Friday, April 22, 2011

RovingPittsburgher Review, Mama Mia or Hines Ward, Dancing with the Stars

This is one battle that Hines did not win. On Tuesday night  this "Baby Boomer" and loyal Steelers Fan was torn between going to see Mamma Mia! or watch Dancing with the Stars, and making sure that our Hines Ward was not eliminated.  As if my  viewing alone  would be enough to keep him  a contender.  Well Mamma Mia! did win out. I left the house  humming all the songs I could  remember  and arrived plenty of time at the Heinz Hall for the play.

I also thought  it was a sign that everything was going to go well for Hines since we were at the beautiful Heinz Hall. And of course I was right!
Needless to say Mamma Mia  was great fun and lived up to my fond memories and  expectations.  The singers were strong, personable and seemed as if they were having a great time .  The choreography was exciting and energetic capturing the mood of the play exactly.  Lead singer Kaye Tuckerman projected Donna Sheridan personality well and as all the women in the cast.  John Bisom was a good counterpart  for Donna .   Chloe Tucker as the daughter naivete Sophie Sheridan looking for her father and longing for what she did not have was enjoyable.  Mary Callahan  (Rosie) and Alison Ewing (Tanya) were  delightful as Donna's friend who have come back to celebrate  her daughters wedding.  All the cast was enjoyable and pleasant to watch.
The set  design was interesting and clever.  Using modular system that could be easily moved to portray different part of the town and various scenes around the island & hotel.
What was the most fun for me was looking at the audience and seeing the wide range of ages and people there.  Grandparents, grown children and grandchildren coming to see Mamma Mia to relive memories of days gone and to be introduced to  "our music " with their children.  Their was a lot of toe tapping, singing and bouncing around in the seats. When the special encore came...people jumped up from their seat and were waving hands and swaying and singing.  A great time was had by all.

Want to feel young and happy again...grab your phone or  click on that mouse and get your seats and relive that special times in your life when all was carefree and fun and the music moved your feet and kept you singing those wonderful  tunes...and you are  young again.  
Report by RovingPittsburgh Reporter, JoAnn R Forrester
(c) PositivelyPittsburghLive and Joanne Quinn-Smith, 2011

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