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Pittsburgh City Parks Interview with Dick Skrinjar, Director Community Services, Pittsburgh City Parks

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Positively Pittsburgh Live! 6-27-11
Pittsburgh City Parks

Sometimes you just don't know what you have. Tonight you will find out that the City of Pittsburgh Parks system is one of the largest and finest in the country for a city of its size.

Today’s Guest
Dick Skrinjar, Director Community Services Pittsburgh Citiparks and Recreation

Dick is:
  • Nationally recognized and an award winning expert in fields of Communications, Marketing and Opinion Research
  • Experienced in Transportation, Government & Public Policy, Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Consumer and Political Campaigns and Active Healthy Aging
  • A writer, Producer, Director
  • A central figure in planning, design, construction of over $5 billion worth of public infrastructure.
  • A specialist at staying on track and moving in the right direction regardless of what the distractions.
The Seven Factors Of Excellence Are:
  1. A clear expression of purpose
  2. An ongoing planning and community involvement process - Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  3. Sufficient assets in land, staffing, and equipment to meet the system’s goals
  4. Equitable access
  5. User satisfaction                                         
  6. Safety from crime and physical hazards
  7. Benefits for the city beyond the boundaries of the park
To hear Dick’s interview and his answers to questions like:
  • What was the city’s approximate total level of private donations for parks?
  • What is the acreage you own (and/or control) within the city limits, broken down into three categories: natural areas (including water acreage), designed areas (including water acreage), undeveloped areas (land not yet open to the public)?
  • How many acres, if any, do you operate in joint use with a school district?
  • How much did your agency spend in the past fiscal year, including maintenance, programming, capital construction, and land acquisition?
  • Is your park-and-recreation plan integrated into the full city-wide comprehensive plan?
  • Does the agency have an official citizen advisory board or similar community involvement mechanism that meets regularly?     

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl announced today that the City is gearing up for another action-packed summer. Free copies of the 2011 Citiparks Summer Magazine are now available at various locations throughout the City, providing easy information on the City's 2011 schedule of summer events such as community festivals, competitions, and family activities like movie and jazz nights in the parks. The 60-page booklet also includes reference materials such as City facility lists and phone numbers. Information and schedules for Citiparks programs and events are also available by visiting or by calling 412-255-2539.
City Parks Summer Magazine includes information on the following:

  • Swimming Pools and Spray Parks
  • Farmers' Markets opening
  • Schenley Oval Sportsplex
  • Riverview Park Soccer Complex
  • Regional Parks
  • Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
  • Cycling, Disc Golf, Lawn Bowling, Skateboarding
  • Off-Leash Exercise Area, Trails, Picnic Shelters
  • Competitions, Activities, Events

Citiparks three major facilities
* Frick Environmental Center
* Schenley Park Skating Rink (and miniature golf)
* Mellon Park Tennis Center

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