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Roving Pittsburgher and Mountaineer Cheerleader in the Strip

Positively Pittsburgh Live! 11-29-10
Mountaineer Cheerleader & Roving Pittsburgher in the Strip

Mountaineer Cheerleader Josh Kurmot and his aunt, the Roving Pittsburgher Joanne Quinn Smith, experiment and enjoy the Strip District after Thanksgiving.

La Prima Expresso.
205 21st Street
“Coffee at La Prima is an experience. You can get your own ground coffee or a latte”
Personal favorite: Decaf Latte
Pastries are from a restaurant across the street.

Stamoolis Brothers                                                                     
2020 Penn Ave
 “Wonderful place to get Greek and middle eastern ethnic foods!”
Stan’s Market
1809 Penn Ave
Best place in the strip to buy produce.
“My nephew went crazy because the bill was $16 dollars and we had four or five bags.”
Great produce, great deals.

Pennsylvania Macaroni
2010 Penn Ave
Pasta, sauces, meats, cheese, olive oil and bread.
Now there’s a company here in Pittsburgh that roasts peppers for you. You can buy them in a jar at Pennsylvania Macaroni.

Reyna Foods
2031 Penn Ave                                                                                        
“It smells so wonderful because they make such wonderful things there.
They make a wonderful guacamole. It’s fresh and homemade.”
They also make Sweet bread and other dips and beautiful piñatas.

Mon Aimee Chocolate
2101Penn Ave
Owner: Amy Roosevelt
 “If you’re a chocolate snob, it’s the best place to shop.”
Chocolate covered espresso beans – One of Josh’s personal favorites
They sell European chocolates.

Mery’s Gifts and Crafts
2107 Penn Ave
New, only about 2 months old.
Wonderful, gorgeous costume jewelry that you’d pay a hundred or a hundred and fifty dollars for she sells for $25 to $35. She sells rhinestone, faux stone, and some real stones.

Penn Ave Fish Company
2208 Penn Ave
Owner: Henry Dewey                                                                         
Fresh fish, great marketing.
Wonderful soups
Recommend: Fresh Grouper sandwich on chiabatta bread, with sweet potato fries, tomato based pasta and spicy tuna roll.

S and D Polish Deli
2204 Penn Ave
Foods imported from Germany and Poland

Leaf and Bean Company
2200 Penn ave, entrance on 22nd                                                                                
Owner: Jim Robinson
“I was delighted that I went inside.”
Inside was very campy.
Has a cigar humidor where all the cigars are kept.
Cigars from Hondorus and all over the place.
Live music on Saturday afternoons.

Try breakfast at Deluca’s or Pamela’s or the Café in the Strip.

Josh, who is also an award winning photographer, took some great pictures of the day. All the pictures will be set to music and put in a video to be viewed at

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