Golden Triangle Executives Association and the Three Rivers Referral Network. Joyce is also a member of the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber of Commerce and The Chamber, Inc., and is an active volunteer with Phipps Conservatory and Botanic Gardens, The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden and the WPA Humane Society. 
Joyce is a mentor in the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council telephone Partners program, working with English as a Second Language adult students, an eMentor with the PA-eMentoring program,  working with at-risk High School students, and a volunteer  instructor with the Pittsburgh Airport Area Chamber’s Choices program, geared to middle school students in Allegheny County. Her passions include gardening and cooking; she is a certified Master Gardener and certified Personal Chef.

Joyce was appointed Secretary of the NAWBO Pittsburgh Chapter Board in September 2011.

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
1. When life handed me lemons, I made lemonade - I totally reinvented myself after a corporate layoff and decided to pursue the life of an entrepreneur. It has been a roller coaster ride where the highs are high, the lows are low and I never know what twists there may be in the track ahead, but I am too darn stubborn to give up!

2.  I always try to see the positive in every situation, even when I am surrounded by negativity - call me Susie Sunshine, but I believe all aspects of life are better approached with a smile rather than a frown.

3.  I am much more active socially and in my community than I was 5,10 or even 20 years ago.  I have more contacts, network extensively and volunteer with several organizations every month.  This past month, for example, I volunteered over 20 hours with the Western PA Humane Society/Valentine's Day Gift Wrapping and am gearing up for the Greater Pittsburgh Literacy Council's Annual Trivia Bowl where I have volunteered the last 4 years as part of the fundraising committee. I am meeting interesting people who are not focused on corporate politics (or at least that doesn't dominate the conversation), learning new things every day, and supporting worthwhile causes; not bad for an old broad!

Spunky Old Broad Number 5: Tamar Cerafici

Tamar Cerafici
Tamar has been an environmental and energy attorney for almost 25 years. She has been a thought leader in the nuclear energy industry, but has now turned her attention to her profession, which according to many reports, is disintegrating. 

Tamar holds a lot of hands, from those considering law school and those creating their own firm. She is the author of DOMINATE: How Smart Lawyers CRUSH the Competition. She is also the founder and publisher of LegalShoe,(a syndicated blog on PPL Mag) and The Barefoot Barrister. She’s working on the launch of her own radio show on PPLMag and Talkshoe.

 And future projects include seminars in the tri-state area; other book projects for law students and beginner attorneys; building mentoring programs base on the works and research of Yoshi Ariizum and working with Michael Gerber's Dreaming Room.

Why She’s a Spunky Old Broad

1. Cuz I'm younger than all y'all, so I have the energy
2. I'm the hard core Grandma
3. My motto is: If I can't be a good example, I can at least be a horrible warning
4. In new communities always gets involved
5.  Surrounds herself with Spunky Old Broads


Spunky Old Broad Number 6: Diane Bianchi

Diane Bianchi
Diane Bianchi is the owner and founder of Business Expansion Enterprises, small business consulting practice. She's worked in the office management field for about 25 years. In 2003 she became co-owner of a carpet and upholstery cleaning company with her husband, Walt. She took over many of the administrative functions of the business including organization, marketing, financial management and statistics management. In all these years she has gleaned a large amount of knowledge and experience of the strategies needed to successfully expand and grow a business. In addition, she has done a large amount of training in this field.  Since founding Business Expansion Enterprises, Diane has helped a number of small business owners in the Greater Pittsburgh to expand their businesses.
Business Expansion Enterprises is a business consulting practice that specializes in helping small businesses to grow, be successful, and help small business owners achieve their business and personal goals. We help small businesses run and expand with our arsenal of tools including setting and achieving business goals, growing your business, marketing your business, managing your business using statistics, and organizing your business for optimum production.

Diane became a business consultant because she wanted to help small businesses in the area to thrive despite any adverse economic conditions. The main tool she uses to help businesses is a precise management tool called the Administrative Scale of Importance, which consists of 10 key parts of management which, when aligned and used, will enable any business to be successful.

Along with her husband, she just started a new business called the Kids Fun Club America (they are affiliates of the main company in California), which is an Internet based family membership club. Businesses who offer services and products for children and families will be "sponsors" and have a free ad on the website. In exchange for the ad, they just need to offer some kind of discount to the members.

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
1.  My husband and I sold the business he owned for 20 years to start a brand new business together.
2.   I started my own consultant practice in addition to the above.
3.  I don't give up easily!

Spunky Old Broad Number 7: Melody Firmani

Melody Firmani
Melody Firmani  is a Transformational Energy Coach, author, speaker, and entrepreneur.  Her unique mission is to move clients from negativity, despair, and hopelessness into extreme optimism and energy through motivation, mentoring, and education.

She specializes in serving the delicate needs of caretakers, both professional and personal, at senior living, nursing homes, and other care giving facilities throughout the country. Her coaching programs help her clients to discover their gifts, value their vitality and above all…protect their energy.  

Melody has studied with personal development industry leaders such as Joe Vitale, Lisa Nichols, and Loral Langemeier just to name a few.  She is certified in the Universal Law of Attraction and as a YES! Energy Coach and Consultant. Connect with her at 

Statistics show that over 50% of today's caregivers die before the people they care for. In caring for others they neglect to take care of themselves. Care givers are tired of hearing they "need to find time to take care of themselves.” They are tired of hearing of "support groups.” Those of us who serve the Caregiver must be creative in our approach in order to engage them in a supportive conversation.

Melody shares creative ways for the caregiver to energize themselves with snippets of time they squeeze out of their busy day. She also likes to get them involved in the creative process. By giving them some tools and skills to think of ways to turn these snippets of time into replenishment of energy turns their thoughts around to themselves. Once they start thinking about themselves, energy transformations begin.

Another area she likes to touch on is "team.” It's really a common thread with everyone, but the caregivers need to be reminded of this. They don't have to do it alone. They can get some type of support/help/reinforcement. They need to engage a team.

She also feels the community needs to get engaged at some level. Neighbors, friends should acknowledge the caregiver and offer to lend a hand: picking something up from the store, cooking "too much" and offering a free meal without any preparation. Just making the offer assures the caregiver someone is there for them. Celebrate Caregivers is her attempt to reach out to the CareGiver and let them know the community is supportive of them.

Melody Firmani, CYEC  (Certified Yes Energy Coach), The Little Lady with a Lot of energy

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
  • I'm the "WOO WOO" girl 
  • When I hear line dancing music, I dance all night! 
  • My energy & optimism is still contagious: I actually change the energy in a room
  • When I tell people how old I am, no one can believe it
Spunky Old Broad Number 8: Mary Pam Kilgore

Mary Pam Kilgore
Mary Pam Kilgore, CMP, is the owner of the former Kilgore Events and Meetings. She changed her business name in December, but still offers the same great service. Kilgore Business Services provides a personalized approach to meetings, conferences, or special events. From site selection to wrap-up meeting, they do the work for you.
Kilgore Business Services has what it takes to make your meeting or event a success: Organization, Creativity, and Attention to Detail.

At Kilgore Business Services, they know what it takes to make a meeting/event a success. Meeting/Event planning can be like traveling through a maze filled with hundreds of small details that can make you run in circles or hit dead ends. Kilgore Business Services will help you with those details from site selection and catering to registration and nametags. They will provide you with "amazing" results at your next event.

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
  • Health issues – take head with great attitude and support from Family, friends and great doctors
  • Business – Always looking for great new business
  • Age – Attitude and a new hair cut
  • Definition:  Been through it all and still standing
*Her husband Bob doesn't like the old part of spunky old broads. Spunky broads is better.

Spunky Old Broad Number 9: Sunita Pandit: Mrs. Cardiology

Sunita Pandit
Sunita is the wife of Dr. Santosh Pandit and is responsible for running his cardiology office. As the wife of a cardiologist, she has become passionate about combating the “perils of the heart.” Constantly in pursuit of preventive care, she is dedicated to recording her husbands observations on what keeps a heart healthy.

Sunita is also an expert in caring for a severely handicapped child, adolescent and adult. Her son Sachin was born with severe cerebral palsy and mental retardation. She has designed a home that allows her family to live a normal lifestyle while giving excellent care to her severely handicapped adult son.
Sunita has two e-books in progress one on healthy heart care and the other on designing a lifestyle as the caregiver to an individual with handicaps.

• Healthy Nutrition and Cooking for all
• Lifestyle Creation for Caregivers of relatives with Handicaps
• Nuskin Distributor of Anti-Aging Products including the Micro Current Hand Held Galvanic Spa, “the Wrinkle Free Diva”
• Viz VBO – Viz Pur technology allowing for high absorption of Vitamin D, A, E and CoQ10

Blog Features
Gem Moments with Aai
Fireside Chats with Cardiologist Husband

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
1)  Cares for an adult handicapped son, runs her husbands' cardiology practice  and her own business. I always ask everyone 'what are they going to be when they grow up'? No matter what age they are...
2) I ask 'Where do you see yourself in five years?' All the time....
3) I overwhelm people with my ability to come up with crazy ideas a mile a minute?????
4)  I'm willing to take on the medical community to let them know they need to work more on preventions than cures.

Spunky Old Broad Number 10 Faye Ritter
Faye is the owner of the Allegheny Group.

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
Being in business and facing many challenges, including overcoming a $500,000 embezzlement  in business, in which she REFUSED to go bankrupt when advised. Faye said $500K is not Enough reason to go bankrupt.  

She started her first business at the age of 32, now she’s 75
In her manufacturing, she faced problems with male engineers who convinced her they were right
She faced health challenges, including  two heart  attacks and a Mersi  infection
She’s been in business with her own family members, husband and son 
She’s supported people through transitions
She’s the first appointed Minority Business Opportunity Director, Federal appointment
She doesn’t take no for an answer, and will keep asking until she gets the answer she wants
She uses grace and determination as a tool

Spunky Old Broad Number 11: Joyce Faulkner

Joyce Faulkner
Joyce Faulkner has been writing since she was a teenager. She loves storytelling in a variety of formats...and has worked with veterans and others to create their own histories -- both as an editor and as a ghostwriter. However, she prefers writing historical fiction and mystery/suspense novels.

Her background includes many years as an engineer and she loves the relationship of technology and art. She lives in Bridgeville.

Joyce writes about the human experience...her books include "In the Shadow of Suribachi" about young marines hitting the beaches of Iwo Jima in February 1945, "Windshift" about the women who ferried aircraft during WWII (WASP), "Username" about a serial killer and an identity thief who target the same woman...and she is republishing her first book, a collection of short fiction, called "Losing Patience."

She loves using fiction ... whether mystery/suspense format or historical novels to explore how we think, feel, behave...and understand each other. She is also exploring new ways to deliver a story...using images and sound. In face, she has collaborated with fellow author, Mike Mullins, to create an audio posted just last night on YouTube. It's a short story that she wrote many years ago called "Just Hold Me." However, with video and Mullins' evocative voice, it has new life.

Joyce is interested in creating an environment for the reader that allows them to use their own emotions, experiences, and memories to appreciate her stories in a personal way. Aside from this her first video/audio of a short story on YouTube, Joyce is also working with a new electronic book format called "iBooks"...which at this time is only available through iTunes and readable on iPads. However, it offers the author many new ways to interact with audiences...images, video, audio, and other creative techniques.

Why She’s A Spunky Old Broad
I have a life list I've been working on since high school...when I achieve one of the items on the list, I mark it off and add another...and I've found that the more I do the braver my dreams and ambitions become.

I love the concept of "why" helps me create characters of depth...and it drives the people around me crazy...

Being an old broad just happens over time...Spunk is an investment thought, time, achievement growth.

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