Friday, May 25, 2012

First Annual Celebrate PostivelyPittsburgh Mom's

Looking for pictures of new mothers
and older mothers

First Annual Celebrate PostivelyPittsburgh Mom’s Sponsored by PositivelyPittsburghLive

Looking for Outstanding
PositivelyPittsburgh Mom's
The Pittsburgh’s Own TechnoGranny

So you’ve been showing Around the Kids and the Grandkids pictures but where would they be without moms and grandmoms! Nowhere, they wouldn’t have been born.
Pictures of moms playing video games,
football, riding bikes!
Now it’s time this month to celebrate Pittsburgh Mothers and say, “Aren’t they beautiful, aren’t they smart looking, aren’t they stylish, aren’t they cute?”
We know you don’t carry around mom’s picture in your wallet (well my son has a winged tattoo on his chest that says, “MOM”)
Send pictures from your old family albums
Even so, here’s your chance to celebrate mom in video.  Remember the Sweetheart’s Video we did back in 2011, well this year and every year from now on we are going to celebrate our moms.
Moms come from all backgrounds,
Showcase your mom!
Feature Your Mom, Grandma, Adopted Mom, Aunt, Great Grandma or Surrogate Mom on a Roving Pittsburgher Video on PPL Mag...Extend the Love
Celebrate Mom’s With Us in Video

Feature Your Favorite Mom or Favorites on a Special Mom’s Month Video on

Extend the LOVE…give the ones that changed your diapers, dried your tears and drove you to team sports a special
PPL Kiss & Hug
We want to feature Mom’s Who Were
Dedicated, Funny, Artistic, Talented    
Pictures of gram with her favorite
roses or on your skateboard!Funny

But especially MOTHERLY
What about your work place Mom, a teacher who was like a mom…your church mom or a mom on the bus who makes you feel special?
We’re sure they will appreciate a big PPL Kiss & Hug
  • We need your Mom’s name and your name and permission to use the photo. Send us your pictures and we will add them to a special video for PositivelyPittsburgh Mom’s
  • Video will feature music of local composer and be available on Sunday, June 10, 2012
  • All Pictures must be submitted by February Midnight on June 2, 2012.
Please send your video to pictures to:
Pictures of you and grandma together!

You have had lots of time to take pictures in May, coz you should have all seen your mom's by now or took out the old photographs to remember grandma.

Make sure that your pictures are in jpeg or gif format.

Special Bonus, send in 150 word or less statement, Why this Mom is so special to me and what makes her a PositivelyPittsburgh Mom.  Best answer will receive a $40.00 Nakama Gift Card and the essay will be published at:  http://positivleypittsburghliveblog and also show up in the PPL Mag Turning Page Magazine at the end of June with mom’s smiling face in the picture that you sent us.

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