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Positively Pittsburgh Live Women's Sports Teams

This show was originally broadcast on 9-29-08 and I was not regularly blogging the show notes, thought that I would do that now as I prepared to do an annual show on Women's Sports Teams in August. You can listen to the archived show at:

Three Rivers’ Masters Women’s Rowing

Five years ago…Wendy joined the Three Rivers’ Masters Women’s Rowing team and has been rowing competitively since.
The current team includes about 40 women and two dedicated coaches.
Rowers’ ages run from recent college graduates through to women in their 50s.
The team practices in the early morning three days a week on the Allegheny River and competes in various regattas throughout the Northeast.
• How did you get involved with rowing?
• What attracted you to the sport?
• What do you find challenging about it?
• Where and when do you practice?
• Is this a sport that anyone can learn?
• What is a typical practice like?
• People who watch rowing generally notice what a beautiful sport it is. What is the experience like inside the boat?
• People often get confused about some of the vocabulary of the sport. Rowing and Sculling and Crew. Can you explain that.
• Who is the person that is facing the rowers in the boat and what is that person doing in the boat? (Coxswain—pronounced Cox-In or just Cox.)
• What does it mean to be a Masters team?
• Where do you compete?
Women's Sport
• What makes this sport particularly attractive to women girls?

• How long has the Three Rivers Rowing Association been around?
• Can anyone join?
• What makes Three Rivers Rowing so special?
• Where is located?
• Pittsburgh just hosted the Head of the Ohio racing regatta
• What makes Pittsburgh a good place for rowing and racing?

Pittsburgh Passion
Theresa Kahn: the owner and CEO of the Pittsburgh Passion a women's full contact football team. I was a high school health and physical education teacher and coach for 16 years. I purchased the team in 2004, however , I had joined the team as a player in 2002.

I am very faith driven and have always felt that teaching life lessons through sport was a calling for me. I believe that the same qualities such as honesty, loyalty, hard work, sacrifice, integrity, and trust and all the same qualities that make a successful team of any type. A team as a "family", "corporation", "sports team" or friendship. Any successful team has the same basic ingredients and we have a chance to practice and develop those qualities every time we step on that field. If you blame, divide, and quit, you will fail. If you inspire, unite, and stick together through the challenging moments, you will succeed.

Since our team started 6 years ago, we have been featured on ESPN's top 10 Sports Center , appeared in Sports Illustrated, had a documentary film produced, been undefeated world champions, been the first women's football team in the country to sign TV deals inducted into the Heinz History Center, we are pioneering the sport leading in attendance, marketing, and community involvement. We have been fortunate to have
Franco Harris support our team in every way and the city of Pittsburgh has embraced us.

Pittsburgh Passion, Independent Women’s Football League

Southside 86
Last Year’s Success
Trying Out for the Team
What do you look for in a player?
Rising Stars this year?

Pittsburgh Banshees Women’s Gaelic Football Club
Bridgette G. Kennedy
(412) 983-0932

Here is a brief overview about the Pittsburgh Banshees Ladies Gaelic Football Club:

We started in 2002 and played our first season in the summer of 2003. We have had incredibly dedicated people support our teams with coaching, funding, etc.

The game is most similar to soccer, and I think it is best described as soccer with your hands. A player can pick up a ball, catch a ball, and move the ball by kicking it or passing it out of her hands. You can score by kicking it or punching it into the net for 3 points, or you can score by kicking it or hitting it between the field goal posts for 1 point. We have 13 women who play per side during the game, which makes a total of 26 players on the field. The regulation field is larger than a soccer field (I'm not sure of the exact dimensions), but usually we play on soccer fields.

It is a summer sport. We have players who are upperclassmen in high school as well as women who are in their 40s. We play in the Mid-West Division, and our competition is Cleveland and Detroit. We also play friendly games against D.C. and Philadelphia.

Each year there is a national tournament, and the Banshees have been invited to play at the national level four times: 2004 (Denver), 2005 (Philadelphia), 2007(Chicago), and 2008 (Boston). The tournament is over Labor Day weekend, it's single elimination, and if a team is lucky they get to play a few games. This year we went the farthest our team has ever gone -- the semi-finals -- where we lost to Chicago, which was the team that went on to win the tournament.

I have been with the team since the first season, and my sister and cousin also play. Our dad played in the 1970s. Pittsburgh also has a men's team, the Pittsburgh Celtics. My brother plays for the Celtics.

Our web site is .

Steel City Derby Demons
As far as I go. My name is derby name Mel Practice, my real name is Danielle but I rarely even go by that any more even in day to day life so you can just call me Mel. I am a mother of a beautiful 10 yr old girl Lydia. I work as a party clown doing balloon animals and face painting and such. I also work a couple days a week at bar as a rollerskating shot girl, I rollerskate around the club with a ray of jello shots. I've been playing roller derby for almost 3 years now since the league started. The position I play is Jammer, I block sometimes as well, but I mostly Jam. I've been lucky as far as injuries go, no surgeries or broken bones yet. I've had a few concussions, I was knocked out, a black eye, bruised tailbone and of course random bumps and bruises. You can see some of the ladies injuries here if your curious, its a rough sport.

Right now or local season just ended and or travel season will start in novemeber. our travel team the steel hurtin will play harrisburg on November 22nd. In the meantime we have a public scrimmage open to the public on Oct 2nd. the public scrimmage is basically an open practice fans can come to. During this we have gals from all the teams but we split into fun teams just for the scrimmage and we have an announcer and the whole deal, its like a real bout but with silly fake teams. for instance this one the first period with be the glamazons (tall girls) vs the low riders(short girls) and the second period will be the kittens (gals under 30) vs the cougars (gals over 30). We have these so people can get an idea of the game, come see a practice, and its something for the fans to come to between the real bouts who can't get enough roller derby. It's a lot of fun.

here's a youtube rules demo, this is helpful to watch

Here are some things to look over on our website.

Pittsburgh Panther’s Women Basketball

Yolett McPhee-McCuin. I am the assistant Basketball coach at Pitt and I will be participating in your talk show tonight. Coach Berenato wanted me to –email you some questions that I would like to be asked so here it goes:
Let’s talk about last year’s success with Sweet 16

1. Who will be your GO TO player this year?
2. With so much success from last year, what are you guys looking forward to achieve with this years team?
3. What is your pre-season schedule looking like for this season?
4. I heard your program has a great deal going with Season tickets?
Hope this is ok. Please let me know if you got this!
Coach Yo
Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
PITT Women's Basketball
412-648-1826 (o)
412-496-6542 (c)
412-648-9152 (f)

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