Sunday, December 12, 2010

Roving Pittsburgher Report, Review of a Christmas Carol, Live at the Benedum

Thanks Joann Quinn- Smith, Publisher of  for letting me feel like a kid again as I enjoyed the opening night on October 9th 2010, of A Musical Christmas Carol by the Pittsburgh CLO.  Ahh the Byham Theatre is it… my new favorite because … I smell theatre there… I feel theatre there… I can see the actors from any seat there… I love the orchestra under the stage – just as it should be …

David Bell has done an outstanding job of entertaining adults and children with his version of “A Christmas Carol”… I want to party with Tim Hartmen (Dude you walk on air!)  I am mesmerized by Tom Atkins’ performance. He has a command of voice that demands your attention and draws you into the world of Mr. Scrooge… ( I had trouble placing him as he did not have on  army green?)  The rest of the cast… how do I praise thee? Except to simply say a deep felt awe and appreciation for your efforts of a wonderful rendition in beautiful voices!  I was one of the first to stand up and applaud!

The set although cluttered and really tight on that tiny stage and the steps ooohhhh I just held my breath wondering who was going to trip!  But no there was no misstep… even Mr. Scrooge dropping his hat too appeared so naturally choreographed!  And the ghosts… what a grand entry each time…. Out of thin air… how did they pull it off?
My thoroughly enjoyable evening was topped off by  a little girl about 8 with her parents sitting next to me.  She was dressed up in a grey satin dress with sprinkle of sparkles - as one properly does for such an event!  AND she was enjoying a KitKat with her Mum… I commented to her that the only thing missing from this pretty picture was the KitKat needed some sparkle!  Mum gave me a warm smile and the girl stared at her candy!  Oh to be a kid again – and I was!

Thank you Pittsburgh CLO for presenting A Musical Christmas Carol and Thank you Joann Quinn-Smith for inviting me… It made me – an Indian American (from India) appreciate my American roots with a tinge of nostalgia for I grew up in Indiana, PA.  Go and be a kid with your kid!  And don’t forget your sparkles!
Sunita Pandit

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