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Positively Pittsburgh Live! Schmorgasports--Sampling of Burgh Sports Teams 7-30-12

Positively Pittsburgh Live!
Schmorgasports--Sampling of Burgh Sports Teams

Yes, Pittsburgh is the City of Champions with winning teams like the Penguins and Steelers and this year the Pirates have had a pretty good year, too. But Pittsburgh really is a sports town with so many outstanding teams. Tonight's guests are just a few of them. A sampling of the intense sports climate that envelopes the City of Pittsburgh.

Kimberly L. ZubovicGeneral Manager, Pittsburgh Passion
Anthony Simasek, Player/President of the Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club
Justin Evans, Head Coach and Director of Business Relations, Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Pittsburgh Passion
2012 National Championship Weekend
Weekend of August 3rd- August 5th

The Pittsburgh Passion will host the inaugural 2012 Breaking Barriers Festival, featuring the SilverSport Women’s Football Alliance National Championship on Saturday, August 4th at Heinz Field.

2012 marks the 40th Anniversary of Title IX and also the 40th Anniversary of the Immaculate Reception. Four decades after a collective threshold of breaking barriers, the two will commemorate at the legendary home of the City of Champions. This will be the first Women’s Championship in history to be hosted at an NFL Stadium.

August 3rd, 5:30-7:30 pm: VIP Reception, hosted by the Heinz History Center, the largest history museum in Pennsylvania. For all WFA Team Owners, Host Committee Members, Guest Speakers, All Star Members and National Partner representatives. 8:00 pm:  Meet N Greet, open to all players and fans! Come mingle and meet everyone in Pittsburgh! Drink specials at the Pittsburgh Bar and Grille.

August 4th, 4:00 pm: Championship, The 2012 SilverSport Women’s Football Alliance National Championship will showcase the best of women’s football nationwide!

Kimberly L. Zubovic
Tickets include admission to the National Championship Game, the Immaculate Tailgate Challenge, the Fan Fest on the Plaza, and the Hall of Fame Enshrinement!

ESPN3, espnW, ESPN OnDemandCoverage will be provided by ESPN3 and espnW, making the event available to more than 73 million homes nationwide! The highlights of the Championship weekend will also play nationally on ESPN OnDemand!

Pittsburgh Rugby Club
Anthony Simasek is a current player and the President of the Pittsburgh Rugby Football club.  He started playing rugby nine years ago at the University of Virginia and has been a part of the game ever since.  In addition to playing and administering for the Pittsburgh Rugby Club, he is also the head coach of the University of Pittsburgh Women's Rugby Club.

The Pittsburgh Rugby Football Club was established in 1964. Since that time, the club has identified itself as an organization of diverse and colorful people with one common passion: to play the best rugby possible. In the long history of the club, people from all occupations have played for the team including doctors, lawyers, mechanics, students, police officers, engineers, etc. The team has grown to represent the city from which it has sprung. Whether it be its diverse makeup of members, its hardworking and gritty reputation, or even the colors it wears (Black and Gold), the PRFC is the city’s team. They play in the city. They practice in the city. Hence their nickname as they have come to be known around town – “Pitt-City.”

They currently have two men's and one women's team. The men play in the Midwest Division 2 and Division 3 leagues and the women play in the Midwest Division 2 league. The women have been national finalists in Division 2 for three of the last four years. This past year, the men qualified for the Midwest playoffs and lost to the eventual D2 National runner up. In addition to being players, they also provide coaching for the University of Pittsburgh Men and Women's programs, as well as high school programs like Fox Chapel girls and Sto-Rox boys. The teams practice in the Spring, Summer, and Fall on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and play games throughout the Midwest and East coast on Saturdays.  

In addition to fielding rugby teams they also own a bar in the Southside, "Rugger's Pub" - where you can always find a friendly rugger on Thursday and Saturday evenings. They also host one of the largest one day collegiate rugby tournaments each year at Coopers Lake Campground in Slippery Rock, PA. The Pittsburgh Brewfest, which has grown into a large beer tasting event, is hosted each November by the Pittsburgh Rugby Club and features over 80 beers, 1,200 people, live music and is a great way to enjoy local craft brewers.

For more information on the Club or for info on how to join, visit their website at www.pghrugby.com.

Pittsburgh Riverhounds
Founded in 1999 as a member of the United Soccer Leagues’ A-League, the Pittsburgh Riverhounds have brought elite soccer to Western Pennsylvania and are the only pro soccer team in the Tri-State Area. 

The Riverhounds recruit players from top programs around the country and the world. Since established, the Riverhounds have not had an official home field and have played at CONSOL Energy Stadium in Washington, Pa as well as a handful of local high schools around the area. In 2007, the team obtained new ownership and began to develop a presence in the area. During this same year, the Riverhounds brokered a relationship with Everton Football Club of England to create a developmental program for youth soccer players. 

The Riverhounds Academy has grown in participation, programming, and value and has proved to be a soccer Academy where young players are trained by the professionals.  The growth of the Academy in the area has been a catalyst for the new stadium. During the fall of 2010, the Riverhounds joined the USL PRO Division created by the United Soccer Leagues. The division sits just below Major League Soccer and will serve as a stepping stone for players looking to jump to the next level. 

The season runs from April through September. For more information, please visit their website at www.riverhounds.com.

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